Star Ruby: Description of the stone and its properties

Star Ruby: Description of the stone and its properties

Gemstones always caused interest in people. Especially inherent in women, although men can acquire expensive things. Rubins wore those who were different from others with their courage and greatness. Royal specials so allocated themselves on the background of subjects. And all because this jewel had a certain value and energy. Modern people also try to acquire products with various semi-precious and precious stones to raise their status.

Stone Description

Star Ruby is a special stone. It has inexplicable properties and is able to even change fate. No one stands from his fascinating type, and all because it is he who is considered the “king of gems”. In ancient times, it was worn only those who had power and money (Velmazby, kings, pharaohs). Ancient Egyptians decorated with such stones of the gods. More Rubin is the first of 12 stones, which was decorated with the Bib of the High Priest.

Stones of magmatic origin began to be mined in the Bronze Age. This is a kind of variety of ruby. Coloring reminds blood stains and attracts attention to it.

Although it can change from pink shades to dark red (almost black) colors.

Because of such a variety, precious stones are divided into several types:

  • The rare group is purple-red stones+
  • those that have a very dark red color (saturated) are called Burmese+
  • Unique optical properties enclose star rubies, after the cut, a six-willed star appears on them due to the effect of asterism, from where the name “star”.

Star Ruby is the most common. It consists of three-pointed aluminum, iron impurities, chromium (they give color). Rutile and its properties create an extraordinary glow in the form of a star (rays can be 6, 12 and 24). Ruby has the same strength as diamond. Its impossible to break it.

Mining precious stones in Australia, Brazil and in Asian countries (Thailand, Sri Lanka). Their mining is complex, so people learned how to make synthetic rubies, they can be grown from the corundum alloy. Because of this, their cost falls. And in order not to get to him, you need to learn to distinguish artificial stones from natural on the following signs:

  • Natural ruby ​​has zigzag cracks+
  • If you lower the natural stone in the milk, it is a little painted in a pink shade+
  • In case of purple rays, synthetic stones are becoming orange+
  • The real mineral in contact with the skin will remain cold, and the artificial stone will warm up.

It is necessary to know that this natural material has long been applied in medicine. His healing qualities are unique. Ruby has many advantages that you need to know.

Magic properties

Amazing Stone – Ruby. He is not only valuable, but also able to work wonders. For example, the kings and kings saved from a sudden and latter death: when the ruler was trying to poison, he checked food and drink with the help of a ruby. When the danger “fell on the heels”, then the stone became dark and lost his shine.

Maybe therefore it is believed that Rubin gives her owner of self-confidence and in tomorrow. The owner of this wealth received a gift for energy, courage and good luck. And the stone could awaken love. The man gave his beloved Ruby and soon got a fervent response feeling. It is believed that this is the gift that love is able to preserve the eternal. And no wonder it is believed that the owner of a natural and large ruby ​​can command whole nations.

Women wore bloody pebbles from infertility, and he also helped them to enjoy life and shore from a bad eye.

In astrology it is believed that scales and calves cannot wear ruby, since he will somete them from the true path. But other signs of the zodiac circle: Aries, Sagittarius, Lions and Capricorn, on the contrary, should be used by all the positive qualities of this stone. He will make their life more rich, strengthen the goals and objectives.

In magic Ruby is considered one of the most important items that are able to easily change the nature and fate of the person. However, it is necessary to remember that Ruby enhances all the inclinations and aspirations of the personality. And if the individual is slightly accuracy, then these negative features will be exacerbated due to the effect of stellar stone.

But those who are used to showing their factories and the ability to navigate in all life situations, on the contrary, should be decorated with rubies. They will strengthen your energy and give strength.

So, list the properties that are attributed to Magi Rubin.

  • Good people can use Rubin energy without consequences. Their actions will be able to send it to the right direction, and the stone will save their owners from the attack, disease and evil eye.
  • Only a very strong and brave expansive energy ruby. It will help to overcome fear, doubt and give the courage to the owner.
  • Rubin is shown to those who want to become wiser, calmer and strengthen the feeder coming from the sun itself.
  • The healing properties of the stone is difficult to challenge. He treats many diseases of both souls and bodies. Those who wish to extend their years of life, you need to purchase and wear ruby.
  • Want to always have fun – buy ruby. He will attract a joyful mood to you, and happiness will come to your destiny.
  • Spouses who want to live life in a long and happy marriage, should wear rings with rubies. Give them to each other on the anniversary of the wedding, and your relationship will play with new paints. Child will be born in your family.
  • Want to get rid of nightmares – Wear a gem on the neck in the form of a talisman.
  • Those who want to always be at the height and do not experience any defeats, you should also buy this stone.
  • Moreover, this very precious thing will attract unable wealth to your hands.
  • You still will not be afraid of any natural disasters and lightning strike.

The one who has a weak energy can feed it at the expense of a ruby. No wonder the magicians wear rings and bracelets with these stones. They enhance the psychic biofield and protect their owner from “infection” with other people’s disasters and diseases.

Who should be worn?

Immediately need to make a reservation that ruby ​​- stone is not simple. Just like a diamond, he can cause a lot of grief. All this is due to the fact that Not every person has a very powerful energy, which is able to “suppress” the energy of such an unusual stone. And if he takes the top of a person, then all troubles may happen in the life of this person. And do not think that they will be insignificant.

As already known, Stone strengthens any desires. And if a person has a very weak character, but large ambitions, then under the influence of the most powerful impact of stone, the most intimate wishes will begin to break out. May happen irreparable and he will commit. Remember that Ruby is the keeper of time.

With this property, you can join a certain jet and get big benefits. However, remember that the specific category of people Rubin is contraindicated.

Those who do not want to look into the future and lives only today’s concerns wearing a stone – useless occupation. For such persons it will only be a bauddy decoration. And well, if this will end. In another case, the stone can plunge his owner into a temporary funnel, from which he may not get out. And this is fraught with the fact that a person will be mentally again and again returning to the same unpleasant event until it gets crazy.

Children are subject to time, so they can wear rubies as charging. And they need to be worn on themselves pregnant to pregnancy and childbirth have successfully. Starstone is a blood symbol. Blood has properties to be updated, and symbolic ruby ​​will contribute to updating the personality. The character can change cool, if you constantly wear big ruby ​​on your body. And those who want to radically change their lives and even appearance, too, should be resorted to the help of miraculous stone.

If we talk about the horoscope, then Best of all, this stone is suitable for those whose sign refers to the symbolism of fire. And in this mineral there is magnesium. Magnesium is a flash that is impossible without connecting with air. Therefore, the air signs of ruby ​​can be worn and even need.

In all, you need caution, and if you show it before decide to acquire Ruby, then avoid all sorts of consequences. All jewels need to wear with benefit.

In the next video you can take a look at the Ring with Star Ruby.

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