Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Elegant jewelry do not come out of fashion and are valued not only for beauty, but also for high wear resistance. At all times, people believed that the purchase of sterling alloy items is a good investment of free cash, as the precious metals are constantly growing in price. Masters jewelers know that Metal AG It is physically a very plastic material, so alloys are used to manufacture jewelry, thanks to which precious metals receive a certain part of the hardness, and the products of them get the ability to maintain the specified form.

To designate the share of impurities in precious metals, a specially designed proofing system is applied. Thanks to the sample applied in the form of stamps on a silver product, you can understand how many grams of pure silver are present in 1 kilogram of the alloy.

The high level of the sample means the content of a large amount of precious metallol in the composition of the finished product.


It is known that the sample silver alloy 925 contains at least 7.5% of the metal Cu and 92.5% of the Metal AG, T. E. copper and silver. Copper gives strength to silver, allowing you to pay high quality products. To date, 925 sample means that in front of you is silver, the quality of which is the highest of all possible. Metal, the sample of which is S925, has such features:

  • This silver alloy is easily subjected to jewelry+
  • Metal is plastic, thanks to this, you can make any elements of the elevated level of complexity+
  • Silver alloy can be covered with a thin layer of gilding.

Performing an alloy of 925 samples, copper is added to clean silver, but as a result, the appearance of the products loses with the brilliance time and may darken when in contact with water. To improve the properties of the jewelry alloy add zinc, platinum, as well as Germany or silicon. Such additives allow you to improve the color gamut of finished products and their characteristics. In the world of jewelers, the sample silver material 925 can be denoted as follows:

  • sterling or sterling silver+
  • Standard silver or silver standard.

In addition to 925 samples, there are also 999 Sample, which has more excellent qualities and high value among jewelers. However, you are unlikely to find in a free sale of a product from such a metal, because expensive masterpieces are carried out out of 999 silver.

Composition and properties

Clean silver, not having impurities, looks like a bright shiny metal brazed shade. It has an increased reflectivity, since its entire surface is mirror and reflects about 95-97% of the color spectrum. For their mirror properties, silver alloy is used not only in the jewelry sphere, but also in the production of mirrors.

In pure silver, the density is 10.4 g / cube. cm, it is twice as smaller than the density of gold, but slightly less than lead density. In addition, silver is denser and weighs more than, for example, iron or copper.

The proportion of such a metal as silver 925 samples is 108 a. E. M.

Silver has certain physicochemical properties:

  • The highest thermal conductivity, compared with other metals+
  • High ability to carry electric current+
  • The lowest melting point compared to other precious metals – 960 ° C+
  • Metal AG inert, it does not enter into interaction in other metals under the conditions of the natural environment, but more than all are capable of chemical reactions among other valuable metals+
  • Metal Ag is dissolved in mercury, nitric and concentrated sulfuric acid, if it is heated to a hot state, but not soluble in hydrochloric acid.

With the interaction of silver metal with zinc, platinum, copper, silicon, Germany, the alloy acquires various unique color shades, it also increases the oxidative ability.

Differences from 875 samples

Quite often come across jewelry having 875 Sample, testifying that the alloy contains metals – 12.5% ​​Cu and 87.5% AG. Comparing samples 925 and 875, we will see that 875 Sample does not refer to high quality due to the high level of copper additives. Objects made of sample alloy 825 may have reddish or straw halftone, and may also be darker when contact with a wet surface. Silver alloy 825 samples, in addition to copper, may contain silicon, germanium or platinum, which improve the characteristics of the material and what finished products looks. However, if platinum is located in the material, the cost of the jewelry will be much higher than if it was made only on the basis of Cu and AG metals.

Due to low prices, SECULTER 875 SERVICE Alloy is in great demand and is used for the production of jewelry, decorative crafts, dining room utensils. As for jewelers, they are intensively attributable to 925 silver sample to a high-class alloy, and the metal 875 of the sample – to a second-rate material. Therefore, expensive jewelry will always be made of sample silver alloy 925, and a table silver will have a stamp with a number 875 – in all this and is the difference.

Review of species

Making the combined composition of the material, the jewelers noticed that it depends on its ingredients. By experiments, not only various types of alloys appeared, but also methods for their decorative processing. The following types of silver enjoy the greatest popularity.


The method of blinking appeared in the days of ancient Russia, When silver products decorated with saturated black patterns. If you combine in certain proportions, sulfur, lead, copper and clean silver, then the substance will be the substance that in the antique called “Mobile”. The finished product was subjected to artistic engraving, after which it was required to heat, while the composition for the blunders did not dissolve. The result of this work became a product that combines silver light and saturated dark shades.

This method was decorated with silver jewelry, household items, dishes, engraving, and so on. Especially great was the demand for black silver in the XVII century. Products made of black silver alloy possessed a special strength and did not need constant cleaning.


Another kind of blackness, which achieved by connecting the Metal AG and Mineral S. Difficult from black silver, oxidized black was not so persistent, since the blackness was achieved by obtaining a special oxide film, which quickly came into disrepair after cleaning the product. The cost of oxidized silver is the same as the black, but when purchased it was important not to confuse them with each other, since they have a different coating.

Silver oxidized Thanks to the manufacturing technology could give shades of black from dark purple to black, and when polishing the product, the convex parts became shiny and light, and the concave patterns of the pattern had the effect of the defined shadon.

Oxidized blacks, as a rule, decorate small product size – earrings, pendants, pendants, chains or bracelets.


It turns out by eliminating the natural metal glitter, which gives him a certain sophistication and resistance to cottage. Achieve such effect by Product processing on the sandblasting machine or rolustration silver in special chemical solutions.


It turns out by applying to a silver alloy of the finest layer of gold. Such processing adds the cost of the finished product, gives it an exquisite appearance and increases the natural resistance to oxidative processes. Not only jewelry, but also cutlery, which maintain the room of them in the acidic and salty medium and do not lose their original species, while the product from ordinary silver would react a color change.

In addition to the listed methods, silver decorate enamel or make alloys with metal rhodium. Such silver looks in a specialty bright and distinguished by its pronounced white color.


In pre-revolutionary Russia, the stigma on silver products was put out of two digits, and after the revolution it already looks like a three-digit number.

  • After the revolution 875 test Designed, in addition to numbers, the letter and the sign of the state supervision on the penetration, looking in the form of a female Kokoshnik. In the time of the USSR, the products of the sample number and the stars writing. Now such products are elevated demand – collectors buy them.
  • Marking 925 test Sterling Silver was often accompanied by the inscription of Sterling Silver, since this metal was called sterling silver by the name of the Silver English coin of the same name, on which it was possible to purchase luxury items made of sample silver 925. When labeling high-quality 925 silver can be found also supplements such as Sterling. 925 sample silver, except for this inscription and three-digit figures, can also be marked with any other image adopted in the country where the product was manufactured.
  • On the Gold plated silver products You can see a sample 5925, which means that 925 silver and 5 microns of gold are used in the product.

In jewelry stores, silver can be marked with brand with officially recognized all over the world samples – 999, 960, 925, 875, 830, 800. The remaining three-digit codes, for example, 923, 926, 929, 952 are not generally accepted.


Sterling silver alloy 925 are used for the manufacture of jewelry and jewelry, which are not inferior in their beauty inferior of gold models. In addition, silver Make pictures, household items, cutlery, various types of fittings and stationery. Silver products at all times were demanded and were considered an excellent gift.

Cost per gram

The cost determination of 1 g of silver is performed as follows:

  • We learn the cost of 1 g of silver, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date we need+
  • Sample determine the level of silver content in the product.

For example, we define the cost of 1 g of 925 sample silver by 23.01.2020: 36.71 / 1000×925 = 52.44 rub. /G. It remains only to multiply the weight of the product to determine its market value.

Tips for care

So that silver products looked attractive, behind them need to be able to care for home. Care is that the product is regularly subjected to cleaning using certain compositions and napkins – You can buy them in any jewelry salon.

The silver product is placed in the cleaning composition, hold there for some time, washed with water and dried with polishing napkins. In this way, silver products are cleaning, which have no inlair. In addition to cleaning, solutions give over alloy thin film that protects the metal from oxidative reactions.

There are other methods for cleaning silver jewelry:

  • The ammonia alcohol is diluted with water in proportion 1: 10 and the product is washed in the solution or wipe it with a napkin moistened in this composition+
  • Strong pollution clean with dental powder or paste with a brush brush with a soft bristle+
  • The soda is dissolved in water in the proportion of 2: 10, the resulting solution was washed with the product+
  • Soap solution (20 g of soap on 1000 ml of water) also cleans silver things well.

Silver care is made carefully and ensure that concentrated solutions of acids do not fall on the metal, from which silver can darken, entering them to the reaction.

Performing work on the housework, at home or in the garden, the products made of silver alloy better at this time to remove, as their surface will cover with small scratches, which will entail a loss of brilliance – the decoration will have to polish.

On the meaning of the sample on the decorations, see the following video.

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