Stone cat eye: value and properties

Stone cat eye: value and properties

Natural natural stones for many millennia serve people under different circumstances: help to establish a personal life or to render health influence, harmonize energy or bring long-awaited changes to life. The main thing is to choose your own stone and interact with it correctly. We will get acquainted with a natural stone that many have a rumor – this is a feline eye mineral.


Feline eye is a green-yellow chrysoberill (or tzymophan) with a special effect of light, manifested in the form of a transfusion bright line in the center of the stone. Mineral is differently called “Alexandrite Feline Eye”. Thanks to this optical phenomenon, the stone really looks like a cat’s eye. Now the feline eye is called semi-precious stones with the effect of transfusion – quartz, tourmaline, lunar stone, jade. But after all, when they say “cat’s eyes”, then this means chrysoberyill.


  • Feline eye is very durable (in second place after diamond), it is impossible to smash the stone+
  • it is distinguished by resistance to the effects of acids, so it is difficult to damage+
  • in the dark a little glow+
  • Method of processing stone – Cabochon (has a rounded shape)+
  • Sizes – 2-10 mm+
  • Feline eye can be yellow, green, white, brown or their shades.

Mineral is of magic value, so it is often used as charms, amulets and talismans.

History of origin

Feline eye known for a long time. Archaeologists find it in places of excavation. In those days, the stone was considered a mystical and even “devilish”, he was worn only by sorcerers, magicians, witches. In Ancient India and Ancient Egypt, he was attributed to the ability to predict the future.

There is a legend that after the Great Flood on Earth, people remained deeply believed in God. And Satan was difficult to find at least one sinner. Then he created a beautiful stone with an unusual effect (cat eye), who attracted people. But the novelty had a danger: with long-term love with a crystal, people became evil and aggressive. So Satan again found sinners. It was believed that if wearing a feline eye, God does not see the good deeds of a person, but only pays attention to his sins, because of what, after death, he will come immediately to hell. Simple people for a long time went around the “Devil Stone”.

In the XIX century, the cat’s eye rehabilitated after the English Prince Arthur presented his bride Louise Ring with him. Among the treasures of the British Crown, you can see a green-golden stone, presented by Queen Victoria. By the beginning of the twentieth century, a feline eye became very popular, decorations from it cost fabulous money.

Not only in Europe, but in Russia, they appreciated this stone, for example, the word of the Russian jeweler Word Ivan Bunin was a ring with Tsimofan.

Place of Birth

Feline eye – very rare mineral. Countries in which it is mined:

  • Brazil+
  • Madagascar+
  • Sri Lanka (the biggest cat’s eyes (475 carat) was found here)+
  • Czech Republic+
  • Australia+
  • South Africa+
  • India+
  • Russia (Emerald Copy Urals, Karelia, Ilmen Mountains).


Impurities (beryllium, iron, chrome, aluminum) Determine the color of the mineral:

  • Green-yellow+
  • yellow+
  • green+
  • Orange-Yellow+
  • Bright yellow-green+
  • Pale Yellow Green.

“Milk and Honey” (top – opaque honey, bright yellow color and bottom – bright white band) – elite color of cat eye.

Brown, gray, yellow-brown stones are rated.

Cat eye called not only chrysoberill, but also quartz, jade, tourmaline, moonstone, scapolit. Thanks to this, the “cat stone” can be pink, purple, blue, white, blue, gray, pink, black.

Still, the most valuable cat’s eye is chrysoberill. Not only green, but also emerald, orange, red stone used jewelers.



Feline Eye always considered the magician (no wizard, sorcerers, magicians used him in their work). It was used as a means to see the future, to understand what birds and animals say, influence the weather, hypnotize a person and even protect the owner from the deadly threat. It is said that the cat’s eye helped to escape the aristocrats who left the country after the revolution.

Need to correctly use the powerful energy of the stone so that it does not harm.

    His properties:

    • Harmonizes all spheres of life – friendship, love, family relationship.
    • This is a real love talisman. Lonely he will help to find his love, and in love will give a happy relationship without changing and quarrels.
    • If the stone has become harder, then the owner threatens danger or trouble. Stone, like a real guard, will save from diseases, trouble, evil eye, damage, problems in business.
    • The owner of a cat’s eye is always in good spirits. Stresses and bad mood is not afraid. Stone makes a person calm and peaceful.
    • Evil people, as well as those who have problems with the law, will bring misfortune – their bad intentions will not be carried out.
    • Mineral helps to develop hidden talents, helps to self-improve and strengthen the concentration, intuition and clairvoyance, allows you to hear the inner voice.
    • Some increases charm and charisma man. Shy man becomes more confident and more decisive.
    • Tsimofan is a stone of men, so ideal for businessmen, bringing them success in business.
    • Guarantees inspiration and excellent oratorical abilities to people of creative professions (artists, artists, musicians, writers) and scientists, as well as diplomats and lecturers.
    • Travelers, adventurers, speculators and gambling lovers appreciate the stone for attracting good luck in their affairs.
    • Aristocrats love cat’s eye for attracting wealth. It is also suitable for economists, accountants, financiers.
    • Helps teenagers to cope with raging hormones. Wearing them stone need in the bracelet.
    • If you want the enemy to turn into your friend, give him a stone cat’s eye.

    In order for it to fully show his magic properties, it must be worn as close to the body. Silver Rim also enhances the protective energy of the stone. The perfect decoration-charm is a ring. To activate the protective properties of the stone, you need:

    • Choose uniformly colored bright stone, be sureless without flaws+
    • The ring should be silver, and a stone is large+
    • The decoration is put on Thursday on the ascending sun and worn necessarily on the right hand of the middle finger.

    If you want to develop your abilities, wear a stone on the big finger, and if the goal is to make a career, then the ring should be on the indicator. When wearing a cat eye on a nameless finger a crowd of fans will be provided to you.


    In addition to magical, the stone has powerful healing properties. They are more manifested in stones, similar to the real eyes of cats.

    1. Stone helps with eye diseases (for this you need to wear a green bracelet). Applied to the eyes of minerals will remove fatigue and severity. Very valuable stone for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.
    2. Contributes to the activation of the digestive system, helps with constipation.
    3. Eliminates pains in the bones and joints, contributes to the early healing of wounds, fractures, cracks. Thanks to him, hematoma is rapidly rested, and cartilage and joints are restored in a short time.
    4. When wearing the rings on the indicator finger, the headache disappears, the vessels are strengthened, cardiovascular activity is activated.
    5. Eliminates insomnia, has a beneficial effect on sleep.
    6. Pendants or beads improve the condition of the respiratory system (pneumonia, angina, bronchial asthma is cured faster).
    7. Beneficially affects the nervous system, reduces aggression, reduces tension. This is helped. Wearing a rings with a cat eye facilitates interrochel neuralgia and depression, eliminates convulsion.
    8. Helps with pressure problems. In this case, it is important to choose the right color. In hypertension, yellow or orange cat eye helps, with hypotension – blue or green.
    9. Helps to weaken anorexia. Eliminates blood diseases, cleans it.
    10. Positively affects the kidneys, gallbladder and liver.
    11. Pregnancy without complications and light labor ensures wearing cat eye. It will help with impairment of the menstrual cycle.
    12. It has a beneficial effect on the endocrine and lymphatic system, regulates the hormonal background, contributes to the strengthening of immunity.

    Who fits?

    From the point of view of astrology feline eye Suitable for most zodiac signs.

    • A real protector will be a stone for scorpions, fish, cancer.
    • A helper in all endeavors mineral will be for twins. The main thing wearing it without other stones.
    • Aries stone will bring good luck. Success in work and personal life will be provided.
    • Love Talisman – That’s the Stone for Libra. Women’s weights should have a decoration with this mineral, as it is the key to her youth, beauty and magnet for men.
    • Devas, gem will help to create a happy family (for women) and give confidence and forces (for men).
    • Scorpions will be calmer, restrained and wiser. Stone will keep them from jealousy and change.
    • Openness, sociability, cheerfulness will give a feline eye cancer.
    • Cooked, discreet, sensible – so will be Aries due to mineral.
    • On the lion, the stone affects weakly, mainly in a professional plan.
    • Boulder is better not to wear a feline eye, as it can make it aggressive, stubborn, unbearable.
    • Capricious critics should also avoid stone. Otherwise, this quality will increase at times and people will avoid communicating with them.
    • Success in finance, happiness in love and career growth will bring a cat’s eyes to the Strelts.
    • Aquarius will succeed in career and love if you wear a stone. On another version, the stone selects energy from water, so they should not wear it.

    Yellow cat eye gives support to Peter, Denis, Dmitry, Vera, Marina.

    Green Stone will help Valentina, Natalia, Evgenia, Gregory, Vitaly.

    How to distinguish from fake?

    Because of the rarity and high cost, natural feline eye is often formed. But you can distinguish the artificial stone from natural.

    • A real stone found in nature, slightly glows in the dark. Glitter will increase it if the stone wipe the soft napkin. In the fake, everything will remain unchanged.
    • Natural cat’s eye is very durable. It easily scratches iron and glass, and it can only damage the sapphire, diamond, ruby.
    • Gleaming of real stone – green or brown. Fakes most often bright green and brown-yellow.
    • Natural stone has a direct glare, and a fake – zigzag or crescent-shaped.
    • Large natural stones are muddy, and fakes make small sizes and transparent.
    • If a real stone hold in hand, it will not immediately warm up, and artificial will very quickly become warm.

    Artificial cat eye is found quite often. It is made of:

    • Borosilicate glass. It is easy to distinguish in bright color and a clearly shown strip. Although glass decorations are more hard as out of the islee, but they still differ fragility. This is the most common and cheap fake, which is commonly used for the manufacture of beads from “Feline Eye”.

    • Artificial or natural alert (Boronatrocalcit). With proper polishing, the mineral looks like a feline eye. Due to light dyeing, artificial stone can be of different colors. It is easy to scratch, fragile, so it is used only as an insertion in bracelets and rings. For the manufacture of beads it does not fit.

    • Katsight. This material was invented in China. It is most often green, light and durable. Unlike natural stone, Katsite has a bright smooth color and a muddy strip in the center. In the US and China make high-quality fakes from Katsight.

    Katsite and alert in jewelry can only determine a professional. Artificial stones look beautiful, but, unfortunately, do not possess therapeutic and magical properties.

    Unable to meet beads or earrings made from natural cat eye. In large parties, Tsimofan is sent to Southeast Asia and Japan, on the mysterious east, since there Vera in the magical properties of this stone still lives.

    Unprocessed cat’s eye stands as much as diamond (and maybe more expensive). The cost affects:

    • weight+
    • Brightness flare+
    • Purity stone.

    What stones are combined?

    Feline eye is under the auspices of the sun, Therefore, it combines well with yellow, golden or red gemstones:

    • Almazom+
    • Heliodorom+
    • Ruby+
    • Hyacinth+
    • Amber+
    • Aventurine.


    Even today, feline eye is used in chambers and talismans. Stone protects and helps the owner.

    • Necklace or merchandise can protect a person from death.
    • Earrings, Pendant, Ring will help the girl Find your soul mate. Cameo carved from a cat’s eye – the best negative energy and evil eye neutralizer for young girls.
    • Storey House Feline Eye Promotes Happy Family Relationship.
    • To protect against aggression, maliciousness, jealousy, the envy is a blue quartz.
    • Yellow and green stones stored in the wallet help to attract wealth. For successful movement over the career ladder, women help decorations with a stone, and men – a ring.
    • The pendant will help the child with a sick throat.

    Each profession “helps” a stone of a certain color.

    • Golden brown, wearable on clothes, gives confidence, authority, significance in society, respectful relations of employees. Suitable leaders, military, officials, firefighters, employees of the rescue service.
    • Yellow – the color of teachers, priests, scientists, lawyers, as it causes confidence in people to the speaker and helps convince listening. Suspension, ring or ring – what you need. Stones of yellow color are the most expensive.
    • Dark green stone – the most powerful. Bracelet or pendant with it is suitable for those who have a working profession. The main thing is to wear it in a prominent place, then it will save from all the negative, quickly restore power.
    • Golden Golden Suitable Those who are associated with finance, as it is instring confidence, attracts secured customers, good luck in affairs, gives purposefulness. To do this, use bracelets, sizes or tights.
    • Blue will make the dreamers work and start exercising their dreams.
    • Black color will show that you are the leader, and will help in achieving the goals.
    • Pink will not only get rid of insomnia, but also will give a meeting with his narrowed (or narrowed), will save from jealousy.
    • Good luck, intuition, confidence – this is what will give a white color. He also will save babies from diseases, and moms will not worry so much about their children.
    • Cherry color will save from infertility, nicotine addiction, depression. Athletes he increases endurance.

    Storage and care

    Despite the strength, cat eye needs easy, but careful care.

    • Decoration need to be stored in a box or a special case without contact with other stones.
    • So that the stone does not lose his beautiful shine, periodically it needs to be carefully cleansed with a woolen cloth, cotton disk or soft flannel napkin. You can clean the stone with a soap solution and a cotton wand. After that, the decoration you need to wipe dry.
    • It is important to avoid falling, contact with acids, cleaning and chemical agents, eliminate sharp temperature differences.
    • With a constant wearing of a cat’s eye every month, the decoration must be washed under running water to remove the accumulated negative energy.

    If you don’t care about the stone, it will lose not only shine, but also its useful properties.

    About how the feline eye looks like and see about its properties in the following video.

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