Stone hairstyle: value and properties

Stone hairstyle: value and properties

Hair is one of the most beautiful quartz varieties and is a translucent mineral with reverse hairdry hairs inside. The stone has a fairly extraordinary appearance and is noticeably stand out against the background of many minerals.


Hair is a type of rock crystal, which is based on SiO2 silicon dioxide with inclusions of titanium dioxide (rutile). It is these inclusions and form thin, chaotic hairs located inside the mineral, making quartz original and original. In most cases, needle inclusions are presented in the form of rays, however, sometimes minerals are found with intricate wrong stars and triangles.

The color of rutile spindles are more often golden-red or black, although from time to time it come across copies with gray, green, brown and red rays, consisting of gheetite or actinolitis, tourmaline, ribekita, lepidochet and horn bells.

As for the physical properties of the mineral, its hardness reaches 7 units on the MOOS scale, which corresponds to the hardness of the non-unknown glass, and the density is 2.6-2.65 g / cm3. Quartz has glass, and due to routine, and diamond glitter, acts as a dielectric and has a transparent, well-translucent structure. Stone insoluble in alkalis, it is distinguished by a sink bell and imperfect pliability.

History of origin

According to ancient legend, the goddess of Venus itself is involved in the appearance of a stone, which, swimming in the mountain river, dropped into a crystal clear water. With the onset of cold weather, water in the river was frozen, and the curls turned out to be inserted into ice. This picture liked the goddess so much that she decided to perpetuate her in stone. Thanks to this history, the mineral was called “Venus’s Hair”, which, however, is not the only unofficial name of the mineral.

For flawlessly smooth inner rays, it is often called “Arrow Amur”, “Arrenel of Love” and the Ezhin Stone.

In many countries of the East, quartz with black inclusions are called “Borea Ali” and appreciate a spectacular appearance and high decorativeness. Such a name stone received in honor of the brother of the Prophet Mohammed – Ali, who lived in the VII century and was a spiritual enlightener of Muslims. After his death near Baghdad, the mosque of his name was built, near which the minerals deposit with black hairs-inclusion was found inside.

Place of Birth

Currently, the mining of hair for jewelry production leads on the territory Brazil, Australia, Norway, Pakistan, United States and Kazakhstan. In our country, in the last century, a large deposit located and mastered On the Polar Urals. Minerals produced on it were widely used in jewelry and collected connoisseurs as a collection material.

At the moment, the mining of rutile quartz is carried out at the deposit of the Kola Peninsula.


Classification in the habitual understanding of hairstyle no. This is due to the fact that two, and even more than several identical specimens, which could be allocated in a separate class, in nature there is no. As a variety of hairstyle can only be distinguished by sagenite. Mineral has a thickness of 2-3 mm thick, located relative to each other at an angle of 60 degrees. This contributes to the formation of a set of internal triangles, intertwined.

Sagenyite is considered one of the most valuable, from a decorative point of view, varieties, and more often used for the manufacture of decorations.

Interesting is the fact that Quartz, the extraction of which is carried out on the Kola Peninsula, is straightely different from minerals mined in Pakistan or Australia, and looks somewhat different. It has a low-transparent structure and painted in smoking color. The dense splashes of egirin make the stone even less transparent and give it a greenish color. Because of such an uncharacteristic appearance, scientists are offered to highlight it in a separate breed and do not count to quartz.


Despite the attractive appearance, the magical and therapeutic properties of hairstyle have a much greater value for a person than its beauty and originality.


The properties of the mineral associated with magic are based exclusively on myths and legends. In the Middle Ages, hairstyle, along with another kind of quartz called “Falconary Eye”, was actively used as a strong affiliation. It was worn like an amulet who can attract the views of persons of the opposite sex and awakens passion. The stone has enjoyed high demand from unmarried girls and idle guys, and family couples sacredly believed in his ability to warn spouses about future problems in relationships.

It was believed that the loss of the stone foreshadows the rapid divorce, and the loss of transparency or cracking – to betray one of the spouses or even his death.

In addition to love magic, the mineral was used to attract positive emotions and events, as well as to attract wealth and good luck. It was also believed that the stone helps creative people to disclose their talents, and people of science promotes to new discoveries. For each specific purpose used its color hair. For example, if it was required to counteract the witchcraft or pointing, they took a mineral with silver threads, and to attract money and good luck – with gold. It is believed that hairstyle cannot “show aggression” to its owner and accumulate negative energy.


Along with magic, hairstyle was often used as a medical agent. So, in antiquity, with it, it was facilitated by the state of people who branched snakes, and used as a means of baldness. Wearing hairstyle as an amulet contributed to the strengthening of immunity and reduced the risk of virus infections. Moreover, Quartz, like any other transparent mineral, is able to raise the mood, treat neurosis and fight depression.

Lithotherapists believe that the stone is able to treat heart disease and delivering its owner from influenza and bronchitis.

Mineral has a common action and promotes longevity, And women wearing hair decorations, less than others are susceptible to hormonal failures. It is also believed that mineral helps to neutralize the impact of radiation radiation and fight insomnia, as well as to treat infertility and impotence, smoothing wrinkles. Stone is often used for massage and meditation and are used in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, liver and spleen.

How to distinguish from fake?

In general, engage in fake hairstyle is unprofitable. This is due to the not very high value of the mineral and the simplicity of the acquisition of natural specimens. However, cases where the fake is issued for a real mineral, yet there are, Therefore, the main differences of quartz from glass or plastic should be known.

  • A glass or plastic stone is easy to scratch the sewing needle, while on the natural material of the tracks from the needle will not remain.
  • If quartz hold some time in his hands, it will still remain cold, while glass or plastic quickly heat up. This is due to low thermal conductivity of hair.
  • The density of natural quartz is much higher than the density of plastic, in connection with which the natural stone will weigh much more artificial.
  • The real mineral has small bubbles in its structure, which are formed in the process of routine routine in quartz and capture various gases and impurities.
  • Due to the fact that two absolutely identical stones in nature do not exist, beads will differ significantly among themselves, and each of them will have its own individual needle drawing.

Who fits?

Hair is suitable for representatives of almost all zodiac signs, With the exception of Aries, for which it can only be considered as decoration. The greatest effect of the socks of products with mineral is celebrated by Tales, Cracks and Lviv. Therefore, in the urgent need to correct something in his personal life, this three signs are recommended to purchase quartz and carry it with small breaks.

Scales can safely choose hair as a talisman, and water bodies buying a mineral with golden threads is promoting peace of mind and true love. The only condition for the use of hairstyle is pauses in its application.

Stone is not recommended to wear for a long time without removing, as he “tired” from man and needs rest.

Compatibility with other stones

As for most varieties of quartz, related to the elements of air, a combination with the element of fire is recommended for hairstyle. Good compatibility is marked with heliodor, grenade, pyrite, citrine, coral, amethyst, fluorite and golden beryl. Mineral is absolutely neutral to turquoise, malachita, jaspea, lazurit, stones of the chalcedony group and Heliotrope. And extremely undesirable to have in neighbors Topaz, Emerald, Alexandrite, Sapphire, Chrysolit and Pearls.


In addition to magic and lithotherapy, hairstyle is widely used as a jewelry and diverse stone. From it produce a variety of decorations, such as bracelets, pendants, beads, seelings and rings. Minerals mined on the Kola Peninsula are used for the manufacture of VAZ, boxes, frames and statuettes. In addition, the mineral enjoys high demand from collectors and can be a decent decoration of any collection. Hair is also used for interior decorations and for the manufacture of esoteric attributes.


In order for the product with hairstyle to light as long as possible, and the mineral has kept the initial appearance for a long time, it is necessary to maintain it properly. To do this, have a number of simple recommendations for the care of mineral and comply with stone storage rules. So, it is desirable not to subject the stone with a sharp temperature difference and Protect it from the impact of household chemicals, and especially alkalis. Also should not be allowed, weight loads and drops of mineral on a solid surface.

Store products with hairstyle preferably separately from other jewelry, as stones with higher hardness can easily scratch the surface of the mineral.

As for the care of quartz products, the stone is better to clean the soft napkin dipped in the soap solution, and it is better to choose a special tool for the rim suitable directly to this metal. The use of soda or toothpaste in this case is inappropriate, as they can scratch the rim and make metal dull.

An important point of the care of hairstyle is the periodic “recharge” of the mineral, allowing it to clean it from negative energy and prepare for the next work cycle “. For this, the stone is placed under the flow water for 6 hours, and it is better to use not tap, and spring water. If there is no such possibility, you can use melting water, also taken from natural sources, and not from under the crane.

Then the mineral is dried by a natural way and placed for a couple of hours under direct ultraviolet rays. At the end of the procedure, the Rutile Quartz is considered recharged and ready to further use.

For the properties of the stone, see the following video.

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