Stone lazuli: features, value and properties

Stone lazuli: features, value and properties

The first association at the form of a lazurite – Heavenly arch. Depending on the color, it may look like a blue cloudless sky in bright sunny weather, dark blue prejudice or evening skyscoon, covered with stars created by golden pyrite splashes.

In addition to bright appearance, The lags are endowed with great energy potential – it is no coincidence that the stone has long been used as amulets, and for the treatment of various diseases. From this article, you will learn in detail about its healing and magical properties, what kind of mineral has the importance to a person today, who is suitable, where it is mined, and how is used.


The etymology of the word “lazrut” dates back to Arab Azur (“Sinya”) or the Persian “Lazhvard” (“Heavenly Stone”). As we can see, their meaning is almost identical, and it indicates on the color of the mineral, which can vary from the sky blue to the dense-blue, and even indigo. Until the XVIII century, he was called “Lyapis-Lazur”. However, today this word is used only in relation to the highest quality mineral varieties.

Lazurit is considered a semi-precious stone with a low cost – the price for 1 gram does not exceed 5 dollars. Belongs to the class of silicate minerals. It consists of aluminum, sodium, silicon and oxygen.

But the main element that makes a thick blue color is sulfur – the more it is in the composition of the Lazurit, the more rich and deep will be his tint.

In addition to these basic elements, a pyrite, calcite, field spat, pyroxen and others can also be included in the lapisitis. The first component even gives the mineral additional attractiveness – pyrite inserts look like golden threads, but they should be no more than 15%. But the remaining impurities reduce the value and market value of Lazurit, and therefore make it unsuitable for creating jewelry.

Minerals containing a large amount of calcite and field spat are used mainly for the manufacture of various crafts and decoration of internal and external walls of buildings.

One of the basic physical characteristics of precious and semi-precious stones is hardness. For this indicator, lazrut is in the middle of a ten-elbow scale of Moos (5.5). Stone rather fragile, it is easy to damage.

But at the same time, it is easily processing and allows you to “sculpt” the most interesting jewelry and decorative products.

Another important parameter is transparency. She has a low Lazarite. Only the highest quality instances can be attributed to relatively transparent. In the form of crystals, lazuli in nature is practically not found – as a rule, it is part of marble plates, of which it is then removed.


The use of lazurite is not limited to the jewelry sphere. Yes, of the highest quality stones make decorations. Most often it is jewelry, since the use of noble metals is not justified by a combination with cheap heavenly mineral, even the most elite varieties. Although lapis in silver and even a gold frame in jewelry stores can be found.

Since lazruts are an inexpensive stone, and the decorations with it are usually used as amulets, the type of Cabochon cut is used, as a result of which the mineral gets a smooth convex shape without faces. This method of processing makes it possible to emphasize the extraordinary color of the stone, and the absence of the faces is due to the insufficient shine and the light-racability of the heavenly mineral.

Actively apply lags and as an amicing material. It makes various art objects: boxes, souvenirs, vases, figurines and other decorative and applied products. The most low value varieties are used for interior decoration and facing facades of buildings.

In this capacity, lags can become an original decorative element of your home.

History of origin

The history of Lazurit has 7 thousand years. Badahshan copy in Afghanistan became the first source of mineral mineral. Another oldest field of Lazurit was in Iran. From these countries already supplied Lyapis-azure to Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia and Europe states.

Mineral enjoyed in great demand as a jewelry and amateur stone, as well as a finishing material for cladding columns, fireplaces, walls of palaces and temples. In those days, the lazeri was a very rare mineral with a complex method of mining, so it was very expensive.

Highly appreciated the stone and in Egypt. He personified the god of Amon Ra, so the priests painted their clothes with a powder made from Lapis-Lazuri. The stone also symbolized the power of Pharaoh – God on Earth. Palaces of the Egyptian rulers were decorated with this mineral. Figurines from Lazurita were found in the tombs of the pharaohs, the entrance to which protected the beetles of the scarabs, also made from the heavenly stone. Even on the robes of Egyptian judges there is a lagish figure of the goddess of truth. Large importance to Lazurita was attached to China – he was part of the headland of the emperor.

The Lazorone Stone performed at the same time as a protective mascot and as a symbol of the monarch of power. They also decorated the walls of palaces and temples.

But this is not limited to the use of Lazurit. Lyapis-Lazuri powder used in medicine – antihores made from it. Since ancient times, lazuli also served as raw materials for the production of ultramarine paint, which artists actively used the world until the XIX century, until her artificial analog appeared. In the era of the Renaissance, the lazer was incredibly popular. It was made of jewelry, magical amulets, various art objects, was still actively used to decorate the walls and ceilings of architectural structures.

In Russia, the mineral appeared and began to be actively used since the reign of Ivan the Terrible. At first it was brought from Afghanistan and Iran. But in the era of Catherine Great, their own deposits of a lazurite mineral were found – they were in the area next to Lake Baikal. In the decor of such architectural masterpieces like St. Isaac’s Cathedral,

The Winter Palace in Peterhof and the Catherine Palace in the royal village was actively used by lapis.

Place of Birth

The most beautiful and expensive lags are mined in Afghanistan in the northeastern province Badakhshan (Badakhshanskoye deposit). He is either homogeneous saturated blue, or with streaks of pyrite – sulfur sulfur, which looks like golden threads crossing the mineral along and across. The Russian stone obtained from the deposits in the Southern Baikal – on the banks of the Slyudyanka river is valued.

High quality is considered to be lapisy produced in Andes, Chile. More Lazurita deposits, although less significant and large, there are in Tajikistan and China (Mountains Pamir), in the USA (California), in India, Africa and Argentina.


Lazurite’s color palette is very wide: stone color can be a gentle blue, turquoise, saturated blue and purple, even a greenish tint may be present. The most expensive copies are distinguished by deep blue-purple color, a homogeneous texture and do not have a drawing at all. Minerals with pyrite yellow inserts are equally recognized – they look very impressive and give the lazurite additional nobility and luxury.

Tabs accepted on three groups.

  • Nieli. These are the highest quality stones. Their color is dark blue, sometimes turning into indigo. They either have no ornament or a golden pyrite pattern is allowed, but not more than 15%. It is to this category that include Afghan lazuli, which is recognized today the best.

  • Asmani. Stones of this intermediate group are inherent in gentle, sky blue color. They are valued less than Nieli, but more than Sufsi.

  • Sufsis. This is the lowest-quality lapis, as it has a green shade. For jewelry purposes, sufxi is not at all suitable – such stones are used mainly as elements of wall decor.

The following classification formed the criterion of homogeneity. According to this parameter, the minerals are also divided into three types.

  • Homogeneous. Such minerals are the most expensive. They are blue-violet color, do not have lanes, no spots, and therefore are used to produce decorations. They are practically no extraneous impurities. Only minor pyrite bodies are allowed.

The stones of this group are even characteristic of some transparency, but this can be verified only if the mineral thickness does not exceed 3 mm.

  • Spotted with small streaks. Impurities of carbonate, field spat, apatitis and other elements form divorces and stains on the stone, violating homogeneity of its structure. Minerals are used to create amulets and production of decorative and applied products.

  • Spotted with stripes. Due to the presence of a large number of foreign impurities in their composition, such minerals are abundantly “painted” with light stripes and various patterns. For jewelry purposes, they are absolutely unsuitable – the stones of this group are used mainly for interior trim.


Although the lags do not have high jewelry significance, but it is inherent in valuable magical and medical properties.


Lazurit has a very light and positive energy, which has a beneficial effect on the carrier itself, and on people surrounding it. Therefore, the heavenly mineral is so popular with true magicians and healers, which with its help heal the soul and human body.

Even in ancient Egypt, lazuli was the attribute of priests, as he was considered the conductor of the Divine Will.

Among other properties.

  • The stone cleans the mind from vicious, destructive and negative thoughts, and the soul – from envy, hatred, irritation and malice. Man gets rid of heavy memories and excess self-criticism.
  • Adjusts the one who wears it, at higher vibrations, fills it with clean and bright thoughts that provoke a person to perform good actions.
  • Creates an invisible protective barrier between its owner and people who wish him evil. Protects its owner from negative influence from the outside, redirecting the negative energy to the one from whom it proceeded.
  • Restores mental equilibrium, frees from alarming thoughts and makes its owner more calm and cold-blooded, effectively helps with panic attacks and depression. However, there is a turningover side of this property – the mental process and the reaction rate slows down. Therefore, it is undesirable to wear stone by doctors, firefighters, drivers of all vehicles, air traffic police and representatives of other professions that need to be rapid decisions.
  • It is believed that lazruts attracts successfulness, prosperity and prosperity to the life of its owner, helps to achieve new career heights and implemented in the selected profession. The greatest energy is raw mineral, which is better to keep on the desktop or at home.
  • Women useful to wear earrings with a lazorite if they want to attract love and happiness in their lives, and at the same time to protect themselves from the envy, the evil eye, damage and gossip.
  • Stone stimulates to change. If a person wants, but it is afraid to change something, to part with the past to free the place for the new, then the lags gives him confidence in his abilities and decisiveness that will help to take a jump in the unknown. It may concern absolutely any sphere: work change, type of activity or place of residence, change in privacy.


Laps are useful in many illnesses.

  • In ancient times, Lyapis-Lazuri powder served as a means to eliminate poisonous substances from the body. He helped restore the stomach after poisoning and stopped vomiting. Also played the role of anthelmal drug.

  • In the era of the Middle Ages, it was believed that products from Lazurita helps those who suffer from weight deficit, gain missing kilograms and overcome physical exhaustion.

  • Necklace or Suspension from Lazurit It is recommended to wear women waiting for a child. Under the protection of stone, pregnancy will be favorable, the future mother will avoid toxicosis and give birth to a healthy kid.

  • Stone has a beneficial effect on the female genitals, preventing and reducing inflammatory processes in them.

  • It is believed that contemplation of the lazurite helps to improve vision. If you wish to increase its sharpness, then look at the stone 5-6 times a day for 7-10 minutes. And after working with a computer, blue crystal effectively removes tension from tired eyes.

  • Helps people having breathing problems. Reduces the manifestation of allergies, reduces the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks. Effectively eliminates dry cough.

  • Beneficially affects the blood and lymphatic system, contributes to the early tightening of the Russian Academy of Sciences and reducing pain, especially if you put a stone to the patient. Cleans blood from slags and toxins, reduces cholesterol levels.

  • Beads with a lazurite get rid of skin diseases: teenage acne and various rashes on face and body.

  • Improves mental state and strengthens the nervous system. Helps with neurosis and depressions, reduces the level of stress, normalizes sleep. It is recommended to use a stone during meditation – it will be possible to achieve a relaxed state faster.

  • Those who wish to have thick, long and beautiful hair is worth adding to arsenal means to achieve this goal lazurite earrings. They will improve the location status, reduce their fragility and loss.

  • Reduces the pressure of hypertensive, and in hypotonists, on the contrary, raises it to the desired mark, returning vitality and vitality

  • Provides normal operation of the endocrine system and eliminates various hormonal disorders. Helps for diseases of the thyroid gland.

  • Enhances the body’s immunity, helps him fight viral and infectious diseases.

  • Removes headache and warns new migraine attacks.

  • Contributes to the rejuvenation of the whole body, stimulating it update at the cellular level.

Who fits?

Of all the signs of the zodiac lazuli is most suitable Fish, Aquarius and Libra. It is also recommended to wear decorations with a blue mineral fiery and unrestrained Archers and Aries – Stone will calm their hot-tempered temper, reduce passions and emotions, will make them more balanced.

Absolute zodiac incompatibility of the lazurite can be traced with crayfish and caperpashers – They do not fit the stone, and can even attract representatives of these signs and troubles. Lions and scorpions stone is also contraindicated – it contradicts their bright individuality and strong energy. Virgin and Gemini can wear a heavenly mineral, but more as an aesthetic attribute – as a guard, he will not bring any harm, no benefit. Better stop your choice on amulets with other stones.

Compatibility with other stones

All minerals refer to one of the four elements: land, water, air and fire.

Lazurit is a terrestrial stone and perfectly combined with its “classmates”, to which Yashma, Chalacedon, Agat, Malachite, Nephritis, Turquoise and others include. This is the most harmonious and perfect, from an energy point of view, Neighborhood: Minerals will complement and strengthen the beneficial properties of each other.

It is recommended to combine lapis and with water stones: emerald, aquamarine, topaz, pearl, chrysolitis.

Tolerate lapis and to air minerals. This group owns amethyst, transparent quartz, rhinestone, chrysoprase. However, the neighborhood with them is undesirable if you want to activate the magical properties of Lazurit – a stone, having such partners, will not work in full.

And finally, the last, fiery group, its energy will be the earthly lazuli only to suppress, therefore such stones, like amber, coral, Pirot, Almanandin are in one energy space with heavenly mineral should not. And the fiery diamond and ruby ​​with their luxury and greatness will simply “kill” calm lapis – both in energy and aesthetic terms.

How to distinguish from fake?

Despite the fact that lazruts are an inexpensive semi-precious mineral, fake it quite often, and a lot of fake analogues. They can be divided into three groups.

  • Other materials: Most often in the lags “dressed” ordinary glass or polymer plastic, which are just painting in the appropriate color. This fake is the cheapest, but also to determine it is the easiest: the stone weighs more than the simulation material, and also has a low heat transfer – how much you keep it in your hands, it will not warm up, but will remain as cold. Water will also help determine the fake – partially mocks the paint.
  • Cheaper diverse stones no less rarely play the role of their heavenly “fellow”. Jasper, Sodalit, Duzhorterit, Halcedon, Kaholong, Azurit. To calculate the fake, you just need to immerse the stone into the water. If it wures it evenly, you can not worry – you bought a real lap. But if you see the accumulation of small droplets on his surface, this suggests that the paint was applied to the stone and before you, most likely, fake. Lazarita has another important property: it looks bright and effectively in the sunlight, and with artificial lighting, on the contrary, it looks dim and inexpressively. This parameter will also help you distinguish it from other minerals.
  • An artificial lazulist grown in laboratories is also often issued for the creation of nature, and not human hands. This fake is the most difficult to recognize, sometimes scammers will not even be stupid add to it the smallest particles of gold to create the effect of pyrite. But the drawing of natural lazurite is more random and natural.

Another effective way to determine the authenticity of the Lazurite is to throw it into the fire. This stone is not afraid of this element – the flame is unable to damage it, from very long exposure to high temperatures, the mineral will simply become darker. But hardly who will want to carry out such an experiment and risk a purchased product.

If the doubts in the authenticity of the stone want to dispel the safest and guaranteed way, it is best to give it to check in the laboratory. There you will definitely say, the real lapisy you bought or not.

The easiest way to protect yourself from the fake, acquiring a stone is not from private owners or in the online store, but from a proven jewelry company.


Lazurit does not require much care. But in order not to spoil the appearance of the stone, it is important to know a few moments.

  • It is necessary to store it in an individual packaging – preferably in a velvet or suede bag.
  • Avoid “collisions” of mineral with other stones and solid objects.
  • Long water treatments lazuli does not like, so you should not go to the pool, bath or shower with him. However, it is possible to use water to use water to use water, even the usual water supply. But it is better if the pollution is not very strong, just wipe the mineral with a damp cloth or a napkin, and then wipe dry.
  • Cleaning chemicals are permissible, but only not too aggressive and without the content of hydrochloric acid – under its exposure to lazuli will lose color and will begin to decompose.
  • The use of abrasive means is contraindicated – they can damage the surface of the mineral.
  • Lazurject can take sunny baths without restrictions – he will not hang out. On the contrary, the mineral will look more brighter in the sun and dazzling, rechargeing from the daylight shining its positive energy.

Low market value and minor jewelry value of the stone is compensated by its most valuable properties. Heavenly Mineral will give peace of mind, confidence and spiritual harmony to its owner, and can also become a beautiful decoration of his dwelling.

What properties and secrets of Lazurita exist, look in the following video.

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