Streaming of silver: Features and execution technique

Streaming of silver: Features and execution technique

There are many jewelry on the market, but some have a look no longer. Black silver jewelry look mysterious, intriguing and remind antiques. Dark patterns in a combination with brilliant fragments give the jewelry special charm. Blackness can even be made at home using simple means.

What it is?

Mobile has long been used to decorate silver and gold products. Reception allows you to paint metal into black. A contrast appears on the surface, which makes the product more “alive”. Reception is used in the presence of drawings or simple relief.

The blackness consists of copper, sulfur, silver and lead alloy, which is added to the main metal. Material is often used to create unusual decorations in antique style. On the flat surface to apply the blackness of the meaning. First, processing is made, drawing the pattern by recesses the size of about 0.3 mm. There and swords in black.

When heated silver and alloy interact at the chemical level. Thanks to this, decorative properties go paired with functional. Black silver slowly slows down from interaction with the environment, so it will have to clean it less. It is worth noting that mobile can be like dark and light. And the decorations can not be rubbed with her, otherwise the alloy will begin to braid.

Black silver is considered the most durable. Since gold, black is quickly smelting, so this metal is not decorated with this method. If desired, silver can be covered with a mobile, and free areas – gilding. Visually, the product will not differ from more expensive.

In the modern world, the factory technologies are electroplated. In the recent past, the reception was carried out quite differently.

Famous methods of making making are presented below.

  • German. Lead slowly pours into the copper-silver alloy, the whole composition constantly stirred. The further composition is transfused into a heated sulfuric powder. Stirring metals at the same time it is necessary to constantly. This guarantees the best interaction at the chemical level. At this stage, the entire alloy is poured into the water. The frozen black is finely rubbed in a porcelain mortar in the right amount. Only fresh and wet alloy are applied to products.

  • Modern Moscow. First prepared alloy of copper, silver and lead. Sulfur powder suited in small portions. Now the key difference: the composition is poured into a cast-iron frying pan. After frozen, the metal is crushed and melted again. This time the alloy is complemented by gray and flux. To get a special quality mobile, all the way repeats three times.

The finished substance is crushed into the mortars and sieved by sieve.

  • Pre-revolutionary Russian. BUT. G. Spassky came up with this unusual method. Now his name is copyright. Silver, sulfur lead and the same copper are prepared separately. Each component in a certain amount is added to the total capacity to create alloy. Next, it is necessary to melted the composition in a certain way and compose for further use.

No less interesting ways of applying compositions for decorations. There are only two of them.

  1. Dry. The surface is processed by a solution from which it becomes wet. The maximum chopped powder of mobile is applied top. After drying, the product is burned at a temperature of about 300-400 ° C.
  2. Wet. Mobile mixture with water is superimposed on the surface in the form of porridge. The consistency resembles sour cream. Tight and thick composition is distributed on the product, filling all the deepening. Masters use tassels or small spatulas. It remains to wait for the evaporation of water and you can pour the surface in the muffle. There the mobile softens and cries in all the wpads. Decoration get out of the oven. It is worth noting that small details are heated using a soldering gun.

After the coating in any way, the jeweler must clean the decoration with rig or use a file. As a result, an extra alloy will take off and manifests a drawing. The background surface is decorated after. Engraving or some small details are applied.

Lovers of black silver worth knowing such subtleties. Now it will be possible to determine the quality of the product on the shelf of the beloved jewelry store. If there are splashes, bugs or divorces on the surface, it means that the master worked casually. You do not have such a product.

Black is quite capricious in care, and if it is low-quality, then exactly quickly will lose sight.

How to do at home?

Prepare solutions from metals and making galvanic baths at home – not the best idea. The process requires skills, knowledge and inventory. However, despair early, there are simple ways to make a favorite ring more attractive and interesting. Home technologies are not just light, but also do not require special investments. Methods tested by time and popular among women due to their effectiveness.


This method is the most elementary and does not require special effort. With iodine is not suitable for flat products. The result will almost not. There is another nuance, for the reaction you need bright sun rays. Testing the method in cloudy weather or in winter it will not be possible.

Do not perceive all this as disadvantages of the way, it’s just his features. Relief decorations on a clear day can be darkened by acting according to the instructions.

  1. In medical iodine, mix your cotton wand.
  2. Treat silver product. Especially carefully to wipe hard-to-reach fragments.
  3. Leave the product under sunshine until iodine.
  4. Apply toothpaste on a soft cloth and gently polish the product.


The method is not more difficult than the previous. The big plus will be that eggs can be found in almost any refrigerator, do not even have to urgently run to the store. You can smash your favorite ring.

  1. Boil 1-2 eggs. The exact amount depends on how many decorations are planned to be processed.
  2. Separate yolk from squirrel. The last for the procedure is not required, so it can be used to any other needs.
  3. Put yolks in a container with a hermetic lid, carefully crushed them to the state of the Cashitz.
  4. In the same container put decoration. It is important that silver does not come into contact with the yolk. Otherwise, the metal turn the turn too fast and uneven. The result is unlikely to please. The product can be suspended or putting inside the tank of a paper towel as a barrier.
  5. Leave a tightly closed container exactly 24 hours. If a day later the result is unsatisfactory, then you can keep longer. Standing is recommended no more than 3 days.
  6. Get decoration from the tank. Rinse with any soap. Polish a piece of soft fabric.

Sulna Masout

The drug is used to treat scabies in humans and animals. Sulfurish ointment is sold not only in the usual, but also in a veterinary pharmacy. The substance itself is thick, has a yellowish tint and unpleasant smell. Need to carry out the procedure by following the recommendations.

  1. Apply a black ointment on jewelry.
  2. Arm with a hairdryer. Warm the ointment so that it starts to flow.
  3. Already the liquid substance gently distribute over the silver surface. It is worth noting that as a result of heating, the metal will begin to acquire a dark color with a blue or purple tint.
  4. Soft cloth completely erase ointment with decoration. If necessary, repeat the procedure to achieve a more impressive result.

How to remove the blackness?

Lighten the silver after homemade blackness is quite simple. Even the factory coating can be removed. There are quite a lot of ways, and they all will take no more than 30 minutes.

  1. In a saucepan make a soda solution of middle concentration. Put a foil and decoration. Boil to the sharpening 3-5 minutes. In this method, you can clean the dining room and other surfaces from any contamination.
  2. The softer method will allow you to easily remove homemade blacks, but for the factory it will have to repeat the process several times. It is necessary to take a small container of glass, put inside the decoration and pour the dishwashing agent. Alternatively use hair shampoo.
  3. Solution of ammonic alcohol will remove mobile. Sufficiently lower the decoration for 1-2 hours. You can also moisten a rag in the ammonia and drop the composition.
  4. Friction of the toothbrush medium stiffness will save the silver product from. It is important to carry out the cleaning actively until the desired result is obtained.

Examples of products

Black silver looks unusual, literally fascinates. When choosing it is necessary to take into account the color of the skin holder. Below-skinned girls are better fit decorations, where the light drawing is located on a dark background.

    Holders of dark skin, on the contrary, need silver products with black on top.

    Such a decoration perfectly complements evening image for festive evenings. At the same time, the products are combined with clothing in a business style, which is good for working days. In everyday life, it is better to wear only one subject. Consider interesting examples of products.

    • Neat earrings look more deep due to. The product is perfect for daily use.

    • Ring with roses literally cares look. Good addition for a festive dress.

    • Wild Beast Pendant Small and Easy. Black adds to him volume.

    • An intricate brush will complement an evening image. The owner of the decoration will definitely not be ignored.

    About the features and techniques of filming of silver, see the following video.

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