Summer Chalma: materials and colors

Summer Chalma: materials and colors

Fashion change. If one hundred years ago, oriental motifs in Western fashion houses were not welcomed, now every such item becomes enormous popularity. One of these things is Chalma. Should be aware of which it is usually sewn, as they tie, and with what it is best to wear.


Calma from India and is a male headdress. There she is carrying on top of a tubette. Quite often, Chalma was used to designate the status of its owner. Somewhat later, a women’s turban appeared as a derived from Chalma. However, his destination was a little different: he defended from the scorch rays of the sun (overheating), as well as his part it was possible to protect the face and eyes from dust. Modern summer female Chalma on his head began its spread as part of the wardrobe only at the beginning of the XVIII century.

Chalma, or Turban, is Long cut of a rectangular fabric that wrapped your head. Perhaps the most important characteristic feature of Chalms is her Unique oriental style, which, no matter how surprising, is the representatives of the beautiful sex of any nationality and age.

Despite the characteristic form, there are many varieties of female turban.

Such a headdress is perfectly combined with any clothing: from warm fur coats to light short dresses. The advantage of the Chalms can be called that it is tightly adjacent to the head, hiding the hair, to lay which you can not spend too much time. And also the turban can visually change the shape of the face and head, create an interesting image.


Today in stores you can meet a hat, repeating the configuration of the Chalms. It is often worn in summer weather. Winter version of this headland – hat-dressing. It is easy to wear it. In addition, it is very convenient. Another similar option – This is “incomplete” Chalma, which covers the ears, shoosing the head like the line like this. Such a bandage-chalma is usually not wide.

A separate type of hats is Winter hats in the form of a chalm. They are made both with a large viscous and fine woolen threads. Some of them are quite voluminous, others, on the contrary, no. Often such caps can be decorated with a large brooch or a large sewn.

You can also note homemade (hand made) Turbans that may have many characteristic details. Most often fans of these models are women of old age.

Fabrics and colors

In terms of choosing fabric for Chalms there are no restrictions. It all depends on the wishes of the designer or the very mistress of this head. but Natural fabrics such as cotton or knitted fabric are most welcome. Türbans are better held on the head. As well as in the number of materials for the manufacture of chylma, tissue such as chiffon, silk (despite the smooth structure), velvet, viscose and natural wool.

Practically not produced turbans from fabrics with color pattern, the material is always monophonic. When buying preference best to give bright, noticeable colors. Classic are black and white colors. Now we use popularity Emerald and Wine Color.

Special place in the modern fashion world is occupied by Chalma from Guipure. It looks like it is made of embroidered lace material. Such a headdress is an excellent accessory for the summer dress.

How to tie beautifully?

The turban you can make a scarf, a large handkerchief or even just from a suitable piece of matter. You can use pieces of fabric 4-20 m long. There are several ways to tie a chalm, the most popular is Turkish and African.

To tie African Türban, You can use the usual bright color palatine. You need to tilt your head forward, throw the palatine on it, and its edges cross in front and assemble them on the top of the bunch. A bundle must be tightened to tighten, but it’s not hard to press the head.

Turkish way easier. Palantine is covered with her head, its ends cross the back, take off her forehead and twisted a couple of three times again. Then the ends need to be consolidated by the nape.

The remaining methods of tying chylma are derived from these 2 main. For a variety, you can decorate the turban by one more handkerchief or stolen. Connoisseurs argue that there are about 1000 ways to tie Chalms.

What to wear?

Turban perfectly suitable for women with high forehead. However, with proper tying, this headdress will look good on any girl or woman. It combines many things. It can be argued that the acquisition of chylma will always be a profitable purchase, since it is easy to enter in almost any bow.

In the summer, a fairly popular combination is the lightweight female turban with a dress in the floor. And also this headdress looks great with a short light shade dress. If you are a strict style fan, it is best to wear Chalmu with a minimum number of lines along with a strict dress to the knees. In such an outfit, you can even go to work. Another office option – Chalma with a white blouse or shirt.

It is worth noting that Chalma is badly combined with decorations. The exception can be large East Style Earrings and Sunglasses. Glasses are better combined with a chalm tied in an African style. Another spectacular option – Chalma and swimsuit of the same color.

The following are two ways to tying a chalms.

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