Summer headband

Summer headband

Holders of long hair know how it is difficult to roast, wet summer day to build a stylish, fashionable hairstyle or just beautifully breathe hair. Bandans, caps, hats, Panama can not cope with this task. Then the summer bandage on the head comes to the rescue.

She will not only save his head from the Sun and will help create dozens of different hairstyle options, it will also bring in any image of freshness and youthful rear.


The bandage is not only a beautiful element of the summer image, it is also a fairly multifunctional subject:

  • She closes the hair from the sun, if it is a decoration on the head+
  • She protects his face from sweat, if it is an element of sports equipment+
  • It can be an indispensable detail of the stage, carnival or other suit+
  • Finally, it is just a base for creating interesting hairstyles.

The dressings can be made of fabric, leather, lace, thread, denim, braids, atlas and other materials.

The incredible popularity of the accessory can be easily explained by his many years of history. More Ancient Indians with the help of the bandage supported their hair, and the Greeks wore thin ribbons or ribbons on the head for the decoration.

Later, such a bandage was used as a very expensive decoration. She was worn by representatives of nobility, and for the manufacture, a brocade was used, silk, velvet, which were decorated with beads or embroidery.

In the 60s of the XX century, the dressings received another purpose. They began to associate with representatives of the Hippie youth movement. Often, such bandages flew their own hands, decorated with beads, beads and a certain symbolism.

How to make an unusual bandage with your own hands, look in this video.

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