Survey of stone hematitis

Survey of stone hematitis

Hematite – one of the most common minerals. Its painting can be diverse, and the stone itself is widely used when creating jewelry and not only.


Hematite can be represented as a non-crystalline substance, if it is a limonitis that has lost moisture due to elevated ambient temperature. Its hardness is 5-6 according to the recognized scale of the Moos. The crystal system is presented in the form of a hexagon.

There are natural crystals that are found in thin plates, as well as in the beams of small salivary plates and in thin fragments. There are scalenogenic and rhombohedral crystals, as well as tables of tables. Crystals are often furor. Often in the breed you can find dendritic and sockets. It can be formed in the form of pseudomorph after other minerals.

The name “Hematite” translated from Greek means “blood”. Many of his forms have other names. Hematite Mineral is called scientists, in the people more often you can meet its other names:

  • bloodstone+
  • Hemachine+
  • Black or Alaskan diamond.

    The world’s largest hematite deposits have sedimentary origins in rock. The world’s largest production is almost 75 million tons of hematite per year, located in North America. Other important fields include deposits in Minas Gerase (Brazil), where hematite is found in metamorphic sediments. Also mineral is mined in large quantities in Ierro Bolivar (Venezuela), Labrador and Quebec (Canada).

    Hematite appears in the breed as auxiliary mineral in facpatic magmatic rocks in the form of granite. In red sandstones, the mineral acts as a material that binds the grain quartz.

    Huge deposits of stone are located in the United States. Reliable ridges stretch from East to West:

    • Marquette Range in Michigan+
    • Menomini Ridge in Michigan southwest of Marquette+
    • Ridge Penoo Giochik in Wisconsin+
    • Mesabi Ridge north of Duluth in Minnesota.

      Here, hematite is represented as in the form of a black mica mirror variety, and a soft red earthy type.

      Easy to confuse mineral hematite with artificial material, which is called “Magnetic Hematite”. In some forms both stones have a very similar silver species. Some suggest that magnetic hematite is simply the “magnetized” stone, in fact, at least in its composition and a lot of iron, the mineral has a weak magnetic field. On the other hand, mineral magnetite is very magnetized and many often mistakenly believe that it is artificial material.

      Hematite is a magnetite transformation product, it crystallizes in the rhombohedral system and has the same crystal structure as Ilmenit and Corundum. The described mineral and ilmenite are formed at temperatures above 950 ° C. He is harder pure iron, but much more fragile.

      Hematite crystals can appear as a secondary mineral formed as a result of weathering processes in the soil, as well as along with other iron oxides or oxyhydroxides, such as gheetite, which is responsible for the red color of many tropical ancient soils.

      Popular use of hematite in jewelry was in Europe during the Victorian era. Then the decorations made of stone were considered a sign of mourning.


      Hematite has unique physical properties that have found their use not only in science. In addition, the stone is used in astrology and magic, he is able to positively affect the health of a person with its energy. Great importance in the formation of its painting is impurities. Not all of its forms – a precious mineral, some of them can only be classified as semi-precious.


      If we talk about the description of the physical properties of hematite, then it is worth starting with the fact that it is unlauded and becomes very magnetic when heated. Slowly soluble in hydrochloric acid, in a solution of potassium ferrocyanide gives a dark blue precipitate.

      This is an opaque mineral with a specific weight from 4.9 to 5.3. Glitter is close to Metallic Tuscle. When exposed, it is not split, but in some cases demonstrates basal or rhombohedral stratification. Stone density – 5095 – 5205 kg / m3, while iron content in it can be different.

      The stone is rustling, but still attracts to the magnetic field, it is counted for the group of oxides or simple oxide. The formation of deposits may be observed in any environment without any specific conditions. The type of its breed containing it can be:

      • igmatic+
      • Sediment+
      • Metamorphic.

        Not very often, hematite splashes can occur in a lemonitis or even quartz.

        Scientists have learned how to obtain a mineral from magnetite, which is popular due to its unique magnetic properties, which completely disappear when heated to 220 degrees.


        The healing properties of the mineral for a person are known for a long time. It is equally useful for both men and women. Not in vain in translation from another language hematite means “blood”. Mineral is positive in all respects effect on fluids.

        It is believed that it helps with disintellation and is used for weight loss.

        To one of the healing properties of this stone belongs to him Use to stabilize blood circulation and combating hyperemia and embolism. Positive impact is also known on the delicious intestine, where mineral helps in the absorption of iron that Improves the process of supplying the body with oxygen.

        That it is very important to know about this stone, so this is what Some people cannot contact him, because from this skin begins to inflame, signs of irritation appear. Do not wear hematite and if there is inflammation, viral or infectious diseases in the body of inflammation, viral or infectious diseases. Well affects the stone on the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, at least scientists and can not confirm this fact.

        If a person has faced the problem of blood clotting, then he must be worn by a ring with this stone or earrings. This is the mineral, thanks to which wounds and burns are heal faster.

        People suffering from reduced pressure, also worth wearing a black diamond. But those who have elevated, extremely contraindicated to wear decorations with mineral on themselves.

        From other essential therapeutic properties of the stone it is worth highlighting:

        • assistance in fractures, since the process of healing bones passes faster+
        • The stone is able to redeem the vessels, helps with anemia and heart problems+
        • In the composition of blood, the amount of red blood cells is improved, the blood formation process is improved in the bone marrow.


        If you return to the Stone Age, it is known that the tribes used hematite as a talisman to protect against witchcraft. In ancient Rome, he also became very popular with Legionnaires, because it was believed that the mineral helped to learn about the ambush and killed the warriors from injuries.

        As a guard for home it is better to use a statuette from hematite. In Russia, they always placed in bed to a small child. They said that such a charm defended him not only from evil spirits, but also children’s ailments. There are gifts, according to which people managed to protect themselves from the meeting with the unclean power due to the amulet from hematite.

        In Tibet, it is said that the mysterious country of the Shambala is related to the Mineral described. That is why you can meet the decorations from hematite in the monasteries. It is rumored that if a person was able to comprehend the power of the mineral, then the stone will give it the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

        The stone gives his carrier an invaluable gift of Providen, an extraordinary wisdom. If it is correct to use it, it will help to comprehend the mystery of the universe, so often the black diamond is found among the magical attributes of fortune-up, because it makes the future clear and understandable.

        Hematite belongs to Mars and Pluto Stone, He has great energy and can improve the mood of his master. Mineral helps to absorb negative energy and soothes during stress or anxiety.

        This is a defender that allows you to keep the sobriety of the mind in any situation.

        Hematite is also good for working with root chakra, it helps to turn negative energy into positive vibrations. Mineral can help find individuality in itself, thanks to him, a person retains composure even in a difficult situation. His positive energy is aimed at human self-improvement.

        Hematite strengthens self-confidence, meditation with him is successful, it helps to direct the energy of the spirit to balance the physical condition.

        Talisman from hematite is extremely necessary for science figures, since its energy contributes to concentration. This stone can also help with mathematics and thinking, it sets the balance between the mind and the Spirit.

        It is known that hematite reduces the effect of negative energy. Planet associated with this stone – Saturn. The element that is associated with hematite is fire, so it is recommended primarily. But this is a stone not only Aries, but also Aquarius, as well as Scorpio, whom he protects, warns of danger, improves intuition, increases sexuality, can additionally charge the energy when it is necessary.


        Huge hematite deposits found in ferrous formations. Gray stone is usually found in places where there is standing water or mineral hot springs, for example, in the Yellowstone National Park in the US. Mineral can deposit from water and assemble layers at the bottom of the lake. It can also form without water, however, as a rule, as a result of volcanic activity.

        Mineral Coloring:

        • black+
        • Gray+
        • Silver+
        • Brown+
        • Red-brown+
        • Red+
        • Rainbow.

          Anyone in coloring the stone looks just stunning. It is clear from the name that some of his forms have a bloody-red shade, but also a mineral can be gold or even yellow. These shades are opaque, rather matte, due to the physical properties of the stone.

          The final color of the mineral depends on the quality and amount of impurities contained in it. Rarely, but still there is a blue and green hematite. As a rule, it is polished by water stone with metal tump.

          Mineral species

          Most scientists allocate only two forms of mineral:

          • Red glass head+
          • speculat.

          But there are those who talk about much more of his varieties, among which there is an iron slider, that is, stones with a scaly structure. There is also a martitite – stone with different inclusions. You can hear in the scientist of the world and about the iron rose – mineral, in which the crystals are connected not as usual, but in the form of wild rose.

          Gray crystals have a metal glitter, they are known as iron ore, thin scaly types are called salivaty hematite.

          Most of the mineral is formed in a soft, fine-grained earthen form, called red okra. Intermediate link between these types is renal or pencil ore. Red Ossociation is used as a pigment to create paint, purified shape – for polishing sheet glass.

            If the mineral contains water, it takes the type of wood kidney. This is the so-called hydrohematite, which is also considered one of the forms of hematite. Most often found hypergenged red iron.

            To whom will suit?

            Not all the elements are suitable for the mineral described, since it has a complex character and powerful energy. It must be worn by the Aries – they are from those who are allowed to do it every day. It is especially important to wear decorations with hematite to important meetings or when making decisions.

            An excellent addition to the image and wonderful amulet will be a silver ring with a hematite insert.

            At the same time, men are recommended to wear him on the index finger of the left hand, and the representatives of the beautiful sex – on the right.

            Black diamond brings success in affairs, it gives the necessary self-confidence. Women of fiery element becomes much easier to cope with stress. Figurine made of mineral attracts good luck.

            Suitable stone and strong spirit of scorpions, which with such an assistant will definitely achieve great success and material well-being. You can wear a decoration in the form of beads, but you can just keep the mineral in the bag.

            Men Scorpions get good support from the mineral, they manage to find the necessary words during business meetings, women stone gives self-confidence.

            Even children hematite helps to cope with unjustified fears.

            Will bring the mineral and cancer success, because it will become the center of concentrating its positive life energy. With such a talisman, success will come to him not only at work, but also in personal life.

            From the jewelry of cancer, it is best to wear a cross, women can use brooches.

            It is best that the mineral is processed in the Cabochon technique, since it is such a cut that allows you to decorate a special shine.

            Men crayfish will be less conflict, will acquire the necessary confidence and will quickly move towards the goal with talisman from hematite.

            Virgin, who do not like to change anything in their lives, are prone to doubts and constraints, will find a lot of useful in mineral. They will become more bold, ready to experiment. With the help of hematite, personal life will be installed. Mineral protects children well from negative impact.

            Aquarius, which too much spray their energy and sometimes can not focus on something important, should necessarily have decorations with a stone.

            Alaskan Diamond allows us to focus on the main thing, will save from negative.

            Astrologers advise to have a statuette of a black diamond in the house, because then the energy of the stone will attract luck in the financial sphere, will make the house with a full bowl, improve the relationship of households.

            Help the amulet from the stone by the twins and the Archers. The first will always be in the spotlight, while the mineral will create strong protection against unkind views. As for the Sagittarov, the stone, first of all, will protect them from themselves.

            How to distinguish from fake?

            If you know what to pay attention to, then define a real or synthetic stone will not provide labor even a person without geological education. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that the market is increasingly filled with fakes, which is why it is important to know what natural hematite looks like.

            If you take into account the chemical composition, then in the bed there is a lot of iron, respectively, even a small size decoration should have a decent mass.

            You can check the naturalness of the stone using a rough light surface. Mineral will need to be slightly spent on it. When hematite is real, he reserves a red stripe. If such a trace does not remain, then before the buyer, a well-performed fake.

            Third authentication – cost. The price for the finished product may depend on many factors, including with what metal hematite is combined. Mineral is not included in the list of rare, it is mined worldwide, but too low the price should alarm. The better the cut, the more expensive the product.

            If you want to buy a decoration with black hematite, then you can hug on plastic or ceramics. Enough to check it in the water – a natural stone is heavy, it will pick up, and the fake – no.

            If there is a magnet nearby, some use it to authenticate. The bed does not have big magnetism, but it still attracts.

            What stones are combined?

            Any decoration looks more attractive if there is not one mineral in its design, but several, perfectly complementing each other. In combination with other stones, hematite will play new paints. It is best for it to suit Malachite, because their colors and energy are not better combined.

            Often you can meet the mineral in combination with a lemonite or lavva stone. They can be worn together without fear that minerals will counteract each other.

            It is not necessary to use artificial materials in parallel with natural stones, for example, rhinestones or beads, since such decorations look cheap and do not have the necessary power to human.

            Areas of use

            There are several basic areas of application of the described mineral. Thanks to attractive appearance, they were able to appreciate the jewelers worldwide. Rings, charms, crafts are greatly popular.

            Any product from hematite requires careful care, so storing them stands in the box. Very bad mineral reacts to rude mechanical impact.

            But jewelry art is not the only sphere where mineral has found its application. Precisely because it contains a large amount of iron, hematite is used in heavy industry, in the manufacture of steel or even cast iron. In hematite ore up to 50, and sometimes 65% iron.

            Red shade Ohry became in demand in fine art. Stone is used as a pigment to create paint.

            Despite the fact that hematite demonstrates therapeutic properties, it does not apply in medicine as a drug. Mineral can be used in a complex with other methods so that it helps the body in the fight against the ailment.

            Stone care

            The structure of hematite endowed it with such quality as fragility. For this reason, it should not be dropped, be sure to remove from mechanical impact. Be sure to protect the black diamond from friction about the rough surface. Do not make decoration with him on yourself when sports or during cleaning. It is better to remove it into the box so that the mineral gets strength.

            All decorations from hematite collect negative energy on themselves, that’s why they from time to time requires high-quality cleaning. Just enough to hold the product under running water, and then lay out on a soft towel to dry it.

            More information about hematite and its properties are considered in the following video.

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