Varnish bags

Varnish bags

In the wardrobe of each lady there is at least one lacquer bag. This accessory is terribly popular among fashionistas due to spectacular appearance and brilliance of material. Today, a huge number of brands produces these fashionable products that each young lady can acquire. Let’s figure out: What properties have lacquer bags and how to find the perfect option for yourself?

Features, pros and cons

Today the choice of women’s accessories is just huge. Pick up a suitable bag can any lady. The complexity of choice is only in its wealth.

Lacked called a bag made of high-quality material treated with special means. Thorough on the surface of the product, they form a special film, which provides accessory spectacular overflows and shine.

After such processing, the bags are covered with varnish of the right color. If all these steps were carried out correctly, the thing will be protected from mechanical damage and resistant to temperature fluctuations.

This processing will suit absolutely any skin. It should be made up of several layers: for soil and varnish coating itself.

As a result, very bright and beautiful female bags of bags, in front of which it is difficult to resist fashionable.

But possess these models and some disadvantages. For example, many experts argue that accessories are not worthwhile in frosty weather, if you are unsure in their quality and originality. This also applies to those layers that were not secured by proper care.

Another minus lacquered bags is their brand surface. It is largely similar to the mirror, on which fingerprints are very easily left with the slightest touch. But this does not mean that you will have to use your favorite handbag in fabric gloves. Traces of hands and divorces can be eliminated independently.

For many, fashionistas is a great disadvantage that you cannot add any elements of decor and stripes to such accessories. It can cause serious damage.

The unconditional plus of these things is their design and convenience. They can go not only for a regular walk, but also for a holiday or cocktail.


Today, the market of women’s bags is literally filled with a variety of models with lacquered surfaces. They are in great demand and hardly ever lose their relevance. We will analyze Read more Most Popular Accessories.


For energetic and mobile fashionrooms perfect bags-wallets. They differ in their compact sizes.

In such products, you can wear everything that is so important for modern girls: money, smartphone, lipstick and other necessary trivia.


For many years, harsh clutch handbags enjoy. They also have small sizes and fit perfectly into many female images: from everyday to solemn.

Evening bag

No fashionista will be able to resist the lacquered evening bag. Similar options are very convenient, practical and functional. Evening accessories look very harmonious in an ensemble with cocktail dresses or luxurious outfits in the floor.

Bags with handles

Universal and very comfortable for socks are products with one or two handles. They can be worn in hands or via shoulder. They differ in their capacity, which does not cancel their accurate appearance.

Bags via shoulder

Classic shoulder bags are relevant. As a rule, such accessories have small dimensions and elongated belts. Similar parts can be made of the same material as a bag or consist of a shiny chain of golden and silver color. The second option looks very elegant and gives the ladies of the refinement of refinery and femininity.


If you like vintage style, then you will definitely come to taste with lacquer. Once such models were ordinary, but today they are very original.

Many fashion guards who want to create a truly interesting image to these accessories.


Trend of recent seasons are lacquered bags. They are distinguished by large sizes and capacity.

If you have such a bag in your wardrobe, then you can wear with you everything you wish. You can contact such instances to go for a work or a weekend trip.


Not less popular among fashionable brilliant portfolios and folders. They are ideal for business women or female students.


All types of bags differ from each other with dimensions. If you want to pick a small and flirty model, then you should contact a stylish clutch or fashionable wallet purse.

Another dimensions have evening accessories that do not need too much free space in the inside.

Average dimensions have universal straps bags. They will fit more objects than in clutches or wallets, but externally they will not look heavy and hard.

More accomplished and large trendy sac … Bags – tubes, as well as business portfolios. In such layers, you can transfer a large number of different items. If we are talking about office portfolios and leather folders, their main advantage is the calculation of documents, tablet computers and laptops.


No lady will be able to leave the lacquered handbag made of genuine leather. This material can have any origin.

Varnish is applied on both genuine and artificial skin. The first option will cost a lady in the round sum, especially if we are talking about a quality product from the famous brand. But let the high price do not scare you, because such accessories are very beautiful and durable.

If you are not ready to spend large amounts, you can well acquire a brilliant model of leatherette. But she will not last you as long as natural products. There may soon be ugly cracks and various injuries.

Lucky skin is perfectly combined with other materials. For example, it can be a velvet suede or natural fur.

Today a large number of stylish bags are produced, in which natural and shiny skin is in a tandem with a suede inset. They look very feminine and luxurious.

Colors and prints

This season is very fashionable and stylish are bags in the color decorations below:

  • Universal and practical women’s black accessories. They relate to classics and never come out of fashion. Stylish black bag will be perfectly combined with many outfits.

  • Another popular and sought-after color is beige. It is suitable for any time and looks very expensive. But if you decide to replenish the wardrobe such a thing, then take care of a suitable shoe: it must be approaching a handbag.

  • No less popular today white color. Accessory in such registration will definitely refresh the image and give it solemnity.

  • Red bags look very bright and saturated. They are ideal for self-confident young lady, preferring spectacular and attracting images.

  • The girl is best suited a pink model. She will look great in the image of a positive and cheerful fashionista. If we are talking about more pale products, then with their help you can even add a business ensemble.

  • Mainly popular accessories with flowers. Such prints are the trend of the last season. But remember the condition: if you choose such a bag, then there should be no other things in your kit with bright prints.


If you want your favorite bag for a long time happy with your beauty, then she needs to ensure simple care.

We will understand in detail how to clean the lacquered accessory at home:

  • Wipe products at least once a week. To do this, use only a soft cloth or a simple sponge.
  • If you have acquired a really high-quality model, then frosts are not terrible. Cracks on the surface appear only in cheap and low-grade copies.
  • Choosing a suitable accessory, give preference to genuine leather.
  • Divorces and fingerprints from the handbag can be deleted independently. To do this, you need a conventional soap solution. Distribute it with a sponge over the surface of the accessory, and then walk on it with a dry cloth.

In more detail how to care for a varnish bag can be found from the following video:

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