What are gold samples for jewelry and how to determine them?

What are gold samples for jewelry and how to determine them?

There is no man in the world who would not know about gold. Like a precious metal, it has found a very wide application, especially in the jewelry industry. Most jewelry is made from it. Jewelers work with gold and can give it any shape and size. After, for example, a chain is made, it is difficult to evaluate its real value. So that consumers can navigate and understand which gold and in what quantity is used, in the XVII century, jewelers were invented such a term as a sample. What it is what it happens to how to determine it – it will be discussed in this article.

What it is?

Sample is a kind of stigma, labeling of jewelry, which, according to the law, should be applied to all types of similar products. For the manufacture of most decorations, non-pure gem metal, but many other components. Pretty soft gold is perfectly connected to other metals, each of which has its own technical parameters that transmitting the alloy.

    • Nickel. Increases the firmness coefficient of jewelry and its corrosion resistance. But you need to know that nickel can cause an allergic reaction.

    • Copper. The presence of it in the alloy can be defined enough – it acquires red. Also copper has anti-corrosion resistance.

    • Silver. Thanks to the presence of this metal, the golden alloy will become more elastic, it becomes easy to work with it.

    • Platinum Increases the coefficient of elasticity and melting point.

    • Palladium and zinc. These components are added to enhance the elasticity of gold and reduce the melting point.

    Due to the presence of samples on the precious jewelry product, you can understand what percentage of gold is in alloy.


    I would also like to say that there are several labeling systems for jewelry in the world.

    • Metric. Used in most countries, including in the Russian Federation. It uses percentage in the gold alloy and other metals. The highest – 999, that is, this decoration will be almost from pure gold.
    • Carat. This system of labeling of precious products is used in the United States and some European countries. The highest test 24, low – 9.
    • Cotrol. This is the oldest gold test for jewelry, which was applied to the products until 1927. The highest considered 96.

      Today, thanks to the work of chemists and jewelers there are quite a lot of samples. Consider the mains.

      • 999. This is the highest quality indicator, the highest test. In such an alloy, there are practically no other impurities – their share is less than 1%, everything else is pure gold. Products of this sample are characterized by dim yellow color, without a special shine, which is so important for jewelry.

      • 958. The presence of this stamp on the decoration may indicate that the composition of the alloy from which the product is made, in addition to gold, there is also silver. The product is 95.8% consists of pure gold of the highest quality, but the remaining 4.2% is silver and copper. Such a jewelry is quite strong, durable and distinguished by excellent appearance. Characterized by bright yellow. Wedding rings are most often made from alloy such sample.

      A large percentage of gold in the composition, unfortunately, promotes product deformation.

      • 750. Due to the fact that the alloy in a sufficiently large quantity has copper, jewelry with such a type of stigs are characterized by a red tint. Also, decorations may have a greenish or yellow tone, it all depends on the addition components. 75% alloy is pure gold.

      Most of all, this sample is used to make women’s and male jewelry in Asia countries.

      • 585. Contains 58.5% of gold, everything else is other precious and not very metals. Its most often used for the manufacture of suspensions, chains, rings, earrings, tramples, bracelets. Products are characterized by excellent appearance, glitter and color.

      • 583. This type of sample refers to the Gold Standard of the USSR. Such a stamp began to apply since 1927. If someone has a decoration of great-grandmothers, then they will definitely be 583 sample. Today it is not used, 585 apply instead.

      • 375. Jewelry 375 Samples Cheapest. The main components of the alloy are silver and copper. The percentage of gold in alloy 37.5, but other metals – 62.5%. Products with such stimples very quickly lose their original appearance, they fill up and begin to be covered with black spots. It is from this alloy that there are earrings, bracelets, chains, pendants.

      Which is better?

      Many when buying gold jewelry begin to wonder what kind of test is the best, and it is correct. Previously, we have already talked about the fact that in the numbers and letters that are indicated on the stamp, you can find out what percentage of gold in this product. Also marking can tell a lot about the properties and specifications of the product. Of course, the higher the sample, the more gold was used in the process of making jewelry.

      But it is necessary to understand that the price and quality of the product depends on it, and its properties.

      Most jewelers and experienced consumers argue that if you are interested in buying a gold jewelry at an affordable price and with good appearance, look for a product with labeling 585. The biggest advantage of such jewelry is that during the entire period of wearing do not lose their primordial appearance. Also worth noting Sample 750. Very often today apply this type of alloy for the production of jewelry.

      How to determine?

      Today there is a large jewelry market. There is great demand for this product, so in addition to high-quality genuine products, there are fakes. Many consumers are interested in the question of whether it is possible to define a sample and quantity of pure gold in the jewelry independently at home. Of course. There are several sufficiently simple methods.

      1. First of all, you need to pay attention to the color of the product. Pink color indicates that the alloy has copper and silver. White shade – that the main part of it is made of silver or palladium. If the product has a characteristic purple tint, it means that aluminum or potassium was added to the fusion for making decoration. But the presence of a greenish shade may be the reason that several metals were used to produce jewelry.
      2. Use a magnet. The product made of pure gold will not be attracted to the magnet.
      3. You can distinguish the fake by applying Table vinegar and iodine. To do this, apply a small amount of iodine on the product and put it in a container with vinegar. If the place to which iodine has been applied, darkened, then you are dealing with counterfeit.
      4. Black bread will also help determine the fake. Put the Decoration in Fresh Mankish. A few days later, when the bread is frosting, get out of it. The presence of oxidation and greenery traces indicates that the decoration is made of pure gold.
      5. Take jewelry and spend it about the surface of ceramic unbalanced tiles. Pay attention to the nature of the traces that remain on the tile. Gold leaves a strip of yellowish color. If the trace has a typical dark color, it is not a gem metal.
      6. You can use ordinary glass. You just need to carry out a glass surface. If the decoration is made of precious metal, it does not put any traces on the glass, as gold is much softer.

      There is another faithful, but unsafe way, which provides for Use of acid. To carry out this check, you need to buy a special set for testing jewelry. But you need to remember that the acid is a very dangerous chemical element, contact with it can harm health.

      All of the above methods for determining the sample can be useful if you have a jewelry on which there is no marking. Yes, such products also exist. For example, if the decoration is old and manufactured even when no one knew anything about samples. Or the decoration was manufactured under an individual order.

      Also on some jewelry that were produced abroad may not be sample.

        More reliable information about the sample of gold and its accuracy can be obtained by contacting To the State Inspectorate of Trial Supervision or Lombard. The exact sample will help to find out a special device – Electrochemical detector, which uses a special reagent. Its sensor is applied to the surface of the golden product, it shows the type of metal, the composition of the alloy, the share of each component, and, accordingly, the sample.

        One of the methods for determining the sample on gold products is presented in the following video.

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