What are metal detectors for gold and how to set up?

What are metal detectors for gold and how to set up?

On the turnover of secondary gold, you can earn a very good amount. However, before sending such products for sale, they first need to find them. A little know good places that are suitable for this. You need to still have suitable devices in your arsenal, which will contribute to the search. In this article we will find out, What are metal detectors for gold and how they need to be correctly configured.

What it is?

Metal detector is a special device capable of recognizing the presence of metals and react to them in various bases. It can be walls of houses, earth, sand and even the foundations under water. Such a device very often use professional campaigns, as well as lovers of finding old coins and various jewelry.

Device and principle of operation

Principle of operation of modern models of metal detectors Based on the possibilities of metals to carry out an electric current. Technique works like this: it gives electromagnetic waves, which in different ways “contact” with different substances. Thus, it is possible to detect components in the medium of a neutral type, characterized by high conductivity, namely, noble and ferrous metals.

Models that produce modern manufacturers, Allow optimal settings based on the characteristics of the soil composition, search depth. You can independently adjust the radiation frequency. So, the unit acting on low frequency indicators can catch an object of gold at an impressive depth – up to 4 or 6 meters.

Radiation at high frequencies may be effective and productive only at small distances – no more than 40 cm. Such devices are among the most effective when it comes to finding small items – rings, brooxes or coins.

The design of such a curious device is developed, given the specifics of its application. Metal detector is conveniently transferred in the hands of the user, so its handle is made comfortable, and the product itself is done as easy.

In a fairly simple design of the modern metal detector, the following components are present:

  • Transmitter coil that generates radiation+
  • Controller that catches the reverse signal+
  • source of power+
  • the control unit with which you can configure the technique as you need in one way or another.

Review of species

There are several types of metal detectors. Each model has its own functionality and work features. Consider their details.


If you are looking for an ideal model of a metal detector to detect small items made of yellow metal, then you should look at the beach instances. Beach sand, especially marine, is distinguished by strong mineralization, therefore, for productive search for values ​​in such conditions lIn total, the use of aggregates whose configurations are designed to suppress interference, which often occur when working on such a soil.


In a separate category, modern water detectors can be attributed. Such aggregates are distinguished by the fact that they are equipped with a high-strength case, which is not afraid of water and contacts with it. Designs are made hermetic and wear-resistant. Using similar devices, you can search for jewels in high humidity or even under water.

If we consider in general, water units are the same as beach species. They are distinguished only by what can work well under water and effectively search for gold at great depth.


If the search for jewels is planned in conditions of high ground depths, the deep model will be the most efficient. These devices often cannot see small objects (referring to coins or rings located at a depth of less than 10-15 cm).

The main goal of deep apparatuses is to detect gold at a very big depth. Speech can go about large and massive finds. For example, it can be large chests, boxes or drawers. This suggests that with the help of a deep metal detector, it makes no sense to search for individual small details under the ground. Such equipment is intended for searching for treasures.

Deep technique usually costs more than underwater devices or copies designed under the shores of the sea.

Best models

The current market offers many different metal detectors designed for all sorts of operating conditions. We will get acquainted with some popular aggregates that are in great demand.

  • Makro Kruzer Gold. Powerful and progressive metal detector, perfect for gold search. Supports both ground and underwater search. Device efficient, easy to operate. In the set there are 2 more coils, waterfronts for them, wireless headphones and charger.

  • Minelab X-Terra 505DD. High quality aggregate of Australia. The actions of the device are calculated only on the soil, but as an underwater unit Minelab X-Terra cannot be used. There is balancing on the soil, but only manual. The weight of the device is only 1.3 kg.

The device can also find precious metals, both native, and colormeters, stones, and ferrous metals.

  • Garrett Ace 400i. American high quality soil metal detector, which works at a frequency of 10 kHz. Suitable for searching both gold and nuggets. In the device there is a moisture-proof coil, but it is better not to experience it under water. Included with appliances are headphones. Also built-in discriminator and speaker. This unit is considered one of the best universal models.

  • Fisher F75. Austrian High Quality Technology. Ideal for gold search. Automatic and manual balancing on the soil. The device boasts high reliability, practicality and wear resistance. Judging by user reviews, it is possible to detect a 5-ruble coin at a depth of 40 cm.
  • Fisher F4. High quality device that easily recognizes not only gold, but also non-ferrous metals. Judging by user reviews, the device is almost never “mistaken”. The lack of this unit is in a modest depth of the search. Instead of a standard battery in this apparatus, 2 batteries, such as “Krone”. Their energy will be enough for 30 hours of work.

  • Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Australian Metal Detector Model, Perfect for Gold Search. Refers to the soil type. Can detect gold grains, nugget decoration. Convenient balancing on automatic type soil.

  • Garret At Gold. American metal detector who belongs to an amateur class. It is a soil modification. There is a built-in speaker, access to headphones. There is a certain degree of moisture protection, tonal identification.

You can configure the degree of sensitivity.

  • Minelab X-Terra 305New. Improved device from the Australian manufacturer. Works at 7.5 and 18.75 kHz frequencies. Waterproofing, hand balancing on the soil. The product is very convenient in operation, it does not cause gravity, the hands are not tired of him.

  • Garret GTI2500. Inexpensive model from the American manufacturer. Looking for jewels at 7.2 kHz. Equipped with a large informative display, which always displays all current settings and configurations. The device is popular and high-quality, but has too large weight – 1860 g.

  • Minelab X-Terra 305. Very comfortable and practical type of metal detector, which almost never admits errors in recognizing the metals found. Hand balancing on the soil is provided. Equipment feeds from 4AA battery batteries. Weighs only 1.32 kg, so you can wear it for a long time, without experiencing painful sensations and fatigue.

  • Nokta Fors Gold. High quality device from Turkish brand. Has good search abilities. It will be an excellent solution for the planned searches of “Vlady” on gold-bearing streams or in the conditions of exhaust deposits, where the prey of precious metals was previously produced.

  • Tesoro Lobo Super Traq. Reliable and practical American-made metal detector. Designed to search for native gold and various decorations. Can boast of increased sensitivity. The device provides 3 types of settings in accordance with the soil properties and while maintaining a high sensitivity level.

  • Makro Racer Gold. One of the most practical and inexpensive models designed for gold. Technique works at an ultrahigh frequency reaching 56 kHz. Even sees very smallest gold particles. 3 preset search programs with the ability to adjust them. There is balancing on the soil.

  • Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger. High-quality metal detector model designed to search for gold. There is an opportunity to balancing the soil. In working condition, the mass of technology is only 1.5 kg. Device operating frequency – 15 kHz. The power supply of the unit comes from 3 batteries by 9W. (included with the device).

  • FISHER GOLD BUG PRO. Model of high-quality metal detector belonging to the professional class. Equipped with a bright liquid crystal display and a very convenient regulator required settings. Suitable for searching not only gold, but also nuggets. Equipment operating frequency – 19 kHz.

  • Minelab GPZ 7000. Very expensive model of a metal detector who can find gold on an extreme depth. Technique boasts high resistance to interference. There is a very simple and understandable menu, so it is not difficult to understand the work of the seeker. There are wireless audio, the ability to locate for GPS. There is a waterproof coil, which can dive to a depth of 1 m.

How to use?

Metal detector designed to search for gold, you need to competently use. Consider how it should be done.


First, the metal detector must be competent, does not hurry to set up. This is required according to the instructions that comes in the kit. Before that, it is recommended to burn the golden subject to a small depth and the final debugging of the device to spend on it, “scanning” by the metal detector, where the product is burned. After that, it is permissible to move directly to the search for “Vladen”.

Where to look for?

Ideal for starting gold searches such places like beaches. Almost everymost locality can find a suitable reservoir where sand sand. People often lose their accessories in the water. Subsequently, as a rule, brings to the shore. Often, the seekers find the “treasures” in these places.

Overview of metal detectors for gold See next video.

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