What are the color of diamonds?

What are the color of diamonds?

“The best friends of girls are diamonds,” you need to admit that any woman with joy will take a gift from these gems. Their beauty and glitter fascinate, and often we can not distinguish a real diamond from the fake. Most of us represent and knows a diamond as a transparent gem, but in fact he can be of various colors and shades. You can meet colored diamonds with very rare shades, such as green, yellow, orange, purple, red, blue, pink and even black.


Before talking about the features of the diamond and all sorts of shades, it is necessary to determine the concepts of “diamond” and “diamond”. The word “diamond” (Adamas) has a Greek origin and translated into Russian means “unsurpassed”. Diamond is a natural mineral consisting of 99 percent of carbon, and one percentage may include other elements. This is the most durable mineral, besides one of the most expensive gems.

Diamonds on Earth have already millions of years. According to one of the versions, they were formed from the silicate melt of the cooled mantle of the Earth. They were thrown into the surface under the action of explosive processes inside the crust of the Earth. These stones can be found both among the mountains and at the bottom of the rivers and seas.

Diamonds are used both for jewelry and practical applications, for example, in drilling wells (diamond equipment).

Brilliant is a polished, washed and faceted diamond. According to the established rules of diamonds, there may be not all diamonds, but only those that after the cut is formed fifty-seven faces. The weight of diamonds, like all the gems, is determined in carats, 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

To get a diamond weighing 1 carat, you need to mined and recycle about 200 tons of rock.

For the first time the value of this stone was assessed in the XVI century, when his chemical and physical properties were studied. Then the durability and durability were revealed. Today, scientists have learned how to create an artificial diamond, which in its strength is equal to natural. The resulting stone was called hyperalmaz, but it does not have such value as the original mineral.

There are many criteria for determining the cost of precious stones. One of them – color. Before talking about the color of the stone, explain how it is formed and depends on.

It is mistaken to assume that mostly all stones are colorless and transparent.

To see the natural color of the diamond can only a specialist, it is extremely difficult for an ordinary person to understand and see the true shade of stone. Minerals can be multi-colored: from light yellow, to the very dark, black. Such colored stones are called fantasy. Due to the lack of a minor amount of carbon atoms or, on the contrary, the presence of atypical for stone atoms of boron, hydrogen, chromium and other elements, the mineral can be color. To date, a million colorless diamond can be found no more than hundreds of colored.

Diamonds can be divided into three categories:

  • Main (yellow and brown)+
  • Rare (Blue, Black, Red, Green and T. D.)+
  • Transparent (White).

There are several modern technologies that can make color brighter and recognizable. To give the color brightly pronounced tone, the stone must be correctly processed and have a good cut. When selling stone, the fact of staining must be specified among its characteristics:

  • Using a special coating+
  • staining with artificial paths+
  • Electron irradiation or neutrons.

Colored diamonds are two types: with nitrogen content, more precisely, its atoms and those in which there are no nitrogen atoms.

Diamonds with nitrogen atoms

Basically, all diamonds in their composition have up to three nitrogen molecules, due to which the color is purchased, mainly it is light yellow stones.

Diamonds without atoms and nitrogen molecules

They are also called diamonds of pure water, there are no nitrogen in their structure at all. Such are quite rare: only 2 percent of the total production. But there are more rare diamonds, as part of which there are boron atoms and other chemical elements. Then their color changes and can be almost any color.

Such stones are almost impossible to meet, they account for about 1/10 percent of all diamond production.

Primary colors

Diamond, unlike other stones, for a long time practically does not change its natural color. It is not amenable to change even when cooled, heating and solar radiation. Main colors include yellow and brown, they can be found more often in nature, so their cost is the lowest.

  • As part of brown diamonds there are iron molecules. Stones can be from light brown color, almost orange, to dark, rich brown. Jewelry with them look very original, but do not have high cost among colored decorations.

  • As part of yellow diamonds present lithium. Here it should be noted that we are talking about a white diamond with a yellow tint. A simple person is difficult to distinguish such a diamond from truly yellow, more expensive. Stone with a shade of yellow slightly more than brown, but still refers to the category of inexpensive diamonds.

Rare shades

Natural multicolored stones are almost impossible to meet in an open sale. Mostly in jewelry, artificial colored diamonds or natural white stones painted by artificially use.

Blue Brilliant

Very rare and one of the most expensive among colored stones. Initially, the blue color of the diamond gives the presence of aluminum in its composition.

And as noted above, than a rich color, in this case, the blue, the more expensive there will be the cost of a diamond.

Blue stones

Their composition includes BOR, the price is much higher than blue. Natural blue stones can be found maximum once in the year of mining. Their stocks make up 1/10 percent of all color diamonds.

Pink stones

Are considered a variety of brown diamonds, but they are much more expensive and belong to more expensive colored stones. If brown shades are detected in color, the cost of the mineral decreases. Inside there is a manganese, which gives stones saturated pink color.

Violet Brilliant

Mineral with this color is obtained due to the presence in its composition of hydrogen. In nature, there is practically no stone with a pure purple color. As a rule, in such a color there are shades of pink, red or brown, the combination of several colors at the same time can be found in a purple stone.

Violet Diamond meets once on 25 million tons of ore. Such a stone was found on the territory of Australia, its cost is more than five million dollars.

Green stones

As well as all color diamonds, rarely found in nature. If you commend a product with a green diamond, then, most likely, the color was obtained by artificially.

Natural Diamond Green Color Weight in 1 Carat costs 250,000 dollars and more.

The natural stone of green color includes chrome, also green shade may turn out to be influenced by radioactive rays. Color can be uneven and combine a few shades. Such stones are purchased, as a rule, for exhibitions or wealthy people as financial investments.

Red Brilliant

It can be said that this is the most unknown, rare and expensive. So far, scientists cannot find out due to which such diamond is formed. The presence of manganese in it can give a maximum of pink shades. And as all mysterious, the origin of this mineral is shrouded in legends, according to one of which in its composition includes human blood.

The cost of 1 carat of such a diamond begins from $ 300,000 and may increase several times. Only very wealthy people can afford it.

Black brilliant

This is the most ambiguous stone, until recently it was not considered as expensive color diamond. It includes graphite that makes it so dark that the sun’s rays do not pass through it and do not refracted. No opportunity to consider and evaluate its defects and purity.

Jewelry with these minerals look very mysterious and mysterious. Maybe therefore, the demand for these stones is gradually starting to increase.

Transparent stones

Minerals of this breed can be both completely colorless and white with a yellowish or brown tint. What it is transparent, the higher its value.

Minerals with brightly pronounced shades of yellow are considered the cheapest.

It is extremely rare to meet in nature an ideal transparent stone. The bulk of diamonds has a white color with a yellow tide, so their cost is much lower than color. However, among the white stones there are the largest. Their mass can reach 180 carats.

If you do not have a special education or you are a non-professional jeweler, it will be difficult for you to distinguish one shade from the other, if, of course, the color of the stone is not pronounced. This is primarily due to the fact that diamonds have more than fifty faces, and sunlight, falling on them, refracted by all the colors of the rainbow.

With interesting information about the largest and most beautiful diamonds can be found in the following.

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