What does 56 gold sample mean?

What does 56 gold sample mean?

Modern decorations made of gold are always indicated by understandable samples consisting of three digits, but Sometimes there are antique jewelry on which there is a sample 56. How to estimate the quality of gold and understand the authenticity of the decorations in this case – this is told in the article.

What it is?

To understand the value of 56 gold samples, you need to look into the history of Tsarist Russia. According to historical facts, changes In the jewelry system of Russia, there were thanks to the monetary reform conducted by Peter I in 1700. Before that the stamp on the decorations of gold was not put. Only after the news of the stamp and education of a special organization of control over the quality of products from precious metals (silver row) began to mark the labeling on gold products. The sample marking consisted of two digits, which was a measure of the content of pieces of pure gold in a concrete alloy.

In addition to the digital designation of the sample, the product was necessarily set: Stamp with the image of the double-headed eagle and year of manufacture. A little later, so-called nameplates appeared – Personal stamps.

They indicated either initials or surnames of Masters-Jewelers.

Gold decoration marking numbers “56” corresponds to the current 585 Gold Sample. In Russia, the tsarist times was adopted by a clear measure, where one pound of pure gold contained 96 spools. It means that In sample products 56 contained 56 parts of gold and 40 parts of impurities (mainly nickel, brass, copper, silver and palladium). The transition to the metric system in 1927 led to the emergence of a three-digit number familiar to us in the labeling of precious metals.

Sample decorations 56 are currently both historical and material value. In most cases, gold, rings, earrings, chains, crosses, pendants and brooches made of such samples.

Until 1914, the Olympic medals and the Cups were made exclusively from the metal of this sample.

Pros and cons

Precious metals both in the past and in the present time serve as a good capital investment. Of course, if the decoration looks not in the best way or belongs to the products common for that time (earrings without precious stones, chain, cross), then it is not too expensive, perhaps only at the price of jewelry scrap.

Decoration of such a test Estimated taking into account historical value quite high, After all, very often the jewelry of those centuries were complemented by precious stones or they were created by well-known jewelers, for example, Gottlib and Yang, Pavel Ovchinnikov or Grachev brothers. Gold jewelry 56 samples differed in high strength, Therefore, many beautiful unique products of high artistic values ​​made from this alloy have been preserved.

The main advantages of sample gold 56 are the following characteristics.

  • Wear resistance. Differences in the percentage ratios of impurities affect the value of the wear of products, and since gold itself is a soft metal, then such a alloy marking is more resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Alloy hardness. This characteristic also depends on the quality of the alloy.
  • Enlarged term of use.
  • Due to the difference in the ratios of additional elements in ligature Differences are manifested in the color range of alloy. Beautiful shades of green, yellow, pink and red colors can be found in products of the time.
  • Plastic. This parameter allowed jewelers to create truly invaluable masterpieces of jewelry, which today are museum exhibits.

Countments can be attributed Possible allergic reactions due to high nickel content in alloy, as well as Difficulty repair In case of damage to the jewelry.

Many workshops refuse to repair sample decorations 56 due to differences in alloy.

Tips for choosing

For a successful acquisition of jewelry, you need to show attentiveness and care.

  1. Features stamps. The fact is that the stigma up to 1897 was convex, and after 1897 it began to do it indulged – as we see it on modern ornaments. Exclusive unique decorations of such a sample Currently, you can only be purchased from antiques, private collectors or in pawnshops.
  2. On the stamp, in addition to numbers, can meet Letter abbreviation. Additional prints are possible, for example, the Master initials, the year of manufacture, the coat of arms of the city, in which the jewelry was made. Stamp made depending on the size of the decoration – on the overall product, the impression was laid larger than in the fine.
  3. You should pay attention to The quality of grinding, No mechanical damage.
  4. If doubts have doubts in the sample of gold, then It is recommended to contact any jewelry workshop to jeweler expert.

Care rules

Over time, jewelry loses shine, covered with a raid and darken. To prevent these problems, the decoration is periodically clean with various means. The most optimal option will be special Jewelry pasta, But the owners often use home remedies (soapy solution, ammonia alcohol, peroxide and other).

Here are some tips to eliminate pollution.

With insignificant metal contamination, it is enough to polish the decoration Microfiber fabric, flannel cloth or suede. Polishing is carried out by neat movements in one direction.

Additionally, it is possible to use a polishing in which the following means will help.

  • Hygienic lipstick. It must be applied on the product, and then polish.
  • Table vinegar. For this method, a 9 percent table vinegar is suitable, which must be applied to the fabric. Carefully rubbing the decoration with an impregnated cloth is left for 10-15 minutes, and then it is thoroughly washed and dried.
  • Onion. The onion is cut, the decoration is cut cut down. After 30 minutes you can rinse the product and dry.

To clean the solar pollution and plaque use soaking in various solutions, which contain soap, ammonia, salt, sugar or soda.

But it is not recommended to use these methods, since there is a possibility to damage the surface of the product due to the abrasive properties of certain substances.

With a strong degree of pollution of the golden product, as well as in the presence of precious stones, experts advise specialists seek cleaning in jewelry workshop.

If the product 56 of the sample darkened, then it is most likely a fake. The darkening signals the low quality of the alloy and the presence of foreign impurities, which should not be in a high-quality product of such a sample.

If the gold jewelry on the skin remains black, then this is due to the oxidation of the metal due to excessive sweating.

Gold decorations 56 samples can be a family relic or a good investment in the future for their owners. Most importantly, you need to remember that Such decorations in good condition over the years are becoming more valuable, so do not forget to care for the metal and then.

In the video below the gold decoration 56 of the sample is shown.

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