What does gold ingot look like and how much he weighs?

What does gold ingot look like and how much he weighs?

Probably, every person at least once in his life heard about gold bars, but few people know what they imagine and how much weigh. In the cinema and serials of the bars show both brilliant and sweaty “bricks”, but they really are? In this article we will deal with this issue.


Standard yellow metal bars are ingots of banking metals that meet all standards and quality requirements. “Right” products are distinguished by a truncated (cut) device, by type of pyramid. The weight of the ingots is usually from 11,000 to 13300 g. In different projections, ingots have different sizes:

  • Length of the big base – 254 mm+
  • The width of a large base is only 88 mm+
  • Length of a small base – 259 mm+
  • Little base width – 59 mm.

Ingots are not only standard. There are dimensional varieties having other dimensional indicators and a total mass.


As the growing and development of cities, their economic system has become tirelessly complicated. Formed a full-fledged division of labor. Everyone was busy in a certain industry. Someone engaged in the cultivation of grain crops, and from someone there were excellent builders and so on. The special barter system was actively developed, under the conditions of which people had the opportunity to exchange services and goods. Making such transactions, people often resorted to the use of silver and gold. The latter had to be weighed and to carefully check when the metals passed from hand to hand.

About 600 g. to N. NS. Indians have developed a curious way to get rid of this common problem. They began to make the smelting of the electric – alloy, the composition of which was gold and silver. Of such an expensive combination of materials, bars having concrete weight and degree of purity were made. On the manufactured elements necessarily set the necessary state stamp. Soon this interesting idea was picked up. So, after about 50 years, in most shopping centers around the world began to use the same system.

Primary requirements

Modern products made of yellow metal not only should be sweaty and look high quality and shiny. They must meet a number of important requirements. Get acquainted with their list.

  1. Weight product Standard type can be from 11,000 to 13300 g. If the customer agreed, the mass of the finished product can be implemented in other framework.
  2. Ingots smelted from gold must have the installed The shape of a truncated pyramid, where each party has its own sizes. Affining plant has the right to make ingots that have a different structure and other dimensional parameters, but for this you must need the Customer’s consent.
  3. Current requirements A brand of gold is fixed. In addition, the corresponding standards establish impurities and their specific content in the precious metal alloy.
  4. Certain requirements are exhibited in relation to the surface of the ingots flashed from gold. It must necessarily be perfectly smooth, not having inclined, sticking particles, fifth fat or plated. In no case, the surface of high-quality instances should not have slag and other unnecessary inclusions.
  5. The walls of gold bars may have minor stripped zones, the depth of which is not more than 1 mm. On products may be viewed minor concreteness, which remain because of the metal shrinkage. The depth indicator of these elements should not be over 5 mm.

The ingot of the considered type, produced from gold and responding to all standards, should have the following labeling components on itself:

  • Direct part number+
  • brand to which the direct ratio of the metal from which the ingot is made+
  • Mass fraction of metal precious origin (implies a sample of gold)+
  • The total weight of “bricks”+
  • The symbol of the state that is the manufacturer of the ingot+
  • Commodity Symbols of the Affinent Plant+
  • year when product was released.

The high-quality goldst ingot must meet the following standards and to have all the necessary marks. Each of the items is important.

Is it possible to count 999 sample clean?

Before learning the cost of ingot of gold 999 samples, it makes sense Decide with the cleanliness of this product. First need to notice that it will not be possible to meet the purest gold. Industrial means it is possible to obtain only such a metal in which there are various kinds of special impurities. Simply put, it is combinations of other metals mixed with gold in a certain percentage ratio.

Ingots on which 999 samples are exhibited, otherwise called “4 nines”. This name is due to the fact that in such products on the main metal accounts for 99.99% of the total mass. The resulting material can be considered a reference because it turns out to be the most pure of all possible products, which is available to modern investors. Due to such features, these products are used everywhere appropriate state structures, such as central banks of different countries, for the formation of funds.

Review of species

Ingots made from high-quality precious metal alloy are divided into two main varieties. Each of them has its own distinctive characteristics and external qualities. Consider their details.


Measures are called products whose weight is up to 1 kg. It uses high-quality alloy 999 samples. This designation suggests that in a similar metal there is almost 100% of pure gold (if more precisely – 99.99%). Measuring ingots are marked exclusively by manufacturers. Ingots of this species belong to the class of finely. They are sent not only in specialized banking organizations, but also in trading points where jewelry products are sold.

To better understand the features of testing such types of ingots, it should be noted that the specification of a specific sample indicates the quantitative content of the purest gold per 1000 parts of the alloy. For example, a widespread 585 sample is equal and corresponds to 585 parts of 1000. The same applies to the above 999 samples. On the territory of Russia, the production of dimensional types of ingots occurs in accordance with GOST 51572-2000. Measuring bars must comply with all the established requirements for such products.

All the necessary stamps should be provided for them, on which all the designations will be parsing.


Standard Called Modern Production Varieties produced ingots. The mass of them can vary in different limits. For example, one ingot may differ weighing from 11 to 13 kg. Standard instances should also be executed on the basis of established norms.

  1. Standard products must have the characteristic structure of the low prism. This form may be changed by prior arrangement with the customer.
  2. In the ingots under consideration there should be no depression, the depth of which is more than 0.5 cm.
  3. All the necessary information data (sample, manufacturer, production date and other) are applied on the specified ingots at the bottom half of the foundation.

Technological differences

Different types of ingots are distinguished not only by mass, dimensions and characteristics of the structure, but also by the method of direct manufacture. So, Small products, the mass of which is less than 50 g, produced by the method of stamping. As a result of this technological process, the surface of the ingots is very neat and aesthetic – it goes perfectly smooth, and all drawings and designations are perfectly read and are performed as carefully, neatly.

Copies that are characterized by larger size and mass, Made by other popular technology – casting. External data of such products can not be called as perfect and spectacular, but this method of production has established itself as the most affordable and cheap. And also exists Powder method for making ingots, in which the electrolysis is used. However, in Russia, this technology is not used.

Sizes and weight

Gold ingots weight can vary. It is indicated in kilograms and can be both modest and more impressive. In Russia, ingots produced that may have a lot of 1 to 1000 g. If we are talking about products produced abroad, then among them can be found specimens weighing 2, 2.5 g. Quite often you can meet the so-called triple ounce, which is 31.1 g.

If we consider the mass of gold ingots based on the installed guests, then values ​​from 11 to 13.3 kg are permissible. The dimensional parameters of such products depend on their weight. For example, a kilogram dimensional product will have such values: length – 105-116 mm, width – 48-52 mm. Height indicators are not regulated by regulations. The precious metal of the Russian gold and foreign exchange reserve is kept in a special storage. Usually in such conditions contained ingots, the mass of which ranges from 1 to 14 kilograms. In the US, they decide to keep their savings in the form of gold stations, whose weight is 12.44 kg.

The largest ingots in the world

Of course, not all ingots in the world correspond to the above size and weight parameters listed above. So, in Japan there is one of the largest and most massive ingots whose weight reaches 250 kg. Recording about this is even in the world’s famous Book of Records Guinness.

After Japan follows Taiwan. The happy owner of another major gold ingot, the mass of which is only 220 kg.

Where and how to store?

Storage of gold (including gold coins) should be trusted to banks. At home the positions under consideration are not too safe, and it is meaningless. Specialized financial institution opens a special metallic account of responsible storage for customers. This is a kind of analogue of a standard bank cell. There may be placed all savings in the form of jewels. You can add more accumulations or to remove something from there if necessary.

The cost of the described storage of gold ingots and other precious accumulations will be directly dependent on how many items you want to keep in the bank. And also the price affects Mass of products and even metal, from which they are mainly made.

Absolutely all accumulations in the form of precious metals can be stored in one reliable place, which turns out to be a very convenient solution.

About how much gold ingot weighs, look in the following video.

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