What finger we carry the engagement ring?

What finger we carry the engagement ring?

Proposal of hands and hearts – one of the most romantic moments in the life of the future marital couple. A young man is worried before setting the main question in his life, gaday, will his chosen “yes” say. And for girls, fiery speech and the engagement ring becomes a storm surprise. After the words of love are told, the future bride in the sign of consent puts on a finger decoration.

Features of tradition

Tradition to give during the sentence the jewel came to the countries of Eastern Europe from the West. Ring as a gift symbolizes the seriousness of intentions and sincerity of the feelings of the future groom. The girl takes the decoration as evidence that she is ready to share his remaining life with his beloved.

Some young people prefer to make a surprise to their elected to everyone in sight, for example, in a restaurant or at a solemn event. Others consider this moment very personal and offered their own hand and heart alone. With relatives and friends are engaged already celebrated after submitted to the registry office.

Right or left hand

The engagement ring is a unpaired decoration, in contrast to the wedding. Such a jewel is in the family in a single copy and wears it only bride. In East Slavic countries, which includes Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, it is customary to wear on the nameless finger of the right hand. The same tradition and in Poland.

Future wives of Western European countries and America wear a ring donated by the bridegroom, on his left hand. Someone after the marriage ceremony this jewel hides in the box, and someone continues to wear, but already on the right hand.

The gift of the groom is not accepted to wear directly on the ceremony, regardless of whether the woman plans to wear it after. The bride’s finger should decorate the exclusively engagement ring.

According to Slavic traditions, on the left hand of the rings are widowed spouses. Therefore, our girls after registration or no longer wear the engagement ring, or combine it with the wedding. Then it is important that the design of the rings harmonize with each other. In addition, two rings should not cause discomfort of a gentle female handle.

Ring, presented by the future husband, is customary to wear on a unnamed finger. This applies to all regions, regardless of what hand is accepted to wear it. There are many opinions why the ring finger is intended for wearing. Some find an explanation in the human anatomy – it is from him who stretches the nerve to the heart. Others prefer more romantic versions.

If you fold together the palms, bent the middle fingers, and the rest are connected only by the pads, then you can see something unusual. All fingers can be easily disconnected, except for nameless. Therefore, they became a symbol of inseparability of two lovers in love.

If the ring does not fit

Whatever traditions and superstitions, modern realities dictate their conditions. Young man chooses a ring for his beloved without her. Therefore, the jewel sometimes has to be worn on her finchik to which it came up.

In the extreme case, you can seek help to the jeweler so that it can fit the product under the finger on which the girl is going to wear it.

The future groom should be pronsed in, choosing the decoration design with such a condition that it will be easy to make manipulation to be easily. Consultants of the jewelry salon will be prompted which model will suit the best. If the product has a suitable design, stones are inlaid or consists of various gold alloys, then it will be almost impossible to change its size.

Whatever happens during the engagement, you do not need to look for bad forenswomen. Did not fit the ring on the finger – not trouble. You can always find the optimal solution so that the jewel shine on the bride’s fingers.

Signs and superstition

The marriage ceremony and everything that precedes her, including the engagement, is accompanied by numerous signs. Something already forgotten or not respected, turning into a superstition that young people try not to attach importance. However, there are signs that are so rooted that they have become full traditions. They do not even neglect the most skeptical pairs. Especially many believes connected with rings.

As for the decoration, donated to engage, it should be hidden from envious of the explosion, in order not to bring to their family happiness of the trouble. Jewels can not give anyone and, especially since trying. The symbol of the future marital life must be worn without taking up until the wedding day.

If the future bride will lose a gift of the groom, then this promises unfavorable family life or even divorce. And vice versa. If nothing bad has happened with a ring, it did not scratch, it was not spoiled and was not deformed, then the pair would be easy and happy together.

In some families, the ring for engaging is made to transfer from mother to son. This is a wonderful tradition. If families lived safely, then the older and richer decoration, the more happiness it will bring the subsequent generations. His positive energy will only increase. However, if the parents of the groom are unhappy in marriage or divorced, then such a gift should not be given to his beloved.

To find out how to wear rings properly, you can from the video below:

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