What is 750 gold test and what differs from 585?

What is 750 gold test and what differs from 585?

The positions of gold as capital savings over the past decades have been shaken – now it is customary to invest in real estate, business, shares. But to say that no one acquires ingots or does no additional betting and on the “eternal” metal, of course, it is impossible. If we are not talking about investments, but I just want to learn more about gold, its samples and quality, this information will be useful and detailed.

The most frequent philistine question – what is the difference between 750 sample from 585? And it requires a detailed answer.

What it is?

In the world there is not one standard for determining gold sample. The most famous existing samples – metric, carat, sterobator. In Russia, a metric system is used, and the sample numbers in it indicate the percentage in the net gold alloy. In the post-Soviet space The most popular samples are two – 750 and 585. And each has its own characteristics.

If you buy, for example, Gold ring 750 samples, it will cost more than an analogue of 585 samples, and more expensive at least 30%, and even for all 50%. This is a prestigious and expensive gold, which is almost doomed from wealthy buyers to demand.

But not only in the percentage of gold in the product and cost. Metal of this sample is ideal for machining, as it plastic. Jewelers manages to do from 750 gold samples amazing, elegant, elegant products. Finally, Aurum 750 samples can change the color under the influence of special additives. So, gold can be bright yellow or dark red (worvone). White shades are also very in demand, especially in the Western market.

so, Metal 750 samples prestigious, expensive and most in demand as an investment. The geographical popularity of this gold is great, but on the former allied territory, this type of gold is inferior to 585 sample, since the latter is more accessible to the massive buyer. The situation still looks like this, because many worn earrings and rings moms and grandmothers, and sometimes they simply interfere with their new jewelry forms. But the sample remains all the same.

However, those who think of investment categories believe that it is necessary to buy Aurum only 750 samples.

Composition and properties

Gold 750 samples is a precious metal, in the alloy of which contains 75.5% of pure gold. There are impurities or ligatures for the remaining interest (and there may be platinum, palladium, and silver, and nickel, and copper). It is from the added metals that the final color of gold will depend on.

If you use other measurement systems, then Gold 750 samples equal to 18 carats (carat system). Easy in processing and polishing Gold love with jewelers and buyers worldwide. This is the most sought-after test of this metal.

But she has little shortcomings:

  • Increased softness of the alloy (because the product of this sample requires gentle conversion)+
  • Not the highest mechanical stability (for example, the golden ring of this sample is not so difficult to scratch).

However, jewelers know how Strengthen the properties of Aurum 750, they add nickel or palladium to alloy – and metal strength and hardness indicators go up. True, at the final price of the product, such a fortification affects: palladium is very expensive, because the purchase of such a highly reliable alloy can afford not all.

But for processing procedures, casting and soldering units, this test is more than good. It successfully combined with color glass enamel.

However, if a combination with enamel is thinking, there should be no less than 16% of copper in the alloy, otherwise the appearance of the finished product will be disadvantaged pale.

High sample gold (and 750 is precisely such) has properties that are close as possible to clean metal. Nickel and palladium, as already noted, increase metal density. This test is not susceptible to oxidation, it has resistance to chemical acids (with the exception of royal vodka). Even if you repeatedly affect the alloy thermally, it will not crack.

After the cooling of high-priced gold, a homogeneous mass will be formed, well-leveled mechanical processing.

What differs from 585 samples?

The question is what is better and worse, not entirely correct, because the acquisition goals can be different. Yes, and the buyer appreciates the goods in its capabilities, and the exit beyond the budget will not call the best solution.

Today there are officially several types of gold in the country, and the difference depends on its content in alloy.

  • 375 Sample. Clean gold in such an alloy 37.5%, everything else is on silver and copper – more than 62%. The price of products of this sample is predictable below. In the air, such decorations are darked, and the rings are sometimes left on the fingers in the coloring trail.
  • 500 sample. Half of this alloy occupies gold, the rest of the impurity. Quality relevant.
  • 583 and 585 samples. The first option on the market is still found, although it is infrequent. But 585 sample corresponds to European standards, but the differences from sample rank above still have. And they lie in the percentage ratio of gold. Yet it is 750 considered the most sought-after.
  • 750 Sample. This alloy is not only more gold, but also the ligature here is precious. Impurities help the precious metal to give the desired color, and platinum in the composition of the alloy increases the price of the goods, and its quality.
  • 999 Sample. It is the most expensive, but relative to the manufacture of jewelry is actually not in demand. Sold usually in banking ingots.

And 750, the sample is considered the best, since the ratio of hardness, gloss and color saturation in it is optimal.

Shades of alloys

Products with breakdown 750 have a rich color palette. And get the desired color can be due to the addition of metals.

Shades variations may be several.

  • Yellow. In such an alloy 750 units of Auruma, 170 – Argentum (silver), 80 – Cupup (copper).
  • Pink. 750 – Aurum, 40 – Argentum, 125 – Cupup.
  • Red. 750 – Aurum, 40 – Argentum, 210 – Cupup.
  • Green. 750 – Aurum, 250 – Argentum.
  • White. 750 – Aurum, 50 – Argentum, 200 – Palladium.

The most desired acquisition, if you believe numerous polls and sales results, is today exactly white gold. It looks the most noble. But the tastes do not argue, therefore other variations find their buyer.


With high-thermal impact, gold 750 samples are well handled. From this alloy you can make embossed, cast and links. Jewelry – the main scope of gold. But it is not necessary to discount the active use of precious metal in industry, in optics and many other areas. For example, wire or thin plates of gold 750 samples can be seen in electronic and measuring instruments.

The alloy can be considered very flexible, because the possibility of obtaining from this gold special, filigree patterns more than high. Yellow Gold – The most recognizable in the post-Soviet expanses.

But the demand for white inevitable grows in particular because it is perfectly combined with diamonds.

Features of care

Of course, products with breakdown 750 can be considered suitable, because they deserve high-quality care. Tint of decoration may change under the action of carbon dioxide, oxygen.

In order for the golden product longer thanks to attractive, you need to perform simple rules.

  1. Do not give decoration to interact with household chemicals and even cosmetics. Any chemical reagents adversely affect alloy, although it may not be seen immediately.
  2. For training in the hall and sports Golden decorations are better not to wear.
  3. To return the former shine decoration, you need to regularly polish it with a felt cloth or just a piece of matter from natural wool.
  4. Perfectly acts on gold ordinary onion juice. They need to grasp the decoration and do not rinse the onion layer for two hours. And only then the product is washed and wipes with a soft cloth.
  5. If gold is old, or for other reasons, darkens and stains have already been formed on it, will return the former appearance to the ornament. But longer than 15 minutes keep gold in it.
  6. To remove excess risks, keep gold needed in boxes with soft upholstery. Good caskets are such. You should not give opportunities to touch with each other, therefore keeping gold jewelry better in different compartments.
  7. Take water procedures in gold jewelry is also not worth. We can say that for them this is extra stress.
  8. For Aurum, an aggressive medium will be iodine, it forms spots on the surface of the precious product that will be very problematic. Because gold is worth to keep away from iodine.
  9. To clean the decorations, you can also use gay paste.

Gold darkens is a fact. And even highly cable metal is typical. You can associate such a negative With the oxidation of ligature. And copper, and silver come into interaction with moisture, carbon dioxide, oxygen. Therefore, the silver is black, and the copper is green (or also drawn). But Aurum 750 samples will not dare as quickly as, for example, gold 585, because ligatures in it less. And it also affects the price of alloy and its in demand.

well and If after wearing the golden ring, the fingers are blackened, it is worth contacting the jewelery specialists. Most likely, this is due to the poor quality of the alloy. True, an allergic reaction is not excluded (and on precious metals it also happens).

Another ring can join confrontation with hand cream – possibly in the cream formula there are elements that do not “love” gold.

Guess the strip and stains as it was taken earlier. They appear on jewels not because of the evil eye, but due to banal chemical reactions. And it happens even with highly expensive gold.

Golden decorations 750 samples are shown in the video below.

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