What is silver and how to extract it?

What is silver and how to extract it?

Silver – Noble metal, one of the aristocratic triad, in which gold and platinum are still included. It is quite common in Nature: about 60 minerals containing silver are known. But It is possible not only from ore.

Where silver is contained?

This metal has a high electro- and thermal conductivity, well treats and is well suited for alloys with other metals. In addition to use in the jewelry industry, it is widely used in Radioelectronic products.

The list of sources containing silver is quite decent. Among radio components it is found in Microchames, especially the Soviet period, capacitors, resistors, transistors and aviation wires. This precious machine is quite often covered Contacts of various starters.

Also silver is present in photo and film, But it can be obtained from them only in the presence of special equipment. Also, this metal can be found on various subjects: Sports Cups, Dining Room, Jewelry and other silver plated things.

Extraction methods

Silver is valued by several cheaper than other noble metals, but the scope of use is wider and get it easier. To date, it is easy to get silver at home, for this Large spending and specific skills are required.

There are three main ways to remove silver from other connections.


To get silver, you just need Separate it with nipples from some types of contacts.

This is the easiest option.


It happens that the first way cannot use, then you have to try Heat the part of the solder lamp. At high temperature, silver is well separated from other elements. We will need pliers, gas burner or cutter, as well as a knife or screwdriver with a tree handle. To get silver in pure form, heating the plate to which it is attached, and then with the help of dumping with a light movement make it removal.


This method is used when highlighting Silver radio components. However, it requires high concentration and caution. The process may be dangerous to health if not take care of safety measures. It follows the work in a well-ventilated room with an exhaust, and it is better at all in the fresh air. Be sure to use glasses to protect your eyes and rubber hand gloves. To obtain silver, we will need:

  • Glass flask or other container+
  • quartz wand for stirring+
  • copper+
  • Nitric acid solution, 8% concentration.

It is very important to know and firmly remember that acid needs to pour into water, and not vice versa. If it is wrong, then the chemical reaction will be violent, splashes will fly in all directions and you can suffer.

After all the preparations do Solution of acid and distilled water in proportions 1: 1. After all, we put the prepared parts on the bottom of the flask and pour acid. Have to wait about 10 hours. After complete dissolution of silver, add copper. Due to this, the process of obtaining noble metal will be significantly accelerated.

The fact that the chemical reaction is completed, it will be understood by the sediment of silver at the bottom of the flask and the cooled solution.

The next stage is Filming solution. It will take water canoe, coffee filters and capacities. First, it is well profiled a solution and get rid of copper residues. At the final stage from the remaining liquid, we evaporate moisture, interpret the residue and get pure metal.


Silver mining can be a good source of side income, but it needs to be understood. Although this process is quite time-consuming, the meaning is to do it.

The largest percentage of this noble metal is in military or civilian devices of Soviet times.

To independently determine the presence of silver in alloys, it is recommended to use some ways.

  1. On a piece of metal drop nitric acid, and if smoke appears, it means that silver is present there.
  2. The solution of sodium bichromate and nitric acid in equal proportion when it gets on an alloy containing the desired metal, changes the color to red.
  3. There is a simple people’s way that does not require any special skills and accessories. Put in black bread crumb. If in a day it will not darken, then this is what you need.

So as not to guess when passing the metal to the buyers, you need to know exactly where to turn.

The price of silver is constantly changing, and therefore, before going to the reception point, it is better to clarify on the Internet or pawnshop.

How to prepute silver at home, you can find out in the following video.

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