What is sterling silver from china?

What is sterling silver from china?

Today, purchases via the Internet are very popular. Especially this applies to jewelry and decor. Chinese sites offer silver products at attractive prices. Beautiful photos are also attracted. However, many doubt whether to rely on the goodness of such manufacturers. We learn what features of sterling silver from China, and what to pay attention to when buying.

What it is?

The story of the sterling silver name is still a mystery. However, many believe that it is such a metal that was once used in the production of sterling (high quality English coins produced during Henry II). In any case, such silver is highly appreciated today. Sample products 925 contain 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is another metal. As a rule, it is copper or aluminum. Adding a third-party ingredient does not lower the quality of silver. On the contrary, it gives it additional hardness and strength.

Today, many jewelry are produced in the countries of Southeast Asia. High-quality silver products of Chinese masters are amazed with refinement and can easily compete with European models. At the same time, the cost of such goods is lower than the analogues from other countries. This is explained by the low work of workers.

However Often buyers are disappointed, receiving by mail instead of silver decoration cheap product with a thin layer of spraying. Visually the difference may be invisible. However, the spraying is quickly erased that spoils the appearance of the product. Then it becomes clear that the person became a victim of deception.

There are world-reacted designations describing the composition of the metal subject:

  • Silver Plated (SP) – 100% silver coated+
  • Sterling Silver Plated (SSP) – an item with sterling silver+
  • Silver On Copper or EPC – Silver Plated Copper Product.

Some unfair manufacturers are lowered from the description of the word Plated. Therefore, the buyer thinks that the subject consists entirely of a metal of 925 samples. In order not to regret buying in the future, before designing an order on the Internet it is worth clarifying the seller from which the goods are made. As well as It is advisable to explore the reviews of those who are already familiar with the products of the selected manufacturer. In addition, it is important to understand that, despite some difference in value with goods from other countries, Products from the real silver alloy can not cost too cheap.

Only low-quality jewelry for sale for sale.

Composition and properties

As already mentioned, Sterling Silver (Sterling Silver) is an alloy. The basis is noble silver (92.5%). This explains the numbers indicated on the sample. Copper is 7.5%.

The alloy is light, almost White color. He Differs in high strength, corrosion resistance and other negative impacts of the external environment. That is why products from such a material retain the shape, shine and tint for a long time.

Unlike pure silver, which is quickly oxidized and darkened, sterling metal does not lose beauty and easily cleales. Therefore, decorations and other products from this material can become the names of the inheritance. In addition, the 925 sample silver has antiseptic properties.

Where applies?

The material is easy to handle, has plasticity and good bagpost. So it is widely used To create elegant jewelry. These are chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, clamps for ties.

Unlike pure silver, whose softness does not allow to produce dishes and decor, Sterling metal is often used to create cutlery, beautiful trays, dishes. Collectors are very valued Exclusive coins 925 test. As well as in stores you can find silver Caskets, Cortigars and Figurines. Any of these products can be an excellent gift.

Tips for care

Despite the fact that the metal is resistant to the effect of the external environment if you hold the product in conditions of high humidity or under the influence of direct sunlight, it can darken. Therefore, it is better to observe Optimal storage conditions. For example, decorations can be put in a wooden box. Ideal if every product will be stored in a separate soft tissue bag. The dishes can be put in a closet or showcase.

As for cleaning, you should not apply aggressive chemicals, rigid brushes, dental powder and other abrasive compositions. Excellent option – a means created specifically for cleaning coins.

If you do not want to go to a specialized store for such a substance, you can use the washing gel, intended for dishes. In this case, you need to dissolve a drop of gel in a small amount of warm water. Then in the container with the resulting liquid, you need to lower metal products and rinse them carefully.

After cleansing, objects should be rinsed with clean water.

Regular care can consist of wiping products with soft dry napkin. This will prevent silver sweat. If the thing for you has a special value, you can at first signs of darkening to take it into a jewelry salon. Most similar places are services Professional cleansing. So you will be calm for the safety of the integrity of the subject and you can get it back in the same magnificent state, in which it was at the time of purchase.

Sterling silver review from China, see the video below.

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