What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

Currently, the jewelry market is so large and diverse that when choosing one or another decoration, the buyer is often lost and comes to confusion, because the jewels can be made of silver, platinum and even white gold. In appearance to distinguish each of these noble metals from each other from the first time and only a professional can accurately.

Since recently, decorations from platinum and white gold are more in demand, we will try to figure out what differences exist between these two metals.

Similar parameters

To identify similar parameters of two metals, it is worth carefully familiar with the small characteristic of each of them. Platinum – the rare and most expensive precious metal having characteristic silver-white tone and actively used when creating jewelry. This is due to the fact that the production and processing of this type of metal require tremendous costs. Its melting is carried out at a temperature equal to two thousand degrees.

To obtain only 10 grams of platinum, it is necessary to recycle 3 tons of ore (to comparison: to obtain the same amount of gold, you will have to recycle 1 ton of ore).

Platinum has a number of significant advantages, thanks to which it enjoys high attention from the connoisseurs of jewelry.

  • Strength and durability. Due to its composition and a special type of density of platinum, there has an increased level of protection against various damage and is a practical metal that is not inclined to deformation.
  • Plastic. Despite the fact that platinum has a significant weight in comparison with gold or silver, it can easily change its shape. This is a very big plus, which appreciates jewelers in the manufacture of complex decoration designs.
  • Opposition to any chemical impact. Platinum is not subject to corrosion and oxidation, has increased electrical conductivity.
  • Natural shine and unique snow-white shade. Platinum does not need an additional protective layer or coating. Make a brilliant sweaty product you can easily with the help of rhodium.
  • Wide range of applications: From jewelry and chasing coins to medicine and electronics.

White gold is a noble metal sheet metal, which is an alloy of gold with various components (silver, palladium or nickel). Coloring gold in white color occurs under the influence of nickel or palladium. Silver, which can be included in white gold, gives the product more matte tint. Gold is a soft metal, and therefore it is more susceptible to damage from the environment.

Gold white tones has different shades: from gray tone to characteristic yellowness. It all depends on the components of the alloy elements. White gold is covered with a special layer of rhodium, providing its protective coating and a decoration of white color with a silver tinge. Rhodium is not inclined to change color and can not be scratched. But this fragile metal can be stitched, and therefore after a while socks on such a precious thing will begin to appeal again.

To give the decoration of the initial species, you need to seek help to the jeweler.

Disassemble the characteristics of both metals, it is concluded that they have quite small parameters. These include:

  • and platinum and white gold – precious metals+
  • These metals look perfectly with precious stones+
  • Similar appearance.

Despite the similar appearance, distinguish platinum from white gold will not be especially difficult if you know interesting moments.

  • Price. Decorations made from platinum, 3 times more expensive than gold products.
  • Effect on skin condition. Platinum – Hypoallergenic Metal. White gold in its composition may have nickel, which is able to cause allergies from its owner.
  • Try. The lowest breakdown in platinum is 850, at gold – 500. High breakdown in platinum is considered to be 950, at gold – 750.
  • Weight. Platinum differs from white gold with a big weight.

What is the principal difference?

The fundamental difference between platinum and white gold can be called their origin, because from this factor and the subsequent differences between these two metals proceed. Platinum is a pure metal that is mined directly from the depths of the Earth, and white gold is the final result of the compound of precious metal with one or more elements (silver, nickel, palladium).

It turns out that truly white metal can only be called platinum, and white gold is only trying to “approach” to platinum appearance due to the artificial mixing of components in its composition.

What to choose what is better?

When choosing to decorate, the buyer must rely only on his personal preferences and financial capabilities. Buying decorations from both platinum and white gold is profitable because each of these acquisitions refers to the category of precious metals. Care as the first product and the second will be identical. Platinum products are a welfare indicator. Such decorations are ideal for the role of the family value due to their durability and strength.

Sure, If the connoisseur jewelry jewelry has sensitive skin, it is better to choose platinum, as such a metal is safe and does not cause allergies. White gold is permissible when contacting such delicate skin only if there is no nickel in its composition. If financial capabilities do not allow you to purchase a product from platinum, you can always choose an interesting option made of white gold. According to the external signs, such a decoration will not be paid to platinum, but the price will be much cheaper.

About why platinum products are more expensive than golden, look in the following video.

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