What samples and platinum stamps exist?

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What samples and platinum stamps exist?

Recently, the demand for high-sample platinum jewelry is only increasing. This metal with unique chemical and physical parameters has excellent aesthetic qualities. In jewelry production Use samples from 850 to 950. Unfortunately, not knowing differences in precious metals, you can get into the hands of fraudsters. In order to prevent it, let’s consider which there are samples and distinctions of platinum from other valuable metals and alloys.


The sample on jewelry looks like a stigma, but which indicates a certain number. This number is determined by the ratio of directly precious metal to additional components, it is entered into a special standard. And the higher this number, the cleaner the metal. On the jewelry, the names are knocked out, where, in addition to the stigma, a sign of the manufacturer is put. Sample number is applied to the inner side of the product.

Some sources indicate that platinum sample begins with 750, but it is not quite true. No noble metal of such a composition is either white gold or silver. Platinum products are only 950 samples.

If you see a metal of 925 samples, then this is the so-called sterling silver – one of the most sought-after samples in jewelry.

As is known, platinum is used not only in the manufacture of jewelry, but also in radio industry, dental prosthetics, in the manufacture of commemorative coins of precious metals, in the chemical industry.


All precious metals in the world are measured by several measures. In the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and the European Union adopted a metric system, in the USA and Canada – a carat system. Marking for all alloys is the same and equivalent to the sample, is considered the ratio of the main precious metal to the impurities of additional metals and minerals per 1 kilogram of the alloy. Consider the labeling of this precious metal.

  • 850. In terms of karats – 20 carats. In such an alloy 85% – platinum and 15% – impurities from copper, cobalt, iridium and tungsten. Metal dull silver color. On ignorance can be taken for silver.

  • 900. In the carat system – 22 carats. As part of 90% of platinum and 10% of ligature. Such an alloy is rarely used in jewelry. Silver metal, glossy dim in appearance.

  • 950. In the carat system – 23 carats. Alloy, in which 95% platinum and 5% impurities. Has a bright gloss and high strength. On the stamp of this sample put RT950. Main raw materials for jewelry, dentures, chased souvenir coins.

  • 999. Practically clean platinum, impurities less than 1%. Used in the manufacture of measuring and banking ingots, as well as in industry for special purpose equipment.

How to determine?

Of course, scammers in the market of precious metals, but Determine the authenticity of platinum can be at home.

Here are some effective ways. Platinum, like any metal, has a specific density, for example, the density of 950 of the sample is 21.05 g / cm3. And if you doubt, fake your decoration or not, then this can be checked. The density is determined With the help of pharmaceutical or special electronic scales and measuring tank with water. Weigh the product, and then omit into a measuring glass. The volume of the fluid that appeared beyond the label, we collect a syringe, it’s easier to find out the cubic volume. We divide the volume of water by weight in grams and look at the resulting digit.

Approximately 21.05 – metal genuine.

The following method of determining is very simple. Necessary Drop on the decoration by iodine alcohol. On this platinum, iodine will not light up and will be wound up without any divorce. The method of determining the authenticity of platinum with the help of royal vodka also exist. Recall chemistry lessons from school times – tsarist vodka dissolves silver, and gold, but not platinum. The solution is made in a ratio of 1: 3 of nitric and hydrochloric acids. There is also a way using liquid ammonia. In contact with this liquid, dark traces of metal surface remain with this liquid, the only exception – platinum.

Platinum and silver are very confused, so you need to be able to distinguish one of the other.

  1. With all the similarity of the color of silver dim, it over time is covered with a raid. Platinum will not fad and remains the same bright.
  2. Silver almost 2 times lighter platinum. Weighing about the same decorations from similar metals – Silver will be easier.
  3. Platinum due to considerable density is very resistant to deformations and mechanical damage. It is almost impossible to leave scratches or dents, with silver decoration will be the opposite.
  4. The refractory platinum will not darken if it is heated with open fire, almost not heated. For her smelting need special smelting equipment. Silver easily melted.

There are also significant differences in white gold and platinum.

  1. White gold weighs less platinum, as gold products are marked with 750 breakdown and by weight of the metal easier.
  2. Gold, representing the alloy of gold and silver, nickel or palladium in the wearing process can cause an allergic reaction. There are no such phenomena with platinum.
  3. Gold, like silver, is subject to deformations, although to a lesser extent. Platinum is much more stable.
  4. Platinum in color A little gold fascia.

      The decision to acquire a product from platinum depends on you, but still this metal and decorations from it will be a good investment. A pleasant bonus will be durable, the external beauty of the jewelry and the lack of flight from time.

      Why platinum is more expensive than gold can be found in the following video.

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