Where and how silver is mined?

Where and how silver is mined?

Silver, undoubtedly, can be called one of the most common types of precious metals around the world, various products are created from it, including jewelry, medical and even spare parts for electronics. You can call various places where there are deposits of this metal, but not in pure form. Often the raw materials need to be processed to bring silver without impurities. The process of mining and processing of silver labor-intensive, requires serious investments and professionalism.

Types of deposits

Silver is formed in mines of different types. It is often possible to detect the metal in custody, as well as mineralized areas that are located in a volcanic belt. The ore body lies deep in the thickness, and to get to it, a special technique is required and a large team of specialists.

The main source of noble metal is considered Copper and lead-zinc fields. These can also be ranked copper-coles, croced-metal and other types of ores. The geological situation differs depending on the geographical location and deposits of fossil. Gold-silver and silver deposits are located in the Pacific Ore Belt.

The metal considered in nature is found with an admixture of other materials, so it is necessary to make a whole procedure to get a “white” gold for further use.

In natural mineral formations, contains a significant proportion of this precious metal. A quarter of silver from the total is mined precisely from there, then polymetallic ores are followed, including copper, cobalt, golden, nickel, in which this noble metal is a passing product.

List of silver mining

Silver is considered the following popularDragmetal after gold. Experts estimate the entire volume of stocks of about 600 thousand tons. About 20 thousand tons are produced annually, and in 2018, American geologists reported 27 thousand tons. You can call only a few countries that make significant investments in this industry. Two centuries ago All silver mining focused in South America, To this day, this continent is not inferior to the first position on the world arena by the number of “white” gold.

In the world

Peru ranks second in silver extraction after Mexico. Perhaps these two countries are included in this material leading on their territory. IN Poland There are also deposits of the precious metal considered. 110 thousand in Peru and Poland. tons of silver. But if we talk about production volumes, Mexico – the leader among all. There is a huge number of companies that produce products from precious metal, because raw materials are quite a lot.

In the territory of Mexico, more than two hundred mines are actively functioning, as a significant amount of silver is produced from there. Close-in fields can be attributed La Encantada and Las Tores. Seal In the states of Hidalgo, Chihuahua and Sakatecas make up the fifth of the “white” gold of our planet. Peru is in the same list as Mexico.

There are small mines throughout the country, thanks to which 17% of the total silver is mined.

Returning to Poland, it should be noted that within Lublin There are large metal deposits. In the Chinese district called in-third silver reserves from the whole country. No wonder this country is considered one of the richest on the metal. The silver industry is also developing in the cities of India, Argentina, the United States, Australia, Chile and other countries, although not in such large scale.

In Russia

As for our country, reserves are at the moment there are almost 70 thousand tons. Deposits are located in different regions of Russia. In 2019, the leading position took Magadan, where the figure reached the indicator of 236 tons. The Chukotka Autonomous District was in second place, then followed the Khabarovsk region.

However, prey are engaged in Yakutia, Buryatia, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Orenburg region, Although in these regions, small deposits. White gold in large volume is in depths Ducatian huba, which is located in Magadan region.

Here are four deposits, there are about 30% of the total silver of the Russian Federation.

Many silver I In the Lake (Republic of Buryatia), Therefore, there are many products from the precious metallol. The overall supply of ore reaches 157 million tons, of which about four and a half thousand tons of silver. In the crocused ores of the Urals there are also deposits of precious metals.

Summing up, it is safe to say that the leaders in silver mining remain those over the years, this list includes Mexico, China and Peru.

How to get?

It is extremely difficult to find nuggets – this is an exception. The main source of silver are ores of different species. This metal is actively used not only in the jewelry sphere, but also in the manufacture of mirrors, the production of medical equipment and even mechanical engineering. At first, in Russia, silver mining was not so common, since large financial investments were required, they could pay off which could only many years.

However, today there are many mines, thanks to which the country occupied a worthy place in this field, besides, this industry continues to develop.

Get a substance from ore is quite difficult, it is required to conduct a long and time-consuming procedure, in which various specialists are involved. And since the value of silver is high, I had to develop high-quality extract and processing technologies.

The question of how it is mined, interests many. First of all, it is necessary Detect a plot, where there are metal reserves. These are engaged in geologists who carefully study the breeds in different regions, use special devices, without which it is difficult to do. After them, miners are accepted for work. Necessary lay explosives in pre-prepared holes. After the explosion large ore fragments Rise to the surface of the special equipment.

Next you need Grind ore to the state of sand. For this apply special units. Powder is mixed in water and acid containers. The solution is then passed through the filters, the silver mixture is attracted by zinc. Gas stoves are used for melting, where in the forms the mixture turns into a liquid substance. Because of the heavy weight, silver settles on the bottom, that’s why impurities are easy to remove, because they are on the surface.

It is necessary for a few minutes so that the metal is frozen, after which the ingots go to the production of various products or put up for sale.

What methods are extracted silver?

As mentioned above, there are many impurities that need to be deleted. Cyanization most popular in such cases. Alkali dissolves the material, then the mixture is filtered. The second method is called Amalgamation. Silver connects to mercury, which leads to the formation of connections. When mercury is pressed, the substance becomes solid. The mixture is filtered, as at the first method, mercury is evaporated, after which the ingots are obtained as a result of melting.

Radioetal can become raw materials for silver. In televisions, tape recorders and other types of equipment, there are elements from this precious metallol. To get started, you need to remove all other parts. Samples dissolve at 60 degrees Celsius in nitric acid. After that, the mixture is poured into hydrochloric acid and heated. It is necessary to interfere with the composition until it reaches the tight consistency, then cool and add a bit of the same hydrochloric acid so that the precipitate completely fell. The solution must be left for twelve hours, after which it is filtered, dry and melted by adding a drinking soda. Return other components can be jet of ordinary water.

Silver can be called The unique metal. It has thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, high plasticity and other properties. Due to this, it is actively used in electrical engineering, medicine, jewelry, as well as other industries. Experts say that the reserve of precious metal around the world is enough for another twenty years. The demand for silver regularly increases due to the capabilities it provides.

It is not necessary to deviate the benefit of this precious metal, because it is applied not only to create expensive jewelry – he received distribution in the medical industry, since surgical instruments and various professional equipment are made from the material.

To get any gem metal, a long time is required, great work and considerable investments. But the same can be said about the processing of raw materials, because several stages are required to get the material in the form in which it will be possible to use it in industry.

An interesting report on the extraction and production of silver – in the video below.

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