Where is the cheapest gold and how to choose it?

Where is the cheapest gold and how to choose it?

Gold products do not lose relevance over the centuries and remain in demand now. This precious metal has an unlimited shelf life. Gold jewelry are distinguished by high quality, they look rich and exquisite. It is worth dealing with what the price of products from precious metal depends and where you can buy the cheapest gold.

What depends on the price?

For a long time, gold is the subject of bargaining. It has always been considered a very expensive metal, so it began to be used as money. Now this yellow metal is considered an independent product, it is a great way to invest. As a currency, gold is sold every day and buy on the metal market. The most reliable is the price of a precious metal on the London Stock Exchange, After all, the first operations with it after prey (without the participation of intermediaries).

When choosing jewelry, it is important to purchase a product at a market price. Those who want to make a purchase with benefits for themselves, you need to find out how much gold is in a selected decoration.

The price of gold in the jewelry store will depend on Current course, as well as other components. Thus, the cost of gold in the store can be determined by the following criteria:

  • Precious Metal Course (Gold, Platinum, Silver and Other)+
  • Price used stones, including diamonds+
  • The cost of the work of manufacturers+
  • Market surcharge selling jewelry+
  • Discounts+
  • shipping cost, t. E. fare+
  • Services intermediaries.

The price of the product may increase due to the addition of various alloys, other materials and metals to the jeweler.

Where the world is the cheapest gold?

Many are interested in an important question where the world’s cheapest gold is sold in the world. The price of yellow metal depends on many factors. Among them, I Cottage on the stock exchange, and inflation, and the cost of duty, VAT. Also taken into account I World stocks of this precious metal. Most of gold produced in North America, Africa and Australia.

Buy gold cheaper than just in certain countries, such as United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Egypt, as well as Singapore, China and Croatia. Here make the most beautiful and elegant jewelry.

Purchase of gold in the UAE

Many are sent for the purchase of yellow metal products in the UAE. Dubai are called “Golden City”, because the bars and decorations from all over the world are imported into it. At the same time, the price of such products here is 18% lower than in other countries. This is facilitated by certain reasons, including:

  • Low duty on decorations made of precious metals, acting in the Arab Emirates+
  • The smallest value of gold for 1 gram+
  • Large supplies+
  • Discounts from merchants, bargaining.

Those who come to the UAE for shopping, it is better to go to the market, which is called Goldensouk. It is here that you can find excellent decorations 750 and 585 samples. This market is famous for the fact that here the price for the precious metal will be less than in other markets, so buyers come here from all over the world.

You can also go for the purchase of such products in Dubai and GOLD AND DIMOND PARK. Here you can get a certificate for the goods, so the acquisition of counterfeit is minimized. In the discount season, it is worth entering small stores located in large shopping centers, boutiques and jewelry workshops. Behind the original decorations go to the market. Here you can find a variety of products with natural stones. Specialists who make products on a special order for 2 days work in the jewelry workshop.

Diamond models are issued certificates confirming the quality of the goods. In the Arab Emirates, gold is sold in 18 carat (sample 750). You can also find cheaper products with 585 Sample or C 999 breakdown. The low price for yellow metal in the country is caused Increased demand and high turnover, as well as Small duties on similar products. Going to the UAE for gold products, it is worthwhile that when buying their bargaining is not only possible, but simply needed, because on expensive decorations a certain price is not installed. This will give the opportunity to purchase the product you like at an acceptable value.

Shopping in Turkey

Going to a tour to Turkey, many may not resist the temptation to acquire a beautiful jewelry for themselves. And it is not surprising, because Gold from Turkey comparable to European. The type of similar products is simply gorgeous, and the price of them is quite moderate. But, acquiring similar products, it is important to know that in Turkey this yellow metal is not mined, here only make beautiful decorations.

According to experts, For the manufacture of jewelry, an alloy is used, which, in addition to gold, is copper. That is why the color of the finished product is obtained with a beautiful yellow tint. Due to the presence in the alloy of a large amount of copper under the influence of high temperatures and moisture, such products later fill up and lose the original, more attractive.

On Turkish products, it is usually worth a high test, but in fact it is not always so, because the percentage of gold is low there. As a result of this product, after a short time, can split or deform. In addition, wearing such jewelry can cause allergic reactions.

If we compare the cost of gold in Turkey and the Arab Emirates, then in Turkey it is cheaper. Here 1 gram will have a price of 7 and up to 12 dollars. Although the price of Turkish gold is lower than in Dubai, but the quality of such products leaves much to be desired.

Purchase of products in Thailand

Another country where you can go for such purchases, is Thailand. This is due to the fact that in Pattia, the cost of jewelry is lower than in other countries, and the quality of such products complies with standards. The price of jewelry in Thailand is low due to cheap labor. At the same time, the premium on the products will be not more than 10%, which is much less than in other countries. Acquire finished products Recommended only in specialized jewelry stores.

It should be noted that In Thailand, the color of gold jewelry may seem unusual – it is bright yellow. In this country, gold is sold without impurities. Products on products here more often 999, 900 and 950. Basically, massive decorations are selling.

Gold from Thailand almost in the composition does not have ligature, that is, other additives, so it is very fragile – you need to care with it.

How to choose?

Choosing a golden decoration, follows Visually appreciate it. He must have a flat surface with polishing. If you drop the golden bauble on the surface, then it will make a ring and clean sound. Purchasing products from gold, worth paying attention to certain points.

  1. Do not give in to marketing tricks of shops offering to buy goods on sale. Typically, the price of goods at a discount is equal to the initial overestimated price of the product without such.
  2. Before choosing a product worth studying prices for such a product in other stores. The cost of the same subject can radically differ in different places.
  3. Do not come across the trick of sellers who speak of a lifelong warranty, thereby distracting buyers from high prices.
  4. Many jewelry stores sell goods at a price, several times greater than wholesale purchases. 10-15% discount in this case will be appropriate.

Usually people do not like to spend extra money and seek to acquire high-quality goods for little money.

It is not recommended to succumb to tricks and choose goods with a very low price, otherwise there is a big probability to buy a product from poor-quality alloy.

How much is gold in the UAE, look in the following video.

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