Whether silver magnetizes and what it means?

Whether silver magnetizes and what it means?

Precious metals at all time cause genuine interest in humanity. One of the most popular is Argentum (silver). This is the most mysterious and noble of all metals. Silver has a number of specific properties. Many people are interested in the question: Magnetic whether products made of noble metal? Let’s understand.


Argentum is included in the group of noble metals and Different with amazing silver and white color. As well as silver knows its high Plasticity and Pitch. Another distinctive characteristic is his Excellent electrical conductivity. This metal is perfectly withstanding high loads, so it is widely used in the modern industry. Argentum perfectly reflects the light, in connection with which is widely used in the manufacture of mirrors.

However, the most important “mission” of this metal is its Application in the manufacture of jewelry and cutlery. Products made of pure silver (999 samples) have an amazing appearance, but their practicality is minimized.

Argentum quickly loses his shine without regular cleaning, and due to negligent socks – breaks and deformed. In this regard, most jewelers use various alloys with doped silver.

It is also important to distinguish between the terms “silver” and “silver”. In the first case, we are talking about an expensive metal, in the second – product with a thin layer of Argentum. Disassemble them will be with the help of stigma. It is missing on silver plated products, since when they were created, only a small part of the precious metal was used. Pure silver not magnetic. He has a zero magnetic moment. It is this method that allows you to distinguish it from the fake. It is enough to take the most powerful magnet (the authenticity of the check directly depends on its thickness) and closer to the verified object (it is best to use a neodymium rare-earth magnet). If the product is magnetized, then you are fake.

And many confuse Argentum with Melchior. It is an alloy of copper with nickel. It is often called “new silver”. This alloy is also not a magnetic, but externally similar to the noble metal. In order to recognize Melchior, it is necessary to carefully consider the product. Silver is equipped with a breakdown (numbers and women’s head, decorated with Kokoshnik), and on the alloy the letters of the IT. And also they differ by weight: alloy is much easier than precious metal. Silver is often confused with platinum, which refers to the diamagnetic group of metals. It is often used to cover various inexpensive products (gives a beautiful shade and shine).

However, platinum samples differ from silver. In the first case we are talking about figures 375, 500, 585 and 958.

Why silver can attract?

However, in the modern market can be encountered “Magnetic technical silver” (official term does not exist). This metal instantly lipnet to magnet, as there are certain reasons. The fact is that “magnetic technical silver” is indicated by alloys that are used for industrial purposes. The main components in such an alloy are: copper, zinc, aluminum and cadmium. Their proportions depend on the specific purpose of this or that product. “Magnetic technical silver” used in contact plates, switches and buttons, has a purity of 60-65%.

And if in the Argentum added Nickel and iron (owners of ferromagnetic properties), then alloy will undoubtedly attract a magnet. Such products are very difficult to cleanse from pollution, but their price is quite democratic, unlike products made of pure silver.

About how to check the authenticity of silver coins with a magnet, see the following video.

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