Which gold is better: yellow or red?

Which gold is better: yellow or red?

Buying gold jewelry, few think about what is Red and Yellow Gold, and what these varieties differ. Meanwhile, this is a far from a celebrating question – because the color of the metal, from which this or that jewelry is carried out is directly related to its service life. This article will help you understand the difference between yellow and red gold, and will also tell how to choose the right gold jewelry, so that they save their original shine for a long time and pleased the owners of their sophistication and nobility.


This metal in pure form is never used by masters for making jewelry, since he too soft, it is very easy to scratch. Therefore, the surfaces of such jewelry are very quickly losing shine and fill. In addition, they are very fragile – they can be easily bent and even break out some particular “air” design element.

In jewelry for a long time Use special additives – alloys of two or several metals, which call ligatures – they add the necessary strength and other beneficial properties with gold products. Jewelers have learned in different ways to select the composition of such ligatures in order to obtain as much as possible variety of gold varieties that differ from each other with their characteristics.

In the manufacture of gold jewelry, such properties of this metal, as color, strength, pupidity and melting ability, so the wizards pay high attention to improving these parameters.

The composition of ligatures as the main components are usually included Silver and copper in different quantitative ratios. Fullating such ligatures with pure gold, achieve the desired color of the product and improve its technical characteristics. In addition to copper and silver, the composition of gold alloys can enter Platinum, Zinc, Palladium and Nickel, which also add certain beneficial properties with golden products.

Currently, the jeweler’s masters can make gold jewelry almost any color: from traditional yellow to green, purple and even black, however, “classic genre” to this day are gold jewelry made of rich yellow tint metal.

The quantitative content of this precious metal in the gold alloy is reflected in its sample – that is, in the percentage of gold as the main component. The most common is 585 Sample – This indicator means that in this sample contains 58.5% of this precious metal and 41.5% of other metals. Speaking differently – on 1000 parts of the alloy accounts for 585 parts of gold. In Russia, use just such a system of pursuing. The sample is applied in the form of a stamp or writing on the inner surface of the decoration. Foreign jewelers can use a carat system.

The cost of the gold product depends on the height of the sample, as well as from Qualities of the alloying substances. For example, a gold jewelry of white gold, which includes platinum, has a very rather big value. In addition to widespread 585 test (Such products are distinguished by large plasticity and good strength, due to which are very universal), there is still 750 Sample. Products from such a gold alloy differ in greater price due to the high content of the noble metal in its composition. Such decorations have much greater durability and durability.

Gold below 585 samples are not used in jewelry art, Because the content of the noble metal in such alloys is too small, and products from it are obtained too low quality: they very quickly lose their initial decorative properties.

Yellow gold from which expensive decorations are made, can be both 585 and 750 samples. This alloy includes silver and copper, and silver should be from 17 to 28 percent, depending on the sample.

The amount of silver affects the color of the metal: This decoration can be different shades, from light and lemon yellow to a saturated yellow color. Silver gives the product a greater hardness. Red color gold jewelry due to the part of alloy copper, the number of which is dominated by silver. The more copper is present in the product, the more intense its red shade.

What is the difference?

Thus, despite the same gold sample, the products from it are distinguished by both color and its characteristics. What is the difference in yellow and red varieties of this noble metal? Let’s make a comparison of these two most popular species.

Yellow Gold get by adding a ligature of silver and copper that may be present in equal amounts. Yellow gold decorations have excellent quality and noble “sunny” color. Reducing the amount of copper and adding silver, get products of brighter shades. Such decorations usually do not incrust the precious stones, the exception is diamonds. They are only worn in the most solemn cases, such products have a high price.

Red Gold Jewelry get by adding a fairly large amount of copper into the alloy. These products have great strength and bass, of which it is convenient to make various jewelry, including with precious stones. It is this variety of 585 samples was the only one from which decorations in the Soviet Union were made.

Earrings and rings made of red gold can be worn without removing: they are less susceptible to oxidation and mechanical damage compared to yellow gold jewelry, staying for a long time in excellent condition. In addition, such products are cheaper than their analogues of yellow precious metal.

What to choose?

In order to solve for itself the question of decorating what color – yellow or red it is worth choosing, you need to understand, For what purposes it is purchased. You can buy a product that will be your constant companion – you will be worn at home and at work, at school and institute, on weekdays and holidays. Or you are going to hit your girlfriends or chosen one, appearing in a stunning road jewelry at a gala evening or in the theater. For each of the cases described, the choice will be different.

Due to wear resistance and relatively low prices, For everyday socks it is better to choose a red gold jewelry: It is much stronger, there are no scratches on it, in earrings from this type of precious metal, you can even wash in the soul. Yellow Gold Jewelry is often encrusted with various precious stones. You can choose earrings with inserts from topaz or fianit under a ring or necklace, decorated with the same minerals – such a kit will ideally look even in a solemn atmosphere.

Due to its plasticity, this variety is perfect for the manufacture of products of the finest shape, with complex ornaments and patterns.

If you acquire a clock, it is best to stop your choice on red gold products – It will last long years, without losing the pristine gloss.

Currently golden Yellow decorations are at the peak of popularity. Traditionally, it is customary to give wedding rings made of this noble metal – Yellow color symbolizes love, loyalty and prosperity. Yellow gold jewelry is distinguished by minimalistic design, such decorations are usually deprived of inlays in the form of precious or semi-precious stones or cost them the minimum amount. For this type of gold products, transparent or translucent minerals of warm shades are perfectly suitable, such as chrysolite, yellow sapphire or spinel.

Do not purchase products with inserts from pomegranate and red jasper – such stones are not combined with a noble yellow color of this precious metal.

This species is ideal Suitable for any skin color, decorations from it are distinguished by elegance and refinement, Such exquisite expensive things are able to emphasize the individual beauty of their owner.

It should be remembered that With the help of gold jewelry, you can not only pay attention to, create your own individual style, but also to adjust some flaws of the face. It is only necessary to choose the right design of the gold jewelry, as well as the color of the precious metal, from which it is made.

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