Why skin blacks from gold and how to remove traces?

Why skin blacks from gold and how to remove traces?

Gold – famous and one of the most popular precious metals. His successful and wealthy people choose. At the same time, many of them often note that decorations leave dark traces on the body. Causes of their appearance, as well as methods of getting rid of them and will be considered in this article.

The main factors of blackening

Gold, like some other metals, oxidizes. And many people believe that that is why the skin blacks on the neck, ears or fingers. However, oxidation is not always the only reason for the appearance of dark traces on the body or even on the metal itself.

Today, there are several main reasons why black spots on the skin can appear when wearing gold jewelry.

  • High concentration of additional metals in the composition of gold. In the pure form for the manufacture of gold jewelry, this metal is never used. Be sure to make a special jewelry alloy. So, the more in its composition of such metals, like copper, lead or zinc, the higher the likelihood that the decoration is colors, that is, leaves spots on the body. This is due to the high degree of their oxidation. The more the percentage of oxidizing metals in the alloy, the faster the blackens will appear, and the stronger they will be expressed on the skin.
  • Golden decorations Actually fake. Such a cause of skin darkening in places of contact with the body is most often found. Unfair manufacturers and sellers offer customers gilded low quality products. As a result, the top layer is rapidly erased, and the decoration itself not only loses an attractive appearance, but also leaves stripes and stains having a dark color on the body.
  • Coverage of products of special polishing paste It can also be the reason that dark traces remain on the skin. It is treated with gold products in order to give them a more attractive appearance. Strips from it are easy to wash off simple water with leather.
  • Permanent contact of gold jewelry with cosmetics may also be the reason for the appearance of bands on the body. As part of some of them, quite aggressive substances may occur, for example, such as mercury or acids. They may cause gold oxidation and, as a result, the reason for the appearance of dark spots or bands on the body.
  • If the stains appear on the face and neck, and also accompanied by itching or rash, and in the golden alloy there is nickel, it means that the bands on the body are The result of the appearance of an allergic reaction to this decoration, more precisely,, from which it is made.

And also such a problem may occur in cases where the products themselves are incorrectly stored. Metal is oxidized, and ultimately leaves dark stripes and spots on the skin of its owner.

Other reasons

There are several other factors, because of which traces from wearing gold jewelry can appear on the body. They meet not so often, and many of them do not have a scientific justification, and ordinary people most often exactly choose them as a reason.

Esoteric factors

It is assumed that silver is a lunar stone, but the gold is sunny. Therefore, if the owner of any decoration from solar metal is damaged, the evil eye or try to hurt him, using magic, the decoration begins to leave the dark stripes on the body. In most cases, it itself loses its shine and attractiveness.

Believers believe that if the golden decoration leaves footprints on the body, it means that a person has committed some serious sin, And these bands are a reminder of this. At the same time, the traces will be until the sinner rises in his acts.

As well as there is a belief that gold marks a bad person. He can practice black magic himself and try to harm others. And maybe a person has such a sin as despondency or envy. In all these cases, the solar metal leaves on it a dark imprint as a warning sign for others and its.

But here it is worth understanding that such reasons have no evidence base. Therefore, experts consider them no more than ordinary superstitions.

Medical reasons

Several dozen, and then hundreds of years, people have blockedly believed that gold can leave dark traces only on the body of a sick person. Today there is a scientific evidence.

So, stripes can appear in people suffering from some ailments.

  • Liver and kidney disease. In such cases, special medication therapy is provided, and it is often that it is the reason for the appearance of bands on the body. However, healthy pregnant women occur hormonal changes, and here also after wearing gold jewelry can appear spots and stripes on the skin.
  • Intensive sweating and tendency to constant elevated body temperature. Some people have a normal body temperature can reach 37.2 degrees. In both cases, stains and stripes remain after wearing decorations.
  • Radiation irradiation or body poisoning by exhaust gases. Here also changes the hormonal background of the body, and unpleasant dark prints on the body may appear.

As well as some specialists suggest that in principle any medical intervention in the body, whether the reception of drugs or surgery can cause the appearance of strips on the human body.

How to get rid of traces?

But it is not enough to just know the reason why bands or stains may appear, you need to know how to get rid of them. In most cases, if you just wash the body with soap and eliminate the wearing decorations for the next 24 hours, they will disappear by themselves. But sometimes it is not enough. In such cases, it is necessary to look for a deliverance option based on the reason for the appearance of dark traces.

  • If The reason lies in medical intervention or in the reception of any drugs, then here for the time of treatment and restoration it is necessary only to abandon the wearing of gold products. As well as stripes and stains need to thoroughly rinse with water with soap. Over time, they will disappear themselves.
  • Supporters of the esoteric causes of the appearance of traces on the skin believe that It is necessary to apply for help to psychics, or go to the church to confession. In fact, it is better to find the exact reason for the appearance of strips on the skin, and until then just give up wearing gold jewelry.
  • If The reason lies in an allergic reaction, It is necessary here after consulting a doctor to use special antihistamines, as well as the exclusion of wearing decorations in the future.
  • When If the bands appeared due to the use of a cosmetic agent, You can remove them by visiting the shower and using the agent for deep cleaning. In the future, you can apply the means on the skin only after removing the decoration. It will be possible to wear it only after the tool is completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Before putting on products for the first time, it is best to wipe it with a soft cloth. This will help remove excess polish polish paste from the surface, which means that the bands will not allow.

If they still appear, then you need to contact the jeweler for assessing the quality of the product itself and make sure that it is really made of gold.

In some cases, the superficial new spraying will help avoid the appearance of spots. And you can remove them from the skin with the help of conventional soap or washcloth.

In all cases, dark bands on the body disappear independently. True, it will take 1-3 days. If there is no time to wait, then it is necessary to wash the place of darkening on the skin twice a day to wash warm water with washcloth and soap, and before bedtime, rub the paste movements, cooked from food soda and warm water. Then it is washed off with water.

Usually 2 such procedures are quite enough to ensure that no traces remain on the skin.

Recommendations for choosing decorations

First of all, in order to reduce the likelihood of dark strips on the body when wearing gold products, it is necessary to purchase them in a proven place. In this case, the risk of buying a fake or product of dubious quality will be minimal.

You must not just contact the jewelry salon. It is advisable to choose the one that has been working for quite a long time and has positive feedback from its customers.

It should be required by the seller the quality certificate for the selected decoration. It must necessarily have such information as the manufacturer, the weight of the product and its sample, the price of both grams and for all the decoration, as well as the manufacturer’s branded signature. It should be checked in the cabin, whether the samples specified in the certificate, with a breakdown on the product itself.

It is important to choose decorations with a breakdown not lower than 595. Such products have affordable cost and good quality. We will not know and find out the percentage of copper and nickel in alloy products. If there is an opportunity, then you should choose the decorations, in which there is no nickel. This will reduce the risk of allergic reaction to the minimum.

The unknown rule that says that the price is one of the key signs of quality, in this situation is relevant more than ever. Good golden decoration can not cost cheap. Even a small ring weighing about 3 g, having no extraneous decor, it can’t cost 3-5 thousand rubles cheaper. Low price is a sure sign that the decoration is not gold, and gilded or it has low quality. Therefore, deciding to purchase a product on a sale with a big discount, you should clarify and the reason for its appearance.

Only when complying with these simple, but important rules, the risk of acquiring a fake or low-quality gold jewelry will be minimal.

But it is worth understanding that even this cannot be 100% protected from the appearance of dark strips on the skin simply because other factors affect their occurrence.

About why the drawing finger from the Golden Ring, look in the following video.

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