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The watch for a modern woman is not only an object showing time, but also a fashionable accessory, resembling a bracelet. The Russian company “Nika” managed to embody all the requirements of Modnitis in its clocks: quality, reliability, level of performance, refined appearance. What are the features of the company’s range? How to choose gold and silver models? What rules of operation advises to adhere to the manufacturer? This question will answer an article about the unique domestic watch brand.


The hour company “Nika” on the Russian market appeared 14 years ago. Brand managed to achieve great success – to become popular and in demand. Today Nika is a major manufacturer of watches that are represented in Russia and abroad.

Extensive list of stamps. She became a prize-winner of international jewelry exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, became the nominee of other prestigious premiums, won in regional competitions and exhibitions.

The company’s watch is worthy of the attention of the most demanding and demanding customer. There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. Facilities of the company are located in Russia. This provides a lower price compared to similar foreign manufacturers.
  2. During production, the latest new technologies and development are used. The main applied patented technology is “capsule”. Its essence lies in the fact that the hull of the watch is placed in another case performing the function of the capsule. It protects the mechanism from dust and moisture. This is how high tightness is achieved, which ensures the reliability of the product.
  3. The factory employs the best masters, professionals of their affairs, which are constantly improving the qualifications and pass the appropriate training courses.
  4. Product Released Complies with ISO 9000: 2001 International Quality Standard and Testing.
  5. The surface of the clock is flawless smooth and smooth due to technology, which is used in working with gold products.

All listed components in the complex make the watch company NIKA reliable, durable and high quality.


Meet the clothes – so read the Russian folk proverb. The image of a modern woman consists not only from clothes. Accessories – an integral part of the bow, they complement the wardrobe, make the necessary accents, show the status of the owner. The watch company “Nika” is perfectly coping with these tasks.

Nick has several advantages that helps conquer more connoisseurs:

  1. Assortment that includes about 1000 models. Every buyer will find something for himself. The models for work, office strict style, other watch will fit into luxury evening toilets, others are created specifically for everyday socks, some are suitable for outdoor activities and sports.
  2. The use of expensive noble metals and materials. Gold is represented by yellow, white, pink varieties, silver, ceramics. For the design of the case, diamonds, sapphires, fianits, swarovski crystals, rhinestone crystals are used. Each watch model as a piece of jewelry art.
  3. Stuffing products – Swiss and Japanese mechanisms. They are distinguished by accuracy, quality and durability.
  4. Difostern of straps options – leather, ceramics, metal.
  5. Extensive set of functions. The stopwatch is installed in the clock, counting time in any time zones, lunar calendar.

Watch “Nika” combine the functionality, quality of the mechanism and beauty of design. They are like luxurious decorations, preserve conciseness and sophistication, causing surrounding glances.


The model range is represented by hours with different straps (leather, metallic), gold and silver variants, decorated with stones and charm, with a rectangular, oval, round hull, quartz and mechanical.

Types of Rememkov

Strap – Detail that keeps wristwatches on the wrist. Clock manufacturers allocate several types of straps:

  • from genuine leather+
  • Metal+
  • rubber+
  • Combined.

Let us dwell on the first two more, since Nick uses only skin and metal in its models.

Leather straps make from different types of skin, most often from calf. Popular skin exotic animals, such as crocodile, snake. Clock with such a strap have a high price, but look original.

Metal strap Durable and looks spectacular. The company for their manufacture uses high-quality steel, brass, zinc and aluminum alloys, silver, gold.

How to choose gold and silver models?

In today’s century high technology, the accuracy of the clock is common. Close attention is paid to appearance. Many models look like decoration – there are precious stones in them and expensive metals.

To choose gold or silver clock, it is worth paying attention to the following nuances.

  • Try. Nick uses 585 tests and silver 925. Sample means the number of metal grams per kilogram of alloy. Foreign products indicate karats, and on domestic – samples. It is also necessary to pay attention to the assignment of the stamp – it depicts a female head’s profile in Kokoshnik, turned to the right.

Gold – soft metal and more others subject to scratches. Golden clock are suitable for any events, and it is better to choose silver on a daily sock.

  • Silver has a noble cold color and suits almost any image. With gold, things are more difficult. It can be white (alloy contains silver, palladium, nickel), yellow (with silver and copper), pink (maximum copper content).

Yellow Gold – a classic that remains out of time and fashion. Gold white is similar to silver, and therefore accessories from it are universal. Rose gold will prefer fashionable, who love to be in the spotlight.

  • The clock on the bracelet of gold or silver for a man is an indicator of status, women are acquired due to beauty and original appearance. By design, it can be laconic models without frills, decorated with stones, with a variety of interlacing links and suspension.

  • The clock on the bracelet made of precious metal is a wonderful purchase that combines the functionality and stylish solution. Such an accessory will emphasize the refinement and elegance of a woman.


Decor accessories diverse. The most expensive material – diamonds. More affordable options are inlaid with zirconami, topases, emeralds, fianits. Stones can be located on the dial and replace the numeric values ​​of the time, insert into the housing around the protective glass.

Viva collection is decorated with relevant charm, the clock look like a stylish and fashionable bracelet.

Ceramics – another finish material. It has an unusual look and adds accessory lightness and elegance.

Operating Rules

In order for the watch for a long time, the wizard wizard advises to adhere to the following rules:

  • maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, stroke adjustment should be carried out in service centers, should not do it yourself+
  • In expensive hours, encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones, you can not play sports, expose to vibrating loads+
  • Carefully use the clock while contacting water, before buying to make sure whether they have water refrigeration+
  • On the clock installed sapphire glass, which is difficult to scratch, still need to be stored separately from other decorations, provide minimally friction of glass and housing about items and surfaces+
  • before bedtime clock is removed+
  • Leather straps need to be regularly replaced as they are exposed to dampness, sweat, perfumery and cosmetics+
  • Once a year it is recommended to check the products for tightness+
  • You can not leave the mechanical clock near acoustic speakers, otherwise they can fall behind or go faster.

Replacing the battery

Replacing the battery – batteries is needed when the clock began to lag behind a few minutes. If this happened during the warranty period (the manufacturer gives 2 years), you need to contact the service center.

Consider the case when the guarantee has expired. Installing a new battery requires accuracy, a great risk of disrupting the tightness of the case. You need a battery and a special set of tools (if any, you can use a knife, seer, needle, tweezers).

Algorithm for action when replacing the battery:

  1. Remove the lid. Little screws are surrounded with a knife with a thin selection+
  2. Inside there is a protective capsule, it opens through a knife+
  3. Rubber seal is removed+
  4. Pinzeta removes film that protects the mechanism from moisture+
  5. Element is removed, a new one is placed in its place, fixed+
  6. The following actions are performed in the reverse order: the film returns to place, the seal is placed, the capsule is installed, the cover is locked+
  7. The performance of the watch is checked.

During work, you need to carefully ensure that dust and other extraneous minor items do not get into the clock.

Video guide on how to replace the battery in the clock below.

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