Women’s Watch Rolex

Women's Watch Rolex

Rolex watches are known for the whole world. They are created for rich, successful and self-confident consumers who are not afraid to demonstrate their status. These devices possess a truly chic design, which is very difficult to resist. Get acquainted closer with these famous clock.


Today there is no such person to whom the name Rolex would be unknown. This Swiss company is one of the most famous and recognizable in the world. Amazing hours of this brand can be noticed on the wrist of world politicians, successful millionaires and businessmen, as well as popular celebrities.

This brand began his star path in the distant 1905. His founder became a young emigrant Hans Vilsdorf and his Shurin Alfred Devis. Initially, Rolex specialized in the clock assembly and was not a manufacturer of its own products.

The new company was used to import Swiss parts and installed them in the mechanical english clusters. After a couple of years, Rolex partners decided to start producing their products. They opened their office in Switzerland. This was due to the fact that there were the most experienced specialists in the hour.

High taxes in England literally “sulfate” the company, so the English office was decided to close. So the company tightly entrenched in Switzerland.

Even Pilots of England Air Force addressed Rolex products. It was due to the reliability of the clock.

The popularity of branded clock has steadily grew. They perfectly withstood the most severe conditions, which were expressed by Edmund Hillary, who sent to the top of Everest in 1953.

Rolex wrist watch once was not so expensive as today. Their cost has influenced the class called “Yappeps”. So called middle-class people who managed to build a hurry career. They acquired expensive and catchy clock models to emphasize their financial position. After that, the price of branded products began to grow, and by 1981, Rolex was worth 9 thousand dollars, and in ten years the price passed for 2 thousand dollars.

The Swiss manufacturer continues to delight consumers with exclusive products that it is impossible to confuse with other accessories of eminent brands.

The main feature of Rolex watches are high-quality materials and thoughtful mechanisms. Original devices from the famous brand are distinguished by their durability. They are almost impossible to break or damage.

Few people know that each individual model of branded watch is made manually, therefore, each detail is thought out. More information about the process of manufacturing legendary clocks can be found from the following video:

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