Yellow Sapphires: what looks like and whom fit?

Yellow Sapphires: what looks like and whom fit?

The patron of yellow sapphire is considered Jupiter. This spectacular, beautiful and fascinating stone is not only amazing looks in jewelry, but also has many magical, medical properties. It is believed that it accumulates a huge amount of cosmos energy. He is able to change a lot in your life, decorate you.

A yellow sapphire is created in the breeds of a sedimentary type, in which a sufficient amount of aluminum. Under the influence of magma, pressure and thermal waters are formed beautiful stone. Places of its prey – rivers, elevated slopes.


Mineral stone is considered one of the most beautiful, royal, its color is formed by a variety of impurities. Canonical sapphire blue, it is more common and popular. Yellow color is quite rare, unusual and therefore more valuable. It is compared to the degree of value with rubies, diamonds. The stone of this cheerful palette refers to the varieties of corundum, which in its precious properties and quality loses only diamonds.

Color range varies from the thinnest, gentle, yellowish to juicy, saturated shade orange, amber with a brownish tide. There is a variety in which the blue gamma is intertwined with yellow, which gives a greenish tone of the sea wave at the exit. It glitters the type of glass, can be transparent, opaque, solid, unsteady.

Stone production is produced in different countries almost on all continents. The most voluminous developments are conducted in Australia, Korea, India, Thailand, Madagascar. As well as many sapphires find in Kenya, Brazil, USA.

The brightest stones are most often mined in Sri Lanka.

Medical quality

This stone has a rather varieuchered action due to the rich spectrum of properties. The sapphire in the yellow gamut has a positive effect on the following health problems:

  • Bad Son+
  • Depressive states+
  • neurosis, excitability+
  • diabetes+
  • Back diseases, joints+
  • Astmatic violations+
  • Slaxation of the body.

Sapphire has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, metabolism, the bloodstream system, establishes the work of the internal organs.

Magic stone

As for esoteric properties, the yellow color of the stone makes it a solar energy conductor, cosmic forces. It is considered fairly versatile, helps the owner:

  • Avoid envious people, negative energy from the unchalled and damage, gossip+
  • forms a kind of defense against physical ailments+
  • helps to come into stressful situations+
  • makes it possible to gain harmony with yourself+
  • inspires creative feats+
  • Ensures anxiety+
  • contributes to improving brain activity, memory, helps in study+
  • attracts positive energy of joy, peace, wealth.

It is the yellow sapphire that is attributed to the strongest action due to golden, sunshine. In fact, a stone can form a magic barrier around a person, hide it from problems, negative, negative energy. So that the stone worked on his owner, need to help him, do not be angry, do not save against someone negative thoughts, do not envy, do not harm others.

Otherwise, Sapphire is able to bring harm to the host.

Sapphire as a talisman

This stone can help in different directions of life, if using it, like an amulet:

  • Helps climb the career ladder – for this you need to wear a ring or ring on the right hand+
  • To awaken female energy, fill life with mutual love, get rid of jealousy or rival, increase vitality+
  • In cases where you need to comprehend new knowledge, master the skills and skills, previously inaccessible to you+
  • A good gift to the newlyweds, since it is the yellow stones that are able to protect the family from future quarrels, external misfortunes and problems.

Zodiacal and other compatibility

According to the recommendations of astrologers, the yellow sapphire practically does not enter into an explicit contradiction with the signs of the zodiac, excluding the Capricorn, they are categorically contraindicated to them. It is best for those who are confident, self-sufficient. If you are not too energetic in a warehouse of character, prone to lethargy, apathy, quiet and submissions, sapphire can pull out of you the latest forces. Most of all uses, he will bring fish, Sagittarius, Aquarius. All, except for Capricorn, you can safely wear decorations with sapphires, and do not worry.

Sapphire gets around not with all the jewels. Astrologers believe that It is in contradiction with pearls, so it is better not to combine them in the decorations, in the extreme case, the conflict can pay off silver frame. But often you can’t wear such jewelry. Corounds are great combined with transparent stones, eliminating the elements of water and land. These minerals will spend energy to destroy each other.

Where used?

As a rule, this is a jewelry, where sapphires are used in creating different jewelry in combination with emerald, diamond, chrysolite. Frame sapphires in gold, platinum.


Since the natural sapphire of yellow color is quite rare, a very large number of fakes and imitation appeared on the market. In decorations use analogue of artificial origin, colored glass. When buying decorations, be sure to check the appropriate certificate that guarantees the quality. If it is not, it means you are offered to buy an unreal stone. In cases where the stone is obtained by another way, it is necessary to draw an assessment, and according to the signs of drawing conclusions:

  • Uniformity speaks in favor of naturalness, bubbles in favor of fake+
  • If the light passes through the mineral uniformly, it is a fake+
  • on natural stone can not be a scratch, he pale and hard+
  • inspect the face if they are rounded type, then it is imitation, they must be clear and sharp.

If you do not have confidence, you need to contact the jeweler for high-quality assessment.

How to wear decorations?

It is very important that the decorations fit into the overall ensemble in style, color, mood. So in the summer we carry yellow sapphire with yellow gold. Choosing a product, note that the metal does not have too much, and he did not drag attention. Gold – just a frame for a stone on which all attention should be focused. For the winter image, a yellow sapphire is perfectly suitable in platinum, here the size of the stone is not too important, since white gold does not conflict with the color of the stone.

Large stones are best looking in evening images, medium – in business. Do not wear too overall jewelry at a young age, they attach excessive solidity. Large stones and massive rims are better suited to mature images. Young girls are better to give preference to small, elegant things. Regardless of age, do not carry more than three decorations with a yellow sapphire, it looks vulgar and ridiculous.

If you believe astrologers, The best jewelry of this kind will benefit on the neck and a nameless finger. Therefore, boldly choose rings, rings, pendants, pendants, beads, necklaces with this stone. In addition, in the summer, the stone is saturated with the energy of the Sun and doubles its positive properties – in the summer, decorations are most relevant and effective.

Precautions and care

So that the stone benefits, and not harm, take only high-quality copies without defects, otherwise there is a danger to attract problems. Cracks, turbid intoxins and fits are able to negatively affect the relationship in the family, cause envy, awakened enemies. In addition, it is not recommended to wear decorations on an ongoing basis without removing.

Any therapeutic effect needs breaks, if this does not observe, health can worsen, irritability, anxiety. Special benefits will bring someone who has already stepped over a 35-year-old frontier.

It is necessary to care for sapphire, it is impossible to use water for washing, the more use cleaning agents. It is enough to wipe the products with a napkin of soft quality weekly, or more often if there is a need. Keep decorations with sapphire separately from other.

So that the properties of the sapphire brought you as many positive changes as possible, consider the lunar calendar when buying. The most successful for the acquisition of sapphires days – the eighth and twenty second, but yellow color contributes to the adjustments.

Look out when the lunar day coincides with Thursday, then the energy power of the stone increases several times.

About how precious stones are associated with the planets, you can learn from the following video.

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