Yellow stones: species, application to whom fit?

Yellow stones: species, application to whom fit?

Semi-precious and precious stones of yellow colors are in demand and are valued for amazing appearance. Such minerals are very elegant and sophisticated in jewelry. In addition, the yellow mineral associated with the warmth and the sun is greeted with healing and miraculous power capable of redirecting a person’s life to the best side and improving his health. Yellow shade sets up a man in love and gives him a festive mood.

The bright color of the stone is associated with heavenly luminary and awakening, so he sets up a person for energetic actions.

Types and their properties

In the structure of yellow stones, there are mainly components such as lithium, sulfur or 3 valence iron. The number of compounds is predetermined by the saturation of the color nugget. In vivo, there are quite a few species of semi-precious, precious, ornamental and decorative minerals of the corresponding gamma, including stones:

  • Dark yellow and light yellow color+
  • Golden color+
  • with orange tone+
  • Lemon tone+
  • with brown engines.

In specialized catalogs you can find all sorts of photos and names of the stones of yellow color.

Stones by origin are divided into inorganic and relatively inorganic types. An explicit sample of the first category – a yellow diamond – comes across very rarely. Only 1 of 100 thousand nuggets include in their composition of lithium and has a golden color, and in most cases, colorless minerals are produced. Relatively inorganic stones has an amber.Yellow amber color is not associated with impurities in its structure, since such a color is due to the presence of a resin.

Stones of the solar gamma are attributed to many useful qualities. How to declare fans of the stampered, Natural yellow coloring minerals have the ability to raise the mood, inspire cheerfulness, intensify vitality. In esoteric, the stone of the gold color is known as having the power of the mascot from damage and the evil eye. Since yellow color minerals are referred to as sunny, they are recommended for protection against energy vampires and unclean power.

Yellow stones are systematized according to the characteristics of the structure of the structure and as they distribute. Conditionally allocated Semi-precious and precious stones, ornamental and decorative minerals.


  • Topaz. This is a glassy crystal bright yellow color with multicolor glitter.Separate yellow variations show the phenomenon of multicolor – a combination of several colors in one mineral. Usually in such samples to yellow colors are mixed Pink, brownish, greenish and reddish tones.

All samples of this color are assigned to the champagne class, and their cost is from 200 to 600 USD for carat. You can see the topases of yellowIn earrings, couches and rings. Often they are in society of other precious minerals like diamonds.

The cost of such products with a large number of gems and precious metal can reach more than one thousand dollars.

  • Sapphire (Yahont). Is a transparent or translucent variety of corundum. This is one of the strongest minerals after diamond, And yellow color – the rarest phenomenon. The yellowish yahont in the distant past was the name of Eastern Peridot, and orange-yellow – Padparadja.

Masters for the manufacture and repair of jewelry make a cut crystal like a diamond and insert into the original decoration items. Pansny, suspension or earrings with this stone cost thousands of dollars due to the features of their inserts.

  • Spinel. Yellow coloring stone in minor quantities mined in Afghanistan and India. Such color is quite rare for the mineral, but For jewelers, it does not represent an explicit interest. Minerals do not differ intensive intense, however, the high refractive index and impeccable translucency make them unusual.

They are preparing a diamond or stepped (ladder) cut and placed in earrings and rings. The cost of yellow spinel can reach 700 USD for carat.

  • Tourmaline. The stone of yellow-brown color has the name Dravit. This is not having a large distribution type of mineral, which is currently produced only in 2 fields on the lands of Kenya. Often demonstrates the stoneHeterogeneous coloring and multiple splashes. With qualified processing, translucent mineral acquires extraordinary quality.

Its crystals are used to create rings, earrings, suspension. The price of such products made of gold dwells within 100 to 1000 dollars.


This group is more common than precious minerals of yellow colors. Especially in demand by jewelers such its samples.

  • Heliodor. It is also called Yellow Beryl. Yellowish color in this embodiment can be represented by a large number of halftone. Based on the quality of the stone, the jewelers can leave it in kind, and can produce heat treatment, with the result that the mineral will be blue or transparent.

This stone brings this stone to faith in itself, attractiveness and protects from depression. Favorably affects the nervous system, saving from nightmares and insomnia.

Favorite the formation of good relationships in the family and promotion by the service stairs.

  • Citrine. Is a vitreous golden yellow quartz species.It stands out excellent workability and rare characteristics, which makes it possible to produce decent jewelry from it.

Separate samples are grained as cabochons, and the rest are subjected to cut. Based on the method of finishing and the type of metal in the frame, the decorations may be related to the daily or evening category and cost from 2,000 to 20,000 rubles.

  • Garnet. With yellow color it rarely meets and does not have great value. Cabochons and beads are made from the grenade, very rarely the masters give them the configuration of precious minerals, limking it, or using the fantasy shape of the cut. In decorations, a yellow grenade can be harmonized with single crystals of synthetic origin or with its own red fellow.

Price for earrings, beads, bracelets or pendants with mineral make up a few thousand rubles. Basically, the cost of such decorations is due to the type of precious metal rim, and not stones.

  • Zircon. Is a fragile mineral that does not tolerate chemical impact. This is a natural substitute for diamond with a fitting glitter, the price of which is several times lower. Stone has a different colors, including yellow and golden shades.

Professionally processed stone has excellent rainbow overflows. Jewelers extremely rarely use such a zircon, but nevertheless, jewelry with it is characterized by luxurious appearance and elegance. Carat such a crystal will cost 300 to 400 USD, and earrings or a pendant with a mineral can become a good jewelry accessory for the evening Raut.


The main feature of the diverse and decorative minerals is that they are opaque and do not have a glass shine. Yellow stones are among them in excess. The most affordable is amber. Long ago he possessed the second name – the stone of the Sun. Amber is frozen pieces of resin from the trees of coniferous rocks, whose age can sometimes have millions of years.

This is an absolutely organic mineral that is not considered rare. Relatively inexpensive, it is used everywhere where it is possible and even on healing purposes. Due to this with a large number of trace elements contained in its composition. In particular, there are iodine, thanks to which the amber gives good results in the fight against diseases of the endocrine gland.

Chernelic (or Carneol) was formed due to volcanic activity. His color is uneven, with lots of stripes and circles. Humanity knows him already more than 800 thousand years. In deep antiquity, was in demand for the manufacture of means of production, and in our time needed for design icons and is sometimes used to decorate furniture items.

Healing qualities are not available from any such mineral, but exclusively in which there is radium. His presence ensures the strengthening of immunity and accelerated healing of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In addition, carnelian improves health condition for heart disease.


Long colored stones are used for making jewelry. Masters are often used to work semi-precious and precious yellow minerals. Multicolor transparent stones that give decorations rich and exquisite appearance are especially in demand.

This, for example, products with yellow diamonds, topases or sapphires, more often, minerals of honey and golden colors are adjacent to the crystals of other shades. Decorative and diverse samples are used For the manufacture of rings, suspension, necklace, earrings and beads.

Gems, in particular, samples of the category of chalcedons, are used to decorate the inner decoration of the premises, inlays of paintings, mirrors and VAZ.

Selection and care

Sunny Coleler is characteristic of semi-precious and precious minerals. Stones of yellow (citrine, jasper, tiger eye, carnelian, amber and t.D.) are suitable for initiative, thirsty for novelty people. Stones of such colors have the ability to take care of warm family relationships, and also help to collect and take the only right decision at the right moment.

Caring for decorations from natural stones does not cause difficulties. So that the products retain the appearance of the appearance and caressed their eyes around, just performing elementary recommendations:

  • Avoid contacting mineral with perfume and cosmetics+
  • Store stones you need in special boxes for jewelry+
  • Do not use chemicals for cleaning gems, and use exclusively water and soap+
  • Opaque minerals are needed episodically wiped with soft matter to preserve radiance.

Nature gave people a huge variety of minerals. Most of them are rich in the flower palette, in whose environment is often getting yellow colors.

All yellow coloring minerals are associated with the sun and its warmth, carry the reserve of positive energy, which makes our reality better, colorful and mental.

Saturated solar minerals will decorate any person and his home, will give optimisticity and will awaken interest in life. And with competent care, they will be attractive and will give their owner Own positive energy.

In the next video, you will find additional information about the citrine.

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