Yellow Topaz: properties and areas of use

Yellow Topaz: properties and areas of use

Topaz is rather popular worldwide and in demand in the manufacture of jewelry stone. Let us dwell in more detail by its features, therapeutic and magical properties, the scope of use and intricacies of use.

History of origin

The family of topaz includes stones of a wide variety, but it is believed that it was the yellow mineral that was found one of the first. He had a “sunny” shade – in India, such stones are called “Tapas”, which means “warm”, so we can safely say that it is the whole family of the whole family that the whole family is obliged to. However, there is another version according to which the stone was found to be found toopazion in the Red Sea, now he is another name – Zebergen.

The name of the Golden Stone gave Pliny Senior – a famous scientist of the time writing a “natural history”. Transcription from Greek “Topaz” on transcriptions close to such concepts as “fire”, “Heat” and “Flame”. Thus, for several centuries, all the stones of golden yellow and brown shades were called toopases and only at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries the name was fixed for a separate type of natural minerals.


Topaz yellow shade is a fluorosilicate with an admixture of aluminum. This is a semi-precious stone with a wide satellite gamut, including lemon, golden, honey, brown and thick yellow tones. In nature, it is found in the form of rather large crystals in the form of columns or prisms, when the high temperature begins to change the color on the pink, and if it is further subjected to irradiation, then the color becomes first yellow, then orange-brown and finally blue. The main physical characteristics of the yellow topaz include:

  • Glitter – glass+
  • The degree of transparency is transparent+
  • Hardness – 8+
  • Spidity-perfect+
  • Floa – saccum type+
  • Density – 3.5-3.6 g / cm3

In natural conditions, yellow toops may contain inclusions that are liquid, gas and gas-liquid. Usually they are located in the cracks of the stone and externally resemble small bubbles.

It should be noted that in addition to ultraviolet, topazy is sensitive to sulfuric acid and in its action are destroyed.

Place of Birth

Yellow Topazy is mined in a variety of sections of our planet, each deposit is characterized by its satellite gamut stones. So, in Europe, gems are found in Germany, Russia and Ukraine – minerals are distinguished here quite large size and high quality crystals. From Brazil, topases of brown and golden color are supplied to the precious stones market, and on Sri Lanka, it was found predominantly orange stones.

One of the largest deposits of topaz in Russia, up to the middle of the last century, the Ilmenovsky Mineralogical Reserve, located on the South Urals, was considered. In Ilmena, pegmatite veins containing cavities with a large number of topaz. But this is not the only field of yellow topaz in our country – lemon colors stones were found near the village of Alabashka, and light brown stones were mined along the river near Urulga, whose feature of which is considered a burnout under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Most recently, a huge number of stones came to the market from the Volodarsk-Volyn field, located in Ukraine, the stones of wine-yellow color of excellent quality and large sizes were mined. In 1965. Yellow Topaz was found weighing 117 kg. The Ukrainian field is owned by many of the most famous gems that decorate world-famous expositions in large museums. Unfortunately, at the moment, Ukrainian mines are conserved, however, according to experts, they are still quite a large number of topaz.

In recent years, quite a lot of gems found in Pakistan and Afghanistan appeared on the market.

Medical properties

Since ancient times, the topase of yellow shades are used in medicinal purposes, they have a liner and intake impact on the body, but The particularly positive effect of the stone is manifested when it is turned on into the therapy of the following diseases:

  • Cough and other colds+
  • Gravity in the stomach and intestines, heartburn+
  • Loss of appetite+
  • Nervous disorders.

Ancient Lekari believed that the topases of yellow shades significantly improve the mental state of a person, eliminate signs of nervous exhaustion and apathy, give their owner peace and peace.

Healers for a long time recommended to wear a stone to everyone who suffers from insomnia, and also faces nightmares and fear attacks.

Mystical properties

The magical properties of Topaz mentioned in antiquity – residents of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon used mineral as a means to protect against madness, an enormous look and even taming storm. Topaz is mentioned in the Bible as one of the 12 biblical stones that the linen bag of the high priest was inlaid, at the moment when he spent his worship service.

Yellow Topazy gives the most strong magical properties. It is believed that they are especially useful for representatives of the beautiful sex – the gem helps them to maintain beauty and freshness for many years. Topases have proven themselves as excellent amulets that promote the acquisition of married happiness and conception of a healthy offspring. However, for men, this stone is useful – he settles complex family relationships, brings closer with good people and helps to gain faithful comrades for life.

The stone of yellow shades eliminates the negative, so it is indispensable when building diplomatic relations, while the owner of the stone not only establishes friendly contacts with people, but also more clearly formulates their own personal goals and objectives. This stone is suitable for representatives of all zodiac signs, but especially it is useful to people born under the constellation of Scorpio. Also, the topaz favors the air signs – under the influence of the mineral they become calmer and weathered.

Gemini Topaz allows you to smooth sharp corners when communicating and keep your emotions under control. Representatives of Aquarius Wearing Topaz develop intuitive abilities that lead to improved family relationships.

In the life of Tales, Lviv, Aries and Capricors, the stone brings peace, and also contributes to improving the material situation.

Usal scope

Topases of yellow are used primarily in the jewelry sphere, it is classified as a semi-precious stone, but in its beauty it is not inferior to the gems of the very first category. Due to the variety of shades, the stones are used to create the most interesting jewelry, topases of light tones are most often framed in white gold or in silver, stones of more saturated color – in pink or red gold. Topazy stylishly looks in combination with rhinestone and diamonds, jewelers also often create decorations, the main one becomes a tandem of yellow color with emeralds and rubies.

Topase products are suitable for absolutely any events: a serious meeting, a romantic dinner or a secular evening. They create an atmosphere of heat and joy around them in any atmosphere, harmoniously poured into light summer images, and in winter they create around a solar mood. Earrings, rings, brooches and pendants with yellow topaz can always be a good gift for anyone.

However, keep in mind – in order for the gem to fully revealed its wonderful properties to you, only natural copies should be given preference. It is no secret that many unscrupulous manufacturers often issue ordinary quartz for Topaz. It is very easy to distinguish these breeds from each other – you only need to spend a stone on the glass: the real topaz will surely leave its mark on it, and the fake is not.

Gourmet decorations from Topaz should be stored in the sun, you need to handle them as careful – only then the stone will become truly beautiful and will show all its useful properties to the full.

Even more about topazy you will learn from the video below.

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