Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange – famous Italian brand with world name. He is a branch of the parent “George Armani” brand and enjoys great popularity. His philosophy is three criteria: elegance, comfort and nothing.

About brand

Armani Exchange is a subsidiary of the fashion house Giorgio Armani. This is the youth branch of the world Empire Armani. Her story originates in 1991, however, in the 26 years of its existence, the brand managed to become popular and desirable.

At first it was just a new collection with the same name, intended for the youth audience from 18 to 28 years. It was bright colors and unusual prints. The collection, which became a luxury, classic and individuality, made a real extension. Therefore, Kuturier makes a decision to open a new sub-worn after Emporio Armani, which had a deafening success.

Bright T-shirts, shirts, ribbon jeans, elements of rebounds intertwined with classic, fell to the taste of youth, making a brand recognizable and popular.

In the classic of Armani introduces fresh notes, originality and premium style. The company’s success is explained by the multifaceted talent of the founder of Brand George Armani. This is a podium clothing adapted under residents of the metropolis. To create this designer brand inspired street chic culture, dance music, freedom and style of ordinary people.

Talent George Armani touched not only clothes. Armani Exchange launches stylish youth shoe line, glasses, accessories and decorations. The brand is designed for the mass consumer, but the quality of any product is distinguished by a high level of performance.

Today, the brand occupies a leading position in its segment, it is the most sought-after and affordable, has about two hundred stores in different countries of the world. It has no place for boring paints, gray notes: this is a sip of fresh air, a sense of a thin taste and a premium status.


George Armani tried to the line it was all for drawing up a fashion bow. The brand is intended for residents of the metropolis who do not want to lag behind the fashion trends of modernity. This is the choice of those who know the sense in the quality and unsurpassed style of the famous Italian.

Couturier allows everyone to join the world of beautiful. It is stylish youth clothing, fashionable shoes, current accessories (caps, baseball caps, bags, backpacks, clocks and glasses) that make any set spectacular and flawless.


Collections of youth clothing from Armani are distinguished by beauty, convenience and comfort. They are divided into men’s and women’s lines. Products are made of high quality natural textiles, which meets world quality standards and has hygienic properties. The company itself is not engaged in the production of materials: she orders all the necessary raw materials from suppliers who specialize in the production of textiles for Armani.

A “Armani” clothes are made of elite varieties of wool, cashmere, cotton, satin, knitwear, denim. The business card of the brand is the perfect cut, an excellent landing on the figure and the practicality of things. They are durable in wearing and look presentable.

Youth collections consist of eclectic clothing combining strict classics and provocative sexuality. Each line traced a talented Hand of the Great Designer, products inherent Aristocraticity, powerful energy, magnetism and bright temperament. This is united under one label Relaxed style Milan, London, New York and Tokyo.

The basis of the youth line is casual wear. These are T-shirts with print, shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, jumpers, Hoodies, shorts, Longslives, raincoats and denim jackets, Olympics, Houses for home and leisure things.

Most of the collections are performed in the favorite shades of Armani: classic white, black, gray, beige, burgundy tones. In part, this is explained by the popularity of the models: the classic exists out of time, these shades are always relevant. Often the collections are diluted with products in red, blue, smoky-blue, olive, carrot and cream colors. Mostly products are performed in one tone without drawing

. Prints in the form of a brand logo are present on T-shirts, and dresses can be performed in abstract patterns and strip colors.


Footwear from “Armani” is represented by a wide range of assortment. These are classic boats, ballet shoes, sandals, heel shoes, moccasins, boots, sneakers and sneakers. The color scheme holds the favorite paints of Armani, and the form is very diverse. These are elegant thin hairpins with a narrow nose, made of combined skin, suede moccasins on a flat sole, classic low-heeled sandals, laconic sneakers made with minimal decor. Whatever different design models, simple or refined, there is nothing superfluous in the shoes of Armani.

Models are performed mainly in one tone, sometimes they are diluted with contrasting inserts. Sports shoes have a reinforced heel, a hygienic insole, a thick easy sole and started on the laces, made in one shade with the sole. Each pair of shoes is decorated with a brand logo in the ledge or on the sides.

Espadrillee, made of denim, harmoniously fit into any city set of modern fashionista. Models made of lace cloth on textile lining are very light, they will ensure the harms of maximum comfort and air access. Flat sole is ideal for active natur and those who spend a lot of time on the legs. Elegant middle-heeled shoes are simply created for dynamic girls: classic and zero decor – what is needed in a rapid pace of modern life.

Bags and backpacks

Georgio Armani Talent Multifaceted. The brand is designed for the middle class of society, but the quality of the components and the design of accessories remain premium. Bags are the main indicator of the status and sophisticated taste, worthy of the completion of the luxurious bow.

Brand bags, clutches and backpacks Armani Exchange not only emphasize the impeccable taste, they harmoniously fit into the youth rebar, are suitable for any direction of style. They belong to the Great Empire of the Fashion House, decorating the brand logo.

Such an accessory is a dream of every woman. Made of lacquer, embossed and matte genuine leather in favorite shades of the couture, they harmoniously fit to most of the wardrobe items. Summer models are made of vintage denim, textiles, perforated leather and knitted canvas. In addition to the classics, powder and coral shades were added to the paint palette. Brand bags are distinguished by concise cut and minimal design: they are a find for a classic set or daring causal.

Caps and baseball caps

Armani hats are designed specifically for youth brand. These are stylish and bold models, often performed without decor. The focus of each product becomes material, excellent landing and brand name. The main palette is predominantly dark shades (black, gray, swamp). Often the models are performed with contrasting inserts up to three different shades in one product.

Very interesting model with print. It can be colors with letters made in the style of minimalism, combined accessories from monochromatic textiles and striped inserts, with a logo or abstract motive. Stem is different from other Armani branches by the fact that it is more laconic and universal: it suits almost any clothes of the wardrobe. Caps and baseball caps A | X are combined with jeans, shirts, t-shirts, tops, shorts, trousers and other things.


Stylish add-ons of the image from a fashion house will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

The clock of youth brand look premium, they have a leather strap with brand logo. The reverse side indicates the model of the clock. The design of the dial itself is unique and at the same time nonsense. Designer knows how to show style and feature without resorting to screaming elements. Even the presence of small rhines does not interrupt the integrity of the composition, but emphasizes the special status. Models may not have numbers, and instead of a number 12 often located Logo A | X.

Brand glasses are always at the peak of popularity. They are harmoniously combined with any clothes, they choose many celebrities. Numerous reviews on the Internet are talking about the unsurpassed capacity of accessories: they have been worked out to millimeters, have a thematic form. The favorites of the season are “aviators”, “butterflies” and traditional “cat’s eyes”.

Size chart

A feature of the size of the company is the orientation of products for medium height. They will “greater” by the lowest representatives of the beautiful sex. This also applies to small sizes. Italy adopted its markings. It differs from European. Choosing a model, you need to focus on a special measurement table.


ARMANI Exchange brand gains a lot of enthusiastic reviews. Brand clothing successfully fits into the dynamics of the modern megalpolis, it is stylish and fashionable. Accessories emphasize the delicate taste of owner. Brand products look expensive and worn long enough. Bags companies choose for reliability, practicality, capacity, although it is noted that the length of the handle is not regulated in some models.

The company has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality clothing, shoes, accessories and decorations. Brenda Fans pleases a special chic, freedom and eclecticity of clothes, its quality and premium.

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