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Baudet brand products today are known for the whole world. She became famous thanks to the highest quality and bright design. We will get acquainted closer with this popular brand.

About brand

Baudet manufactures wholesale sales of suitcases and travel bags on wheels. All products are the result of their own brand production. Quality goods enjoy the enviable demand among modern buyers, as they differ in the low price. Baudet often pools consumers with attractive discounts and promotions.

The trading mark is very popular and known in Russia. Many models of high-quality suitcases under a well-known name produces a firm Buda Rasha.

Brand manufactures unique products by individual orders. For example, it can be comfortable hand-made in corporate style. Such a thing will look very solid and be sure to attract the attention of others. Designers of the company are developing original models with saturated prints that literally attract the views of passersby.


Baudet product range of products will not disappoint you. The company produces a large number of diverse suitcases and bags that are characterized by functionality, practicality and unsurpassed quality materials.


Very popular today branded suitcases. They are sold with sets or separate specimens. Models are made from plastic and textiles of different colors. Bright suitcases are available in bright green, orange, blue, orange and purple color. Lovers of classics. For them, Baudet produces plastic suitcases of white, black, gray and dark blue.

Most options have a smooth texture or glossy surface with embossed lines and stripes, no less bright and colorful performance. Functional products are equipped with small wheels providing lighter and rapid movement of the bag. These parts are designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Most suitcases are complemented by retractable handles, the length of which depends on the height of the suitcase itself.

Modern consumers often turn to sets of brand suitcases. So at hand there will always be the perfect option for any trip. As a rule, the kit includes 3 suitcase. They differ in size, but are performed with the same structures and in the same color decoration.

Especially popular line of large suitcases called Travel. Spacious models are made of polypropylene. The inner part of the accessories has special intersecting belts and an additional compartment separated by a grid.

The brand produces folding models of suitcases from textiles. Such specimens are equipped with two wheels and consist of nylon and jacquard. Foldable options are pretty spacious. In the inside, except for the main compartment, there are large pockets on the zipper.

Combined suitcases are ideal for long-distance travel. They are made from tandem of various materials. For example, it can be twilka and plastic. In them, the upper part can be made of fabric, and the lower tier (on which the wheels are attached) from plastics. Such options look expensive and restrained. They contain steel handles and fittings that look spectacularly on a combined background.


Do not less demand branded travel bags. They are ideal for long journeys and travel. The brand produces mobile products on wheels or without them. All copies are complemented by comfortable handles from textiles on top and folding handles. Quality models are made from nylon, jacquard and polyester.

It is impossible not to mention a shopping cart on wheels. Similar options will be your reliable assistants. With them, it is quite possible to go shopping for the market, not experiencing bags for the severity. Trolleys are available with wheels that allow you to easily and quickly move along various surfaces. Practical products are made of reliable material resistant to wear. For the carcass of shopping bags, high-quality steel is used, which is distinguished by durability.

Do not think that carts are performed only in boring and unattractive style. Baudet offers consumers bright and saturated models of red, turquoise, blue, raspberry, green and lightweight color.

Another sought-after option is a special beauty-kee. Such bags have in the inside of the main compartment on zippers, pockets for keys, branches for mobile phones, as well as external side pockets. Models are complemented by wide shoulder straps and do not have wheels or retractable handles.

Energetic and mobile people prefer the most functional and necromotive bags. Baudet manufactures excellent transformer road models. Small handbags have a few lightning, unbuttoning which you will easily turn them into large road variants. They are made of polyester and are very light.

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