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Among the huge range of children’s clothing is sometimes very difficult to immediately decide on the choice. After all, so you want to choose your child the best and high-quality clothes that will last long. Online store of children’s clothing “Beauty” – exactly the manufacturer who combines convenience, beauty and quality.

About brand

Brand “Beauty” relatively young, founded a few years ago. However, during this time, her branded things have won love and popularity in many moms and their daughters. This is a children’s brand producing beautiful clothes only for girls.

Production began with an unusual method – children simply asked how they see beautiful dresses, skirts, school uniforms. Taking pencils and handles, babes depicted their own wishes on paper, well, and adults just left to give them a form.

Today, the development of new collections is attracted by the best specialists-designers. Sews clothes Noginsk sewing factory, which has long proven itself as a professional. Clothing meets all standards, it is high quality, hypoallergenic and very convenient. The brand is proud of its experts and what a relatively short term managed to achieve.


The choice of models presented in the collections of “Beauty”, very wide. Especially beautiful dresses of this brand. One of the most popular collections – “And you will go to the ball?”. A variety of fabrics, finishes and colors will amaze even experienced customers. The dress is very gentle, very different colors, there is both monophonic and colored options.

As for the materials, they will satisfy the most demanding taste. Such fabrics such as chiffon, satin, silk, guipure prevail. The distinctive property of this collection – the girls will not look like artificial dolls or princesses on a children’s matinee. Models of dresses are much deeper and sophisticated, very similar to adults, only in a small variant. Look on children they just amazing.

Collection of “Summer Vacation” also produces interesting bright dresses. Very popular models like “Arina”, “Adele”, “3 Vlara”. Products are really very colorful and sewn in a variety of fittings. Some of the dresses included also a bolero, which can be purchased for a fee.

Casual Collection “Every day, like a holiday” produces high-quality and comfortable things intended for daily socks. These are comfortable knitted blouses, skirts, light and warm dresses, bolero. In the dresses, gentle gamma predominates, in skirts and turtlenecks – predominantly red, terracotta, white and black shades.

Not bypassed “Beauty” and school uniform. The collection is called “Fields in School”. Color palette – black and white, as required in public schools. You can count several blouse options, both open and closed sleeves. For Niza, it is proposed to purchase black skirts of various styles.

Children’s clothing brand “Beauty” – Truly decent acquisition for girls. On the Internet, as well as on the company’s website, you can read the reviews of many satisfied customers.


Among all the reviews left by adult and small clients, it is impossible to meet a single negative. Young mothers highly appreciated the work of the manufacturer and the high level of imagination, which the brand puts into its belongings. Especially note the quality of the fabric and sewing, an interesting decor, a comfortable landing.

Many girls are very pleased that things can be calmly washed in hot water, and they do not lose. Positive feedback leaves and Moms delivered by the fact that the dress attracted a lot of attention and was rated as the most beautiful. The overwhelming majority of women remained quite buying and ready to recommend brand to their friends and acquaintances.

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