Many future and young mothers wonder how to wear her baby in high-quality luxury clothing for reasonable cost? After all, not every brand combines low cost, beauty designs and high quality.

Designers advise to pay their attention to the goods of the CHOUPETTE brand (whisper), which, completely accurate, will not leave anyone indifferent.

About brand

Brand with a very interesting name of Choupette, the Russian-language version of which is pronounced as whisper, began to be born in 2007 and is already one of the most popular manufacturers of children’s clothing in the domestic market.

Such a strange name, despite the Russian origin of the brand itself, has french roots. In the literal translation, the word whisper in France denote the middle part of the cabbage, and also refer to the kids, due to one of the legends for kids, relative to their origin.

In addition to numerous boutiques in different cities of Russia, the company also has a website and an online store equipped with a convenient interface that allows you to easily make the necessary purchases online.

In addition, in 2017, the company has reached a new level by opening its first boutique in Los Angeles.

But it is noteworthy that not all stores are open to the owners of the company, many of them became part of the franchise company, which began in 2011. From now on, everyone who wants and able to engage in its own business can purchase a franchise brand and become part of a huge corporation.

In addition, the brand is an active participant in international exhibitions, which indicates a successful development. The company successfully existed for ten years and pleases young mothers and their kids are not just stylish, but also very comfortable outfits.

Features of products

Among product features, many aspects can be noted, but the main attention should be paid to the relationship of developers to office work and to potential customers of the boutique network. Consider more details.

Initially, when the brand was only born, manufacturers founded its activities exclusively on the manufacture and sale of goods for newborns. Even the first collection was represented by an extensive number of all sorts of goods required for discharge from the maternity hospital.

A little later, when the company firmly stood on his feet, the product range was increased for a wider age range. Walking in stylish brand clothes whine now they could and one year old, and two, and three-year-old kids.



Three years later, there were already things in the assortment for children up to eight years, and by now among the collections there are a school form for teenagers to fourteen years.

In addition, among the features, it is impossible not to note the high quality of products, which is provided at the expense of painstaking operation in the process of manufacture, creating the right patterns and the selection of high-quality materials.

More details about the features and benefits of brand products can be found from the following video:

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