American brand Coach is known worldwide. This is a manufacturer of exclusive accessories and perfumery. For several decades, a trademark has been a worthy competition of generally accepted world leaders for the production of women’s and men’s bags, luxury belts and wallets.

About brand

In 1941, a small family-owned enterprise for the production of men’s bags and wallets opened in Manhattan. The firm’s affairs were not important, while in the 60s of the last century, the owners of the company did not open a new way of treatment of the skin, as a result of which it became very soft and militant, but it remained strong. Soon of such a skin began to sew and women’s bags.

The company’s affairs sharply went uphill. At the same time, the branded name of the brand – Coach and the logo – horse crew. Sales grew, new boutiques opened in different countries of the world, an online store appeared.

In the 90s, the trademark was positioned as a manufacturer of the most affordable brand female bags. Until this time, the design products were very expensive, and could afford them could not every woman.

Gradually, the product range of manufactured products has expanded, and soon under the COACH brand began to produce collection of women’s and men’s watches.

Later, apparel: Trenches, raincoats, parks. Belts, bracelets, mobile phone covers, wallets added to the collection of accessories.

Today, a wide range of luxury accessories for men and women is available under the Coach brand, as well as elite perfumery. The copyright holder COACH is the Estee Lauder.

Since 2001, the company’s branded sign becomes a double bold letter “C”, which adorns a new collection of bags. She was different from previous more stylish and diverse designs.

In a few years, the company released an even more perfect collection of models, made in combination of suede and canvas. Bags were made not only in classic color solutions. They added pink, orange and green colors to them, and instead of copper buttons began to be used magnetic latches.

Perfume – radically the opposite, but no less important direction of the company. In just a few years under the Coach brand, more than 25 luxury flavors have been released, most of which got incredible popularity worldwide.


Today Coach is one of the most popular brands not only in America, but also around the world. The company is one of the leaders in the production and sales of elite accessories, shoes, jewelry, clothing and perfumery. Companies belong about 25% of all sales by country.

Products from genuine leather, including leashes, collars for pets are especially popular. However, women’s bags are truly enchanting. Impeccable quality, elegant design and practicality – these are the main advantages of women’s bags from Coach.

To create your collections, the company uses high-quality skin, textiles, nylon, polyester, jacquard and PVC. The range of bags is replenished monthly, which makes the brand in its own way unique. Popular Popular Topical Bags “Under Starin”.

The entire cycle of the production of accessories, starting with the development of sketches and ending with the production of finished products, undergoes multistage tight control. Up to 70% of accessories ready for sale is selected, so when buying any product under the brand coach, you can be absolutely confident in high quality products.

The best perfumers of modernity work on the creation of aromas. That is why the spirits of this brand belong to the category of luxury. Here are also magnificent fruit-berry flavors, immersing in the atmosphere of the paradise garden, and deep, saturated combinations of floral smells, thin, barely catchy and tart, strong notes.


The range of women’s bags presented under the COACH brand will impress even the most sophisticated connoisseur accessories. Here you can find almost all models: from elegant and miniature clutches to volumetric luggage bags.

Products include the category of luxury, the cost of new models is high enough, but the company periodically suits sales, where you can buy products with a fairly significant discount.

Some models look not very modern (or rather, even “old-fashioned”), with such bags remain relevant at any time. Retro style today is very popular. “Antique” bags gives the shape of the sacquity or dome, serea and other decorative elements.

Lovers of trendy designs will definitely love shoppers, Tauts or Hobovo models. For a business woman offered collections of neat and elegant handbags, firmly holding form. Any model from Coach is an ergonomic design, high quality performance, excellent materials, durability, strength and multifunctionality.

The internal design of the bags is worked out no less carefully than its appearance. Each model is equipped with a plurality of pockets required for different little things.

How not to buy fake?

When the products of a certain brand begins to enjoy in great demand, it is started to fake. It did not bypass the side and the bags of Coach.

To make sure of the authenticity of the belonging, you need to pay your attention for several points:

  • Each product is equipped with an original number. It can be found on the bag lining.
  • Any bag must be decorated with an embossed label of the company.
  • Metal accessories are necessarily decorated by brand symbol.
  • Lightning castle is complemented by a piece of leather or decorated with a series of rings on a dog.
  • Impeccable performance of lines: there are no sticking threads.
  • The inner or outer side of the product is decorated with a company logo – letters “C”, looking at each other.




The first model of the watch was released under the coach brand in 1988. Today in the company’s assortment – a huge number of different models: from classic to avant-garde. For their manufacture, use genuine leather, as well as rubber, rhinestones, stainless steel and other materials.

A variety of geometric shapes (circle, square, rectangle, oval), wide color gamut (black, white, green, red, pink, green, gold and silver), excellent performance and aesthetic characteristics make this watch with a stylish, spectacular addition to the image of a successful Men or business women. This is a great gift and a valuable decoration.

Spirits Coach

The first coach aroma appeared in 2007, and from this year the company began to produce elite patterns of perfumes who had a great success. One of the most popular and favorite flavors today is COACH COACH. His formula includes sheets of honey, jasmine, orange, violets, water lily.

A series for self-confident men contains more sharp, tart smells. They are based on Bergamot, Kumkvat, Coriander, Gerani’s aromas.

COACH NEW YORK Spirits Series is non-standard, bold, bright flavors that make any image finished. They emphasize the character and give the necessary highlight. A light fragrant train perfumes COACH testifies to the excellent taste of the owner of the spirits.


The company offers several diametrically opposite directions united by common features: high quality, diverse range and exclusive design.

Reviews related to bags emphasize excellent quality sewing, beautiful fittings, smooth lines. Interesting detail: Some models are equipped with special “legs”, protected from wear. Low part of the bag.

Bags are removable adjustable belts for wearing. The skin is very high quality and is not wiped even after several years of active use. Universal design allows wearing coach bags with different sets of clothing.

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