Brand products of the trademark of IONESSI enjoys in great demand. This famous brand has gained popularity among consumers thanks to the highest quality of the manufactured shoes. We will analyze in detail: that today it offers a manufacturer, and what properties are branded products?

About brand

Footwear is better to choose from well-known firms, as it will last you as long as possible and will delight an attractive appearance. This also applies to high-quality products from the Russian trademark of IONESSI.

And it all started with opening in Krasnoyarsk in 1922 shoe factory. Initially, it was an ordinary residential building, two-floor height, with old and worn out equipment purchased in Moscow. At that time, the factory was engaged in the production of products for workers, the peasants, as well as for the needs of the Soviet Army.

In 1923, the factory (then she was called “Spartak”) was launched. And for the first year of its existence, more than 30 thousand new pairs of shoes have released. From now on, the history of IONESSI began.

During the Great Patriotic War, the enterprise worked for the needs of the army. Many workers went to the front and were awarded orders and medals.

In the 50s, the factory began to produce products for civilians.

In 1991, the company gained the status of a joint stock company. At that moment, the name of Ionesi was invented. Since then, the factory never ceases to improve its products and focuses on the quality of materials.

Every year, the brand produces more than 130 thousand pairs of high-quality shoes. All models are made of high-quality and eco-friendly materials that differ in wear resistance and durability.

Branded products are made from genuine leather of domestic and foreign origin. Such materials are as strong as possible, elastic and environmentally friendly.

All stages of production occur under careful control of specialists. Finished products are tested.

Today at the enterprise of the brand there is a high-tech equipment of German, Italian, Austrian and Russian production. Branded products are manufactured using special technologies that make it even better and durable.

Not so long ago, new and modern equipment of the last generation appeared in the factory. It allows you to create trendy shoes of increased reliability.

Original shoes of Ionesi have not been awarded honorary titles and prizes at the international level.


The Russian firm offers modern consumers the widest assortment of beautiful and high-quality shoes. Fastener of any age and taste can purchase a suitable pair. We will get acquainted with the corporate products of Ionessi.


If you want to buy high-quality and comfortable shoes, then you will definitely get acquainted with products from the domestic brand.

IONESSI offers modern fashionlessms incredibly comfortable and laconic model shoes that will look great with many stylish outfits.

To date, the model range of women’s pairs is represented by minimalistic products on a small and tight heater, classical models of Mary-Jane and feminine couples with an elongated nose.

All shoes have a restrained and incomplete design, which is perfect for both everyday and business sets of clothing.

Shoes are made of matte or lacquered skin of natural origin. Very nice and expensive branded products embossed under the crocodile skin. Similar surfaces are spectacularly looking not only on shoes, but also the Lofhes of Ionesi.

A characteristic feature of female products is a stable heel that will give confidence in every step.


Very popular lately branded boots of IONESSI. Designers create original models that will spectacularly look both in youth and in a more solid image.

Beautiful and comfortable couples can be purchased for both demi-season and frosty winter. High-quality products are available with flat soles, resistant and dense heels, as well as convenient platforms and fasteners.

For the winter season, it is recommended to select insulated couples with dense soles. The Russian brand offers modern fashionable laconic and very cozy models on lacing with insulation from natural fur. Many options are equipped with a high-tie, which will protect the ladies from the snow, moisture and drafts.

For slush demi-season, you can purchase a conventional model that does not have additional insulation.

The brand makes original shoes with leather, decorated with a crocodile or snake skins imitation. Such products have a lacquered surface and look very expensive.

Stylish models resembling men’s. They are equipped with almost flat heels, elongated noses and thin lacing.


No less demand is the company’s branded boots. High-quality products are beautifully sitting on the lady leg, emphasizing her slightness and elegance.

Beautiful and feminine specimens are equipped with resistant s square-shaped heels that are completely not felt during socks. It is impossible not to note the amazing addition of a special pad that will give a lady only a pleasant feeling even during long walks.

Very popular among the fashionistas of all ages. High specimens with drapes on the top. Such shoes look perfectly both on slim and full lanes, emphasizing the dignity of the legs and hiding their flaws.

Most steam are equipped with corrugated rubber soles. Such details provide maximum adhesion with any surfaces.

Beautiful and feminine boots are made in red, black, caramel, brown, dark blue, burgundy and gray.


The Russian brand offers modern fashionable women’s amazing models of the Bootlims. High-quality and beautiful couples are able to fit into many ladies and give them a special charm.

Stylish and attractive products are available on a square and wide heel. Middle heights are in great demand with elastic inserts on top. They are easy to wear and removed, and it is easier for them to fix pants.

Women’s shoes can be supplemented with leather straps, lacing, lightning locks and perforations on the rise.

Especially stylish and expensive look high boots made of matte leather with lacquered inserts imitating reptile skin. They will spectacularly look with many ladies.

Size chart

Today, high-quality and beautiful shoes may pick up a lady with any foot size. The brand produces models whose size starts from 36 and ends 46.


The buyers are very satisfied with the branded models of Ionesi. They celebrate the highest quality of genuine leather. Original pairs are distinguished by wear resistance, and for a long time do not lose an attractive appearance.

Rates the ladies and structure of products. Sustainable heel and thought-out shoe provide the legs maximum comfort at any time of the year.

Could not not mark the design of shoes from ionesi. Feminine and laconic couples amazingly fit not only in casual images, but also harmonize with business outfits.

Brand products are among the most comfortable on the shoe market in Russia. Ladies can be held in Jonessi shoes all day and do not feel severity or fatigue.

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