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Ivanovsky Knitwear & Quot + Sleepy & Quot +

The city of Ivanovo is famous not only by brides, but also its textiles and sewing traditions – local textiles and knitwear are known both in the country and beyond. One of the most popular today is the Ivanovo knitwear “Slept”, combining centuries-old traditions with modern fashion trends.

About brand

Ivanovo Factory of Beautiful Clothing “Slept” – a relatively young enterprise, which is a subsidiary of “knitwriters”, operating on the market for more than 20 years.

Despite his youth, the factory has already managed to find its consumer and gain popularity among women and girls who appreciate the combination of Quality and Style.

The secret of the manufacturer’s popularity lies in simple, but such necessary things as:

  • High quality goods – in the factory there is a multistage quality control system from the original raw materials – to finished things.
  • Use in the process of producing the most modern technologies – from equipment to coloring compositions and methods of their application.
  • Professionalism and high responsibility of each employee at all stages of production – people are working at the enterprise, sincerely loving their business and clearly observe the traditions of their ancestors building the first textile manufactories.

  • Rich assortment of housekeeping items for home and access to light.
  • Permanent tracking of fashion trends and consumer demand.
  • Wide sized row.
  • Price availability.

At the same time, any thing from “Sleeps”, whether it is a home dressing robe or evening dress, pleasant to the body, comfortable and practical. Every woman in them will feel like a truly beautiful, elegant and tender.

Knitted products from “Sleeps” do not fade in the sun and do not fade when washing, do not lose their freight look and form, keeping soft and original beauty.


A wide range of products of the Ivanovo factory of beautiful clothes allows every woman, regardless of age and preferences, find things for your wardrobe.

Here are:

  • Products for home – Light robes, shirts, pajamas, all sorts of kits, overalls+
  • Dresses – from home to evening outfits, with long and short sleeves, any length – from seductive mini to strict midi and elegant maxi+
  • Skirts – from “funny” clash, to business skirt pencils+
  • T-shirts – from monophonic to models with bright prints+
  • Products from Echelira+

  • Tunics and Sundars+
  • Pants and shorts+
  • Costumes – from business to everyday and sports+
  • Cardigans Futter and viscose of various styles.

All women’s clothing is presented in various color solutions, there are all possible sizes.

Size chart

Many women are quite difficult to find things suitable size. Especially when it comes to big sizes. Factory of beautiful clothes from Ivanovo took care that regardless of age and sizes, any woman could choose beautiful and stylish things to their taste.

In the model range of the company, it is possible to find products from 42 sizes (breast girth of about 84 cm, waist – 66 cm, hips – 92) to 60 (120-100-128). It is also possible to choose the models and growth.


The overwhelming majority of those who are at least once trying to Ivanovsky knitwear from “Sleeps”, could not remain indifferent to him.

Most buyers please make a significant range of clothes, in which each fashionista can find something to help create her image, will emphasize style and individuality.

Clauses and high quality things are noted – they are not stretched and do not lose sight, even after several styrics, they look perfectly on the figure, emphasizing her advantages and masking flaws.

Vanity practicality and convenience also leave enthusiastic reviews, noting that in knitwear of this factory in the summer there is no hot, and in winter it is cold that they have excellent hygroscopic qualities and even as a result of long-term socks do not lose their softness.

And, of course, the most positive feedback deserves the price of knitted things from Ivanovo – it is much lower what modern shops are offered.

Considering all this, many of those who decided to take the clothes from the “Sleeps” on the sample, has long ordered new clothes for the whole family and recommend them to girlfriends.

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