Special requirements are always presented to manufacturers of goods for young children. Things should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, hygienic and safe for crumbs. IVBEBI has long established itself as a manufacturer of very high quality, durable, practical and beautiful clothes, bedding and other goods for newborns and nursery children.

About brand

Brand “Ivbeby” appeared in 1999. Before that, she was known entitled “Diaper Company”.

The company has its own production facilities in G.Ivanovo. For sewing products use high-quality natural materials. Company designers take into account current fashion trends in the development of sketches of new clothing models.

Our popularity and demand for buyers, trademark is obliged to a wide range of products for children of different ages, the use of only natural materials, a pleasant color scheme, a variety of prints and low prices.

The range of products manufactured under this brand includes: clothes for newborns and children of different ages, sets for extract, bed linen, knitwear. All products are distinguished by high quality and democratic cost.


Every year, the company replenishes its range of new collections, which are presented in several main areas:

Goods for newborns

The smallest buyers require special attention. Gentle baby skin is very sensitive to different kind of irritation. That is why tiny bodies, sprawers, blouses, overalls, sandboxes are performed from soft, pleasant to the body of the fabrics. The design of the models is thought out so that the clothes do not constrain the movements of the child, did not rub his skin and did not give unpleasant sensations. In many ways, the seams are also promoted, which are not inside, and outward products.

The company offers several thematic collections for young children at once. There are different objects of clothing, decorated and decorated in accordance with the chosen topics, for example, “giraffic”, “Bunny”, “Misheutka”, “Oxlik”, “Mouse”.

The collection also includes diapers, towels, hats, capes, booties and other necessary newborn things.

Color Gamma collected only lungs, gentle pastel tones (pink, blue, mint, yellow, milk).

Baby clothes

This collection includes lingerie from Kulirki, Ribans and other materials and clothes for children (pajamas, suits, t-shirts, sundresses, dresses, skirts, blouses, vests, sweatshirts, leggings). Here are cozy fleece-terry bathrobes for kids, and stylish velor jumpers for young gentlemen, and denim dresses for young princesses.

For sewing children’s clothing, materials are used bright, saturated colors, and as decorations – Favorite babies plots (toys, cartoon characters, animals, flowers). The collection is presented in stylish, modern design.

Dresses, blouses, T-shirts can have a different type of sleeve, neckline, cut. For ease of use of skirts, shorts and pants are complemented by gum cuffs. Models are performed in different colors, including contrasting combinations.

Everything for the crib

This category includes pillowcases, sheets, duvets, ready-made bedding sets, blankets, pillows, blankets, sides for a crib. For the production of linen and bed accessories, natural hazard, satin, poplin, interlock, welloft, bike and other fabrics are used.

Knitted plaids

Soft, warm, cozy blankets are made in gentle, light colors. Some models are additionally equipped with lining or synthetic heaters. They will completely replace children’s blanket while walking in the child in the cold season.

Baptismal sets

The collection includes several models of dresses for girls, shirts for boys, as well as slaves, towels and ready-made baptismal sets. All clothes are made in delicate white-sanded colors.

As accessories, the company offers branded hangers for his clothes.

Size chart

The range of the company is designed for children of different age, starting from birth. Therefore, the size range of products is quite wide and begins with 56 sizes (products for newborns). The next collection goes to the children of the nursery (80-98 cm). Clothing is designed for boys and girls of different types of physique.


Increased requirements for the smallest clothing. Therefore, before buying a children’s wardrobe, parents usually get acquainted with reviews posted on the manufacturer’s website or specialized Internet playgrounds.

Among the advantages of “Ivbeby” products, buyers celebrate, first of all, convenience and comfort. Use in clothing ties, buttons, additional devices (scratches) is maximally thought out so that the child can be quickly and easily died and undress, not causing the baby discomfort.

Materials are very soft, gentle, pleasant to the child’s body. Colors are not screaming and neyovy, prints truly children and very cute.

Practicality – another plus company product. Clothes and bedding perfectly withstand multiple washing and ironing cycles, do not pull and do not deform, do not lose color intensities and do not lose.

Separate mention deserves the quality of sewing. Stitches of seams are smooth, neat, no sticking threads, fittings are very high quality.

A wide range allows you to easily collect a fairly impressive children’s wardrobe without the slightest repetition in colors, prints and design models.

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