In the process of growth, the child is very important that the shoes are high-quality and convenient. Kids do not sit in place, so their legs should feel comfortable. Trademark Kotofey offers parents high-quality prophylactic shoes.

About brand

The start of production comes in 1936. Then the former factory-kitchen in Yegoryevsk was converted to the production of shoes. Since then, manufacturers are conscientious to the development and creation of goods, adhering to all state standards requirements. The factory did not stop the work even during the war. For 80 years, the company did not stain his reputation.

In 2001, the products of the Yegoryevsk specialized factory got the name Kotofey. Now it is a brand that has gained many years of experience in the production of children’s shoes.

Since 2014, the Kotofey has launched the line of related goods. A wide range of accessories even more attracted the attention of young parents.

The manufacturer understands how important the role of shoes in the formation of the foot. Therefore, mass studies were conducted, during which a huge number of children’s legs were measured. According to the results of research, shods were developed, fully relevant features of children’s legs at any age.

Brand Kotofey positions itself as a manufacturer of preventive shoes. In the manufacture of goods, recommendations of specialized doctors are taken into account. Ergonomic characteristics of each unit correspond to age and climatic features. The task of Kotofey is the production of shoes that correctly affect the formation of the foot.


In stores, Kotofey can be found for children’s legs everything you need – from booties to teenage boots.

Sport shoes

For the active activities of the younger generation, the Kotofey produces various sneakers, sneakers and boots. They combine the characteristics of high-quality sports shoes and design corresponding to the necessary age category. For kids are bright sneakers with funny drawings and interesting decorative elements. Little Size Models Fixed Velc. For older guys – these are strict shades sneakers with a fashionable print.

Kotofey offers shoes both for active outdoor games and professional sports. Products of this brand Very wear-resistant. Children wear it until she becomes Mala.

For the winter

Special attention is paid to the winter line. For such shoes are used exclusively. Natural materials: sheepskin, natural fur or felt. Buyers choose the lining material depending on the climatic conditions and activities of the child.

Recently, the production of boots from felt felt on natural fur is increasing. Such boots came to consumers, and the demand for this kind of winter shoes increases with each season. Kotofey boots are presented in monochrome range – from beige to dark gray. Shades variations are achieved by mixing various wool. Dyes for the production of such boots are not used.

For summer

In summer models, the Kotofey uses skin and textiles so that the skin can “breathe” even in the hottest weather. In the brand catalog Wide selection of summer sandals and sandals for girls. They are made in pastel colors, decorated with all sorts of beads and flowers. Shoes for small men have a dark color gamut. But the skillful combination of shades makes them funny and original.

Before summer holidays can be stocking all sorts of sandals and beach shoes brand Kotofey. They have a wear-resistant and elastic sole. Sandals are maximally open, but firmly fixed with two buckles. Beach shoes are made from Eva (ethylenevinyl acetate). This is a practical, lightweight, hypoallergenic material.

Demi-season shoes

In the production of demi-season shoes, the focus is made on the methods of fastening the soles to the main part of the product. Kotofey took care that parents in the middle of the rains season were not upset by the slaughtered shoes. Two methods are used for fastening the sole:

  1. Lytyeva. Such models are more elastic and anatomically correct due to the use of a swap insole.
  2. Glue. With conscientious observance of technology, shoes with such a mounting method will last long even with a sock in rainy weather.


For the smallest consumers, the Kotofey allocated a separate collection “First Steps”. The manufacturer relates to the manufacture of shoes for children, which only recently began to walk. Goods of this line fully comply with the requirements.

Exceptionally natural materials are used: skin and textiles. The product should be soft, elastic, taking anatomy of a children’s legs, while maintaining the shape and keep color.

Toddler products – leather sole with small heel. 5-7 mm ascent provides proper fitting. Thanks to the inserts from TPU (thermopoliurethane), the legs do not slide.

The manufacturer focuses on the fact that the shoes of the kitofey preventive, and not orthopedic. The latter is designed to correct the wrong foot formed.

Size chart

To make it easier to choose the right size, the Kotofey offers to use the Special Table.

The table in two lines shows different scale definition scales. Metric corresponds to the length of the foot. It is customary to be denoted by a three-digit number. The size step is 5 mm. For the Schtihassic Scale per unit taken cali, which corresponds to 6.67 mm.


Among buyers of trademark products Kotofey are distributed positive reviews. Parents like a wide range, thanks to which you can always choose the desired model. Bright colors and original design do not cease to delight their little customers.

As for quality, there are no complaints from buyers. Brand shoes Kotofey is very long. However, in some cases, parents complain that products over time loses the appearance. Such reviews have both supporters and opponents. It is difficult to judge how to blame for the manufacturer in this case, considering the extremely active lifestyle of the representatives of the younger generation.

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