Madame T

Madame T

Today, before the fashionistas of all ages, there is a chic selection of high-quality and beautiful clothes. The perfect outfit may choose any lady. Today we will get acquainted with the popular Russian brand Madame T.

About brand

Russian brand specializes in the release of high-quality clothes in the classic style. Stylish and feminine outfits from Madame T are a real embodiment of elegance. Talented brand designers are developing wonderful things that are able to emphasize the beautiful figure of their owner and its excellent taste.

The assortment of Madame T is represented by high-quality models in everyday, business and solemn style. It is impossible not to note the fact that all products are designed for the ladies of any complex.

Domestic brand is on the women’s clothing market for twenty years. For such a long time, brand products have become recognizable, and also won the confidence and love of buyers.

Feminine outfits are made from natural and high-quality fabrics, which explains their unsurpassed softness, practicality and durability. It is impossible not to mark the amazing appearance of corporate clothes. It will be the perfect solution of the young lady wishing to look exquisitely and attractive.


Madame T suggests the choice of fashionite a rich assortment of stylish and high-quality things. Each lady will be able to pick up the outfit for himself, which will have to taste and is suitable in size.


The ladies often appeal to wonderful brand dresses. They can be performed both in a concise and monophonic veneer, and in bright and motley execution. It all depends only on your preferences.

Such feminine outfits are represented by short, long, straight and overclocked models. Very popular today stylish dresses with belts.

Brand designers are developing wonderful clothes that can visually hide many flaws of a female figure and make it more slim and elegant. For example, if the lady has problems with the waist, then it can be referred to as interesting products having false pockets on the hips. Full legs are easily hidden behind the skirt of the midi, and too voluminous bust can be reduced by dump trucks with small drawings.

Impressive and selection of colors of dresses. It can be both monophonic options and bright models with floral, tropical and other juicy prints.


For sunny summer, the firm produces beautiful sundresses. Lightweight and feminine outfits are perfectly looking at the background of the blooming nature and incomparably decorate the female appearance.

Designers are developing spectacular models for any type of figure. You can find in the catalogs Prixed products on neat straps, free options or short sundresses, freely sitting on the Lady Figure.


Today, a female wardrobe is difficult to imagine without a fashionable skirt. Russian brand produces wonderful models of various cut.

Fashionmen can pick up straight, narrowed, trapezoid, as well as skirts-clay and model of free cut. Beautiful and feminine clothes are ideal for everyday outputs and for hiking.

The spectacular product will be able to acquire both a young girl and a older lady. The brand offers customers model of various lengths and various colors. For example, in great demand, MIDI skirts with floral prints, checkered copies and animal models.


Stylish pans from Madame T. The brand offers modern fashion suites laconic and strict models or baggy options from flowing fabrics for socks in hot weather.

Ladies may pick up classic modes or trendy shortened trousers. Such specimens will become an excellent solution not only for everyday socks, but also for hiking.

Creative fashion suites will fall to taste loose products with a variety of prints, patterns and images. Such options look very easy and bright. They are more suitable for ordinary walks or shopping hiking.


If you want to bring into the image of thin notes of elegance and femininity, then you should pay attention to wonderful blouses and shirts from Madame T. They look insanely attractively and bright. Beautiful things are able to refresh the appearance of their owner and attract enthusiastic views of others.

Especially stylishly and attractively, original models with swans on breasts, animals and floral prints, as well as one-photon options without sleeves with straws on the neck.

Large clothing

The brand offers full young ladies. Beautiful outfits that will decorate their appetizing forms and give the image a unique charm. Large-size branded clothing enjoys enviable women’s popularity, as it transforms the silhouette of its owner and hides many flaws of the figure.

Magnificent ladies of any age category will be able to choose elegant dresses, sundresses, skirts, blouses, pants and other current things. The Russian firm gives its fans of stunning things with original and bright prints, beautiful models, emphasizing the magnificent bust, as well as popular outfits, focus on the waist.

The owner of a complete figure may well choose a luxurious dress from Madame T for a hike to a secular or a solemn event. Unrivaled evening outfit design, and their perfect Cra is able to transform female image and reincarnate their owner in a real queen.


Madame T takes one of the leading positions in the women’s clothing market, as the production of this brand is made of high-quality and safe materials. Ladies often choose the branded clothing of this manufacturer, as it differs not only by its unique design, but also practicality and wear resistance.

Technology and brand designers turn to natural and mixed tissues. For example, it may be gentle cotton, high-quality flax, flowing silk and satin, wool, chiffon and viscose.

For light summer sundresses, designers use viscose and polyester. These materials provide incomparable ease of the thing that is visible outwardly and is felt during socks.

These same materials are often used in the production of air dresses, various skirts and blouses designed for the summer season. Some models are added popular today Elastane, giving things elasticity.

Most of the raw materials comes from Turkish and European manufacturers. The quality of things from Madame T does not cause him to doubt it.

Size chart

Russian brand boasts a wide dimensional grid. Any lady will be able to pick up suitable outfit, which will emphasize the dignity of her figure and hobs flaws. Brand designers develop such things that are able to completely change the female silhouette and effectively transforming it.

Ladies only need to purchase outfit that would be perfect in size. Each stylish MADAM model T is presented in sizes from 38 to 64. This means that you can find a harmonious and attractive clothes with a lady with any complexation.


Consumers leave only positive feedback on Madame T. Ladies celebrate the unsurpassed quality of stylish clothes. Things do not lose their color after washing, do not deliver unpleasant sensations during socks and do not provoke allergic reactions. Seams in female things are made very neat and unnoticed. You will not detect sticking threads anywhere.

Could not not mark the ladies and the spectacular design of high-quality outfits. The buyers came to delight from bright colors and juicy prints that are able to visually hide behind them many shortcomings of the shapes and refresh the image of their owner.

Happy owners of a slim figure pleased the cut of feminine things. They perfectly emphasize the slender waist, attract attention to slim legs and hands.

No less satisfied with cut clothes and full ladies. With the help of high-quality outfits from the Russian brand, they were able to decorate their shape, give her proportionality and sexual femininity. Properly chosen things may well save their owner from complexes about the flaws of the figure.

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