Tashi Orto

Tashi Orto

To the selection of children’s shoes must be treated very seriously, because the health of the child depends on it. Today there is a large selection of various brands specializing in the release of high-quality and beautiful products. Today we will get closer with the popular company Tashi Orto.

About brand

Tashi Orto pleases consumers for more than 27 years. Brand began its activity in 1975, and today it takes not the last place in the global shoe market.

Mark produces children’s orthopedic shoes to which many buyers are treated for the health of their children.

Wonderful products Tashi Orto are preventive. They are able to protect the child from various pathologies and help the correct formation of the foot of the foot.

The main advantage of branded models is the special orthopedic insole, which is glued at the factory in the production process. It has an exceptionally positive effect on children’s legs and does not allow to develop flatfoot. Helps the insole and avoid unpleasant and pain during long-term socks.

Brand is popular in Russia for more than six years. He fell in love with consumers for unsurpassed qualities of children’s shoes. Each couple is distinguished by its practicality and durability, which is so important for small mods and fashionistas.

The entire range of the brand is designed for changeable weather conditions of our country. It is impossible not to note the quality of materials used in the production of branded products. This genuine leather and high quality nubuck. Such raw materials allows the skin of children’s legs to breathe even in hot weather.

Qualified orthopedic and pediatricians recommend Tashi Orto products. They celebrate its incomparable comfort and thoughtful design. These excellent qualities are provided with a high and tight back and a special insole-supinator.

Fasteners in high-quality models perfectly fix the children’s leg. All products have the most comfortable heel and flexible sole.


Brand boasts the richest assortment of high-quality products. You can easily choose the perfect product for any occasion. Consider Read more The most popular and top models of children’s shoes.

Demi-season shoes

Demi-season boots for small fashionists and fashionistas are in great demand. They are made of skin of natural origin or velvety nubuck. Such copies are perfectly sitting on a children’s leg and are suitable even for the first steps.

They are equipped with a high-top and dense sole, which are able to protect against dampness and cold winds. In the demi-season models, Tasha Orto can be easily sent for walks with the child and do not worry about the fact that his legs will get wet and frozen.

Couple can be equipped with velcro fastener or conventional shoelaces. The first option is the most suitable for the youngest children. Velcro shoes are very easy to remove and wear. The child will fully cope with it.

It is impossible not to note the interesting color solutions of shoes. They can be painted both in classic and bright and original colors. For example, gentle pink or bright red options. They like not only parents, but also children.


Winter brand boots are no less popular. As a rule, they are equipped with high-top and several clasps on it. It provides the most reliable retention of shoes on children’s legs.

The sole in such copies is not only flexible and dense, but also refined. In such a shoe, the child will not slide on ice or a snowy surface. Winter Boots of Tashi Orto will provide a beautiful clutch with an expensive and will give confidence in every step.

The upper part of the xaper has a soft and dense roller, which will be gently framing legs. Such item will not lead to the formation of corns or painful sensations even during long winter walks.


Every child just need sports shoes. It is very easy to run, jump and play. These tasks will cope with the branded sneakers Tashi Orto. They differ in their ease and convenience.

Thoughtful and comfortable models are made of genuine leather and have a profiled sole of polyurethane. Product lining is also made of leather and delivers exceptionally pleasant sensations during socks.

In the role of fasteners of sneakers perform velcro. Shoes perfectly sitting on legs and does not fall during active pastime.

The perfect fixation of orthopedic products will ensure the correct location of the children’s stop in the inside. Legs will not move from side to side, which can lead to serious injury and disorders.


For summer season, the brand offers high-quality sandals. They will become an excellent solution for long walks. Products may have a closed or outdoor thoughts, so you can choose a pair for any weather.

Footwear is made of genuine leather and has an insole and lining from a similar material.

Branded products will allow a children’s leg to breathe and give the sea of ​​pleasant sensations. Soft and high-quality processed materials will not lead to the formation of corns and scaffolding on the skin of the legs and the ankles.

Profiled sole in thoughtful models has a special lift and flat heel. These elements will ensure the most comfortable and safe sock.

All pairs are equipped with buckles and velcro. Footwear with such details will be perfectly sitting on the legs, and will not fly while walking.

In Arsenal Tashi Orto, there are sandals of different colors. For example, for small princesses produced charming copies of pink, coral, white, light purple and red.


Especially popular cute sandals, complemented by decorative elements. These can be charming animals, flowers or butterflies.


To date, Orto Tasha’s shoes are one of the most comfortable and in demand in the children’s shoe market. They have a special design that provides a safe and comfortable sock.

High quality shoes perfect for daily prevention flatfoot. They have a semi-rigid heel, a tough litter insole (with latex coating) and a special heel of Thomas (orthopedic). The last detail is very reliable, as it does not addate while walking and provides unsurpassed stability.

Soft and comfortable products are tightly held on children’s legs due to durable buckles, located on the ankle.

They will become an excellent solution for warm weather, as they have open details in the rise area. Legs in such pairs will not sweat. They will be relevant and in a cool day, as they have a closed thoughts and a dense sole. Brand shoes Tashi Ortho with confidence can be called universal.

We will delight little girls and boys original colors of high-quality shoes. Brand Designers Designed Beautiful Models of Light Gray, Pink, Bright Orange, Chocolate and White Color.

Size chart

Pair of shoes must be perfectly approaching your choices. To properly define it is necessary:

  • Put on the floor (smooth) paper sheet.
  • Put on him a child. Do not forget, the baby must stand perfectly smoothly and right.
  • Take a pencil (pen, felt-tip pen) and circle the feet of the child on the contour paper.
  • Now measure the distance from the thumb to the heel in centimeters.
  • The legs of the smallest can be measured with the help of a rope. Just measure her feet and attach to the ruler.

Choosing an ideal pair, consider the fact that orthopedists are not recommended to acquire shoes for children, the size of which is more than 1 cm. Except from this rule are winter models. They can be greater than 1 or 1.5 cm. Products for the first step should have a margin not exceeding 1 cm.

Dimensional mesh Tashi Orto allows you to choose comfortable shoes for both the smallest and older children. All sizes correspond to the GOST.


Thoughtful parents who have chosen Tashi Orto for their Chad, leave only positive feedback on their acquisitions. They noted the highest quality materials of products and their comfort. Corn and redness are not formed on children’s legs, even after long walks.

Many kids branded models corrected flatfoot and improved gait.

In winter and in demi-season, children are not flawed in shoes and shoes Tashi. Parents celebrate and the fact that the legs in them are completely not wedged.

Could not not please consumers and affordable shoe price, with its high quality. Beautiful and reliable products are durable and do not have to change them to new models in a couple of months.

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