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Tula knitwear

Knitted clothing has long been well-deserved due to its convenience, ease, practicality and external appeal. Knitted knitted jumpers, cardigans, dresses and skirts – an integral part of the everyday wardrobe of any woman. Tula Knitwear is one of the most famous and beloved domestic brands offering a wide range of products for various occasions at competitive prices.

About brand

Tula Knitwear manufactures male, female and linen knitwear, knitted canvas and weakly high-quality stocking, as well as high-quality school uniforms.

The history of the company has a lot of decades. At first it was a small knit shop, which later transformed into a hugger-knit factory. Today, Tula Knitwear OJSC is a solid company with powerful industrial opportunities.

The whole process of production, starting with the development of new models, ending with the production of industrial batch, occurs in the walls of one enterprise. Each stage passes hard control. Products of the company are in demand far beyond our country.

As a material for sewing collections, only the highest quality raw material is used: linen, cotton, woolen yarn, elastane, bamboo, acrylic yarn, multi-model and other fabrics.

The range of the company includes a wide range of all seasons. All products of the company undergoes mandatory certification.


In collections annually produced by Tula Knitwear, the following types of clothing are presented:

  • Jumper. Lungs, openwork models are made of blended yarn. The neck may have a rounded, square, V-shaped form, performed in the form of a clamp or in another form. Sleeve – short, long, ¾. Jumpers are performed in light or dense mate, can be monophonic, multicolored, decorating with prints.

  • Stylish cardigans and jackets. They will be able to completely replace light autumn coat. Warm, cozy, beautiful models are made of woolen and half-walled yarn in modern stylish design and decorated in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

  • As a daily or office clothing, the company offers a large selection of dresses, skirts, vests, tunica, sweaters and palatins. All clothes are made in classic and modern design, presented in a wide range of colors and a huge size range.

By the way, a wide dimensional mesh is one of the main advantages of the company. Look fashionable and beautifully worthy of any woman, regardless of growth, weight, age and complex.

The company’s designers rightly believe that women’s clothing are not necessarily balachons and shapeless tunics of discreet colors. Fashionable, bright dresses, sweaters, skirts, jumpers will help effectively emphasize luxurious forms and adjust small flaws of the figure.

The rich color palette in which clothing is presented, includes gentle pastel shades, saturated, deep tones, combined options.

In addition to women’s knitwear, the company offers a wide selection of school uniforms, a collection of male knitwear and sportswear, clothing for military personnel, hosiery products.

Size chart

Production of the trademark “Tula knitwear” is available in a wide dimension range. Special attention is paid to large clothes. Luxury ladies 56, 58 and even 62 clothing size can easily choose a suitable option for every day, a beautiful work kit, a sweatshirt for sports.


Reviews about the products of Tula Knitwear, which are found on the Internet, most often are positive. Mostly buyers celebrate a wide range of products, decent quality, rich color gamut, interesting drawings of mating jumpers, dresses, sweaters and other clothes.

The next plus is the complete matching of the size of the dimensional grid and the beautiful landing on the figure. Knitted canvas has a pleasant soft and gentle surface. The fabric is not stretched and does not sit even after numerous styrics and retains a magnificent initial view.

Insulated jackets, cardigans and jumpers retain warmly, allowing skin to breathe and not creating a greenhouse effect. In the lungs, openwork blouses comfortably and comfortable even on the hottest day.

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