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Jelly shoes, or “soap”, popular in the 80s-190s of the twentieth century, today again at the peak of fashion trends thanks to the new Brazilian brand Zaxy. Footwear is made from environmentally friendly materials. Brazilian brand conquers Russian buyers in the new season.

About brand

The young brand Zaxy from the Brazilian company-producer Grendene penetrates the shoe market of Russia. Brazil – the country of expendable fun and recreation. Brazil’s paint violence has been reflected in the shoes, which is produced in this country.

Zaxy – Young fast-growing brand of jelly shoes, made by special technology from elastic plastics. All products are saturated with fun and specifically designed for children and girls who lead an active lifestyle. Mark uses bright colors and bold models in its models, emphasizing the confidence and style of their owners.

The Brazilian company monitors the environmental friendliness of the entire production process. “Soaps” are environmentally safe and can be recycled in world manufacturer plants.

In production, the exclusive HUG Tech technology is used, which provides elasticity and special softness of the product. The special composition of the polymer, on the one hand, retains juicy colors and texture for many years, on the other hand, does not absorb dirt. Environmentally proven materials allow legs to breathe, with a long wear, do not rub and do not irritate the skin. Models have an ergonomic insole from an artificial material that supports the foot and prevents legs from fatigue.


Zaxy is one of the brands Grendene – companies with a rich history, which originates since 1971. Grendene has its design bureau where, along with other world brands, the Zaxy brand models are being developed. That is why the range is constantly updated and keeps up with world fashion trends. Concept of a young brand – enjoy life everywhere: on the beach, walk, rest, during sports. When developing a new collection of 2017 designers did not forget about the fashion trends of Family Look. Family Look models organically complement the female and children’s collections.

The products of the Young Brand Zaxy are gaining popularity worldwide. The hot climate of Brazil explains the prevalence of the Summer Collection Models. Under this brand, female and children’s shoes are produced:

  • Beach sandals+
  • sandals+
  • Pantoletti+
  • shoes+
  • Sabo+
  • rubber boots+
  • ballet shoes+
  • Slippers+
  • Kedy.

Lightweight shoes, bright, comfortable and high-quality.

Size chart

Zaxy is produced in Brazil, so the sizes on the shoes are indicated by American standards. So, on the American dimensional grid are presented:

  • Children’s Collection – 1-13 Sizes+
  • Women’s Collection – 5-10 Sizes.

In Russian stores and online stores, shoes have the following dimensional grid:

  • Children’s Collection – 23-36 Sizes+
  • Women’s Collection – 35/36-41 / 42 Sizes.


According to customer reviews, you can judge the real quality of the goods. Many owners of this product in the first consideration of the Brazilian brand drew attention to the similarity of shoes with “soaps”, known and relevant in the 80-90s. Makes to draw attention to this shoes and thanks to bright and juicy colors, interesting textures, accessories.

Most shopping of Zaxy shoes is performed through online stores. In this case, the main thing is not to be mistaken with the size. Buyers advise to measure the stack from the heel to the tip of the thumb.

It should also be noted that women’s models are slightly sized, so it is quite acceptable to choose the size of more familiar.

The price range of a young Brazilian brand is above average. But the quality of the product fully justifies the cost. No unpleasant smell, unlike many PVC products and polymers. Hypoallergenian shoes, does not rub and does not injure the foot, the top of the shoes is soft and elastic. Shoes withstand a sock of several seasons without losing at the same time and colors.

Having tried the quality of products of the Brazilian company on yourself, many girls choose this brand for their babies. Moreover, designers offer Family Look for mothers and little daughters, which is very relevant this season.

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