Evening wedding dresses for full

Evening wedding dresses for full

You were invited to the wedding, but your fullness does not add you confidence? Believe it, it is better to be an appetizing pyshechka, closed in a stylish dress, the thinness of which there is nothing to put on the show and it is difficult to choose a dress that would be sitting on the figure. So what to wear for the celebration?

Stamps for a summer wedding

Sarafan with a high waist and the floor length is a favorite, relevant and very popular fit in the summer wardrobe of a full woman. When else experiment, as not in the summer?

Is it worth saying that if you are invited to a beach wedding – this is the perfect option. So let the will feelings and try on colorful fabrics consisting of gentle and thin lines, silhouettes and images. Very relevant will be non-erased belt or straps on summer cloth.

In the Summer Facon, the neckline – certainly deep, and let it be made in Greek style. But not direct cut, because the image is turned horizontal. If the skirt is wide, it will not be equal to you. Shades of the outfit can be selected, focusing only on your taste.

Do not go around the bright dresses that are in the trend. Even if black is your favorite color, change it on a dark blue or choose a lace dress with a lining of another color, for the holiday all the same are going. Valid length varies within the knee and ankle. But for highly bold girls there are no restrictions and even short dresses can look spectacular on the appetizing body.

To complete the body a little stretch and move into growth, you need to choose summer models in the floor in the ampir style.

An ideal style of this area is considered a and silhouette with a fairly deep neckline, which will attract views to the desired part of the body – chest. If the strap is thrown through the neck, and the dress itself is long, then it can be considered the ideal option for a full-scale girl.

With a thin waist, but wide thighs (pear-shaped type of shape) It is worth looking at well-fitted models with an expanding skirt formed by the type of trapezium. The waist needs to be highlighted, for example, a wide, bright belt that will not merge with a common outfit.

In the trend remains a short front dress, a long rear, as well as with asymmetric bottom or riding.

Stamps for Spring Celebration

In the spring women bloom like the May flowers. After the tightening winter, I want to straighten your shoulders, shrouded with a nice cloth a new dress, which shouts all about your femininity and readiness for romance. Yes, and the reason it allows.

First consider the length of the midi, which it seems never to lose its popularity. This length is relevant for retro weddings. Well, if the hem has an integrated structure that serves as the echo of this style. But case-case dresses are also welcome, like sleeves of various lengths.

Modern vintage models are well described in a figure and do certainly focus on the chest. Here all the ways are good and acceptable: decollete, the most deep, unusual drapery and bright decorations. Any of these elements is well combined with a good skirt folding and creates harmony in the image, and the figure acquires harmony.

Evening dress with a deep neckline made in the form of an English letter V will make the neck longer, almost swan, and the breast is expressive and mounted. Lush woman in any color will be seductive, but especially in red, blue, brown dress.

Spring collections are always full of bright colors and colors. True, this season was pleased with fashionable and even dilated pink and purple palettes, which are suitable for the evening dress for a wedding. The prints that are in the fashion do not create a sharp contrast, have floral motifs, abstraction and even a cage.

Do not forget about lace. Even small elements in the form of a belt or decor on the bodice will emphasize the style of the outfit for such an important celebration like a wedding of a loved one.

Autumnal models

Fashion dictates that for the autumn wedding celebration, the choice should be stopped on the silhouettes of burgundy color in juicy design, gray and blue, in which simple lines are dominated, which are given freedom.

Light fitness or straightness in the silhouettes – that is what sets the tone of this fall. Sleeping can be hidden in detail: deep single folds in bunk versions, deep cuts, elements “smell” and asymmetry.

In the fall, I still do not want to part with bright colors. So evening dress for a wedding can be chosen in beige, blue or even orange. When combined with a matte cloth, such juicy and color-filled color are capable of perfectly simulate the figure in the right direction.

Many are interested in the question whether it is possible to wear a black for a wedding? If we take into account that the bride itself can choose a dress in this color, then why not. But it is better to dilute it with a contrast, expressed in decoration, belt, drawing, for example.

For a colder time will be relevant. Here you can not be afraid of drapes and folds. Usually they are well idle by the body, and if there is also a style that is chosen correctly, then no one can guess that the shortcomings are present on your appetizing figure.

Choosing a subtle material that has good drawing properties, you risk. All body folds will live their lives while driving – the view is not very promising. To avoid such an opposite effect, you need to be able to understand the knitwear. He must have some “standing”, such as Strech Caton, Strech with a cotton cloth combined, Interlock.

If your bust stands out and advocates the dignity of the figure, the knitted empty dress with a high waist will be your option. Such an outfit can be a good option for removing the abdomen and transformation of posture. With full hands, you must need an outfit with the sleeves, for example, in three quarters. Length can reach the knee and have a free cut. No one will reproach you in the absence of style and elegance.

Winter knitted styles

In winter, I want to surround yourself with warmth and softness, even picking up an evening outfit for a wedding. It is quite possible even bbw. In a knitted dress of large size, it has the right to be just straight or slightly fitted style. You can dilute the image with a wide leather strap.

With a small breast, a very good solution will serve a collar-clay, just not too big. If the chest is impressive, it will be required to exclude it at all. The sleeve may be present, but not more than three quarters.

Field for experiments lies in print. If there is a drawing in the knitting, then it should be small and transverse. Large strips not for a large figure. Relatively length, then there are no special prohibitions. Maybe you want to wear leggings or leggings – it’s always, please.

Each style can be relevant for any season, it all depends on the preferences and features of the figure. Want to be sexual? Choose a short outfit with neckline. Want to add riddles to image? Then dress in a deep floor with a cut, which will compromise you slightly.

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