Jackets of large sizes for full women

Jackets of large sizes for full women

In the wardrobe of modern women there is a special place, in truth, a universal object of clothing – jacket. It is not surprising that this element of the wardrobe became favorite for women of the size “Plus”.

Jackets are not only able to create a completed image, but also thanks to a special cut will make your figure more proportional, hob the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages. The main thing is to correctly select the model, the size of the product and reasonably combine the jacket with other elements of the ensemble.


Shortened models of jackets

The length of such a product comes to the line of the waist or slightly falls for it. Cutting such jackets can be free or fitted, with a collar or without, with lapels or a round gate, with a fastener on one or more buttons. A variety of models of such jackets in truth is great.

A shortened jacket looks great with the classic strict dress, with a straight or trapezoid skirt. Very spectacular shorten jacket looks in an ensemble with an overwhelmed waist. The shortened model of the jacket will be an excellent addition to any image of the lighter women.

Elongated models of jackets

The most popular and beloved women’s size “plus”. Such models are especially well hiding problem areas and advantageously emphasize the waistline line and chest. Effectively similar models look like a fit / semi-limited and casual.

Combine Such products can with skirts, dresses, classic trousers and jeans. And what would be visually distorting the proportions of the figure, you need to stick to the simple rule – the shorter the bottom of the image, the longer the jacket!

Long tweed jackets without collar

Very stylish and practical element of the Spring-Autumn Day. In addition, models without a collar create such an urgent style of minimalism. If desired, such a jacket can be supplemented with accessories, for example, a beautiful cervical scarf.

Jacket without sleeves

As a rule, such a model has an elongated style. This thing will easily fit into any wardrobe.

Such models are perfectly combined with classic skirts and pants, jeans, dresses. Jacket can be put on top of classic shirts, romantic blouses, t-shirts, turtlenecks and tops. And for women of lush forms – this element of clothes will be simply indispensable.

Single-breasted jackets

So diverse in the shapes that there will always be a suitable model for any type of shape. Such jackets can be fitted and casual, with long sleeves, or three-quarter sleeves.

Very spectacularly look at models of casual with a classic collar or collar stand. Single-breasted jackets can be worn with classic trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses.

Double-breasted jackets

Very spectacular model. Similar jackets will decorate a woman full of physique, and if necessary, adjusts a small amount of chest.

So that the outfit looks spectacularly, it is necessary to take into account a simple feature – the number of buttons in the ranks depends on your growth. Above height – buttons more, and vice versa. Double-breasted jackets are perfectly combined with trousers, skirts and classic style dresses.

Knitted jackets

Soft, comfortable, comfortable, perfectly suitable for all women without exception. Openworks of fine yarn, flirty shortened jackets – a stunning addition to a romantic dress or sundress.

Comfortable elongated major mating jackets – a great addition to trousers and jeans.


Variety of models – not the only advantage of jackets. This element of clothing boasts an abundance of all kinds of fabric species that are used for their manufacture.

Jacket of wool and tweet

The most popular and practical option. This is comfortable, warm fabric is perfectly holding the shape of the product.

The popularity of using these tissues will allow you to choose a suitable jacket for any fashionista. From such fabrics, they sew classic shortened and elongated models, as well as jackets without a collar.

Suit Fabric Jacket

Other, as close as possible in shape to the jacket and makes up a wonderful classic ensemble. It is truly a universal thing.

Single-breasted and double-breasted jackets in both short-circuit and extended version look very impressive.

Cotton and Len

Comfortable natural fabrics that are very popular for the manufacture of light summer jackets with elongated and shorten sleeves.

Veneurian jackets

This is a stylish and fashionable option that real fashion guards choose. Such jackets can replace light jackets.

Silk and Atlas Jackets

These materials are mostly used by fashion designers for the manufacture of evening jackets. These fabrics look bright, very easily decorated with embroidery or drapery.

Jackets made of fur

Stunningly stylish and relevant! Shorten jacket models. Extended fur jackets – practical, but at the same time an elegant thing.

And, of course, it is impossible not to note the stunning combined jackets – where the fur plays the role of finishing or decor, for example, the fur can only be a collar or pockets.

Tips for choosing

Consider the features of the choice of jacket for women of the size “Plus”.

  • For women with outstanding hips, fitted jackets with wedges are perfect – we carry them in an ensemble with a dress or a straight cutting skirt. This combination is visually correcting the proportions.
  • For women with a wide line shoulder, straight jackets are perfectly suitable for the middle of the hip or shorter. And attention to the lush bust will attract a V-neck.
  • Women of lush physique and not high growth in the ideal option will be shortened jacket models, and the styles may be the most diverse – fitted, cured to the bottom or straight. But elongated models of low women are contraindicated – they will further expand the figure and visually reduce growth.
  • The owners of the bulk bust undoubtedly need to emphasize! And what if not jacket, you will help?! Choose styles with a deep neckline or chest decor – and all the attention will be riveted to the dignity of your figure.
  • The happy owners of a thin waist worth give preference to the models of the middle length of the fitted silhouette. For you, models will be relevant with the belt or elements of the decor in the waist area.

Women with the size of the “plus” should draw their attention to the asymmetric models of the jackets, but from too shortened and fitting models it is worth refusing!

And in conclusion, we will pay attention to the color decision in choosing the right jacket. Stylists and fashion experts advise paying their attention to monophonic jacket models. Do not be afraid of bright tones – the jacket of the correct style using the color will create a fashion focus on everything. If you need to visually reduce the upper part of your figure – give preference to dark shades of blue, green, brown and fingered black. If you, on the contrary, you need to draw attention to the chest area – boldly choose bright shades.

Jacket is an indispensable element of the wardrobe that does not come out of fashion and gives many options for creating exactly your, unique and unique image of all occasions.

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