Women’s Large Sizes

Women's Large Sizes

Girls with complete forms must necessarily have several turtlenecks in their wardrobe, as they can be worn in any situation. This element of the wardrobe is universal. Using a turtleneck, you can create a unique bow in an office, everyday or romantic style.


Initially, turtlenecks were only from knitted knitwear and represented by one model. Variety consisted in different color solutions. But today everything has changed dramatically.

Designers use different materials, offer beautiful styles, unforgettable models, but at the same time take into account the wishes of girls with lush forms, creating stylish models for them.

A distinctive feature of a turtleneck is a rack collar that can be single or rolled several times. He gives this clothes charm and charm.

All models of turtleneck can be divided into several groups:

Classic Models have middle-length, long sleeve and high neck.

Body divers ideal for the incarnation of a sports image for every day. They differ convenience and reliably protect from cold.

Turtlenecks mesh Made from thin fibers. Full girls are worth wearing them with other things using the effect of multi-layered. Such an outfit is suitable for solemn or evening bows.

Seamless pattern allow you to correct the shape, hide distressed places. Such turtlenecks are characterized by density and elasticity.

Turtlenecks include Sweaters with a high neck. Girls with magnificent forms are suitable extended volumetric models, but with tightlying it is worth being neat.


The main difference of turtlenecks from the sweater is the delicate, thin fabric. Turtlenecks are made from a variety of materials. For the cold season, dense options are perfect, which is based on wool.

For summer, an excellent solution will be turtlenecks from light or transparent fabric. Polyester is based on such models.

The most common turtlenecks are those models that are sewed from the viscose with a small addition of Elastane and Polyester. This turtleneck is suitable for any time of the year. It can be worn with a bolero, jacket or cardigan.

Competent color solutions

When creating a fashion bowl, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of colors. The turtleneck can become an emphasis, main or additional tone. Monochrome knitwear is very often responsible for the overall stylistics of the bow. Universal color solutions is a white and black model. They can be combined with different elements of the wardrobe.

White turtleneck perfectly suitable for business women, managers or office workers. It can be combined with a strict cardigan or classic jacket. Such a tandem looks great with a straight or narrowed skirt.

White Turtleneck in an ensemble with blue, green or red costume emphasizes elegance, confidence and deserved business woman.

Red dye is an embodiment of sexuality, extravagance and brightness. This model is to combine with a bottom of dark blue or black. In a tandem with light tones, a red turtleneck will look not so bright, giving the image of confidence.

Black diver is universal. It is perfect for girls with lush forms. Competently selected length of the product will allow you to hide extra centimeters on the waist.

Bright options or models, decorated with interesting drawings, it is worthwhile with monophonic things.

Turtlenecks can be used to implement not only office style, but also for the style of Casual or Smart Casual, which allow you to experiment with flowers. Many girls love mix colors, but representatives of lush forms should be very neat, as several colors change the proportions of the body. You can combine no more than three colors, then the image will look harmonious.

Tips for choosing

  • Lush women should abandon shortened models. Such a teddy will bring a feeling of discomfort, because it will constantly rise up.
  • Need to choose the size. The smaller model will only emphasize the extra guarantees on the waist, and you will seem even more.
  • Very nice sitting on the figure Turtle tissues. They are superbly suitable for cold season.

What to wear?

The turtleneck can be used to embody a business bow. She replaces strict blouses. For office style It is worth selecting one-photon turtlenecks made of fine wool or cashmere in tandem with classic pants or a pencil skirt. Shoes on a low heel Beautifully complement the image of a business woman.

For the embodiment of the romantic, female image, it is worth preferring a turtleneck in calm colors. It should be worn with a widespread trousers, worshipers from hips or knee. To add a charm onions worth paying attention to the decorations that should be large and bright.

Casual image can be created due to the combination of turtlenecks with jeans of any style and color solutions. Elegant cardigan or fur vest will give a look of a special charm. When choosing shoes, you should give preference to the models on the heel.

Turtlenecks can be combined with jacket, sundress or vest, and they can also be used as a separate element of clothing.

For a meeting with friends, an ideal solution will be a turtleneck in a tandem with a denim jacket or cardigan. To embody the evening image it is worth paying attention to the model from the elastic lace, which should be supplemented with exquisite accessories.

Full girls can wear turtlenecks with trousers or skirts of a variety of styles. Beautifully looks combination of turtlenecks with sundress. Full girls can afford to wear a dress with a deep neckline and short sleeves, if under the bottom wear turtleneck. Beautiful tandem makes up a turtleneck with jackets of classic cut and fur vests.

The turtleneck can be used as a color accent, while the bottom must be monophonic and presented in the dark tone. An excellent solution is a tandem with a pencil skirt. Classic stiletto boats will help add a sophistication image and visually lengthen the silhouette.

In the cold season, turtlenecks can be put on windbreakers, blazers, coats or raincoats. It will make it feel comfortable and convenient, despite the weather.

Spectacular images

Beautiful and elegantly looks black turtleneck with straight crumb trousers. Graceful high-heeled shoes make a visual image of slimmer. Little long necklace decorate zone neckline.

To create a bright image, you can wear a lilac-colored turtleneck in a tandem with a gray sundress of a dense knit length of length slightly above the knee. Beautiful handbag in turtleneck tone will help make an image more harmonious.

In the cold season, a black turtleneck can be worn under a dark green coat. Black pants and leather gloves look perfectly in tandem with stylish riding.

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