Women’s sports costumes of large sizes

Women's sports costumes of large sizes

Features and advantages

Sports style takes an increasing place in the women’s wardrobe and is meant not only for sports activities, but also for active and home leisure, walks, shopping hikes, departure to nature, as home clothes. Sportswear goes almost to all. No exception and owner of a full figure.

Properly selected sports suit helps to hide the flaws of the figure and provides freedom of movements.


Distinguish sports costumes by sports: Beach, ski, for fitness and t.D. And there is also the so-called “target” division:

  • For sports+
  • Casual+
  • Professional+
  • For outdoor activities.

Sports costumes for sports are made of sports fabrics, which are elastic, do not argue movements, hygroscopic, thermostatic. In such models, the smallest details of the costume are thought out, a convenient fit on the figure is used, without extra decoration.

Casual models can be worn at home for a walk, on shopping. Such models allow more democratic lines of cut, finishing, remaining as comfortable as possible. Professional sports costumes are designed for athletes of a certain sport – for tennis, water polo or skis, etc.

For outdoor activities use sports suits with more “case” cut and finishing: for tourism, parties, trips to nature. In such models, for example, the jacket can be with a heatel or a rise, transformation and t.D. Embroidery, drawings and prints, decorative elements, material combination are used in the decoration.

Following modern fashion trends, sports costumes have become more diverse on the components of the elements, new colors, prints, use the latest technology cutting and sewing, modern fabrics.

A classic sports suit consists of a jacket and trousers, usually long. Now sports costumes, including large sizes, can consist of a jacket and bridges, shortened or narrowed trousers, with sleeve ¾, various variations of the gate, fasteners, interesting cut, sports T-shirts and T-shirts also did not remain aside.

Steel are increasingly used fashionable colors in large-sized sports costumes, destroying the stereotype that the owners of a lush figure are bright colors do not go. Modern sports costume large size should not greatly facilitate the figure, while not to create sensations of dimensionlessness. It is allowed a little free landing on the figure.


A variety of types of sports costumes and models implies use of various fabrics. The main fabrics are cotton, polyester, stretch, fleece, microfiber, knitwear, velor, dusp, spandex and various blended fabrics. Professional sports form uses certain types of fabrics for sewing, such as sports mesh, membrane, Lycra, Futoot, Micropolier and DR.

As a rule, fabrics in pure form are not used in modern sportswear.

Sports suits made of cotton allow the skin to breathe, have hygroscopicity. Polyester is able to keep the shape and durability of color. Microfiber has good thermoregulation and heat saving. Knitted things are very pleasant in tactile and easy to care. Often there are female sports costumes from velor for everyday wearing. Such models are very comfortable and comfortable, pleasant to the touch, can be supplemented with spectacular finish from rhinestones, embroidery and t.D.

Brand and branded models

Sportswear’s tailoring is engaged in many famous global brands. Undoubted leaders and headlines are Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Umbro, Puma, Asics, New Balance and others. Along with these pure sports brands, develop their lines of sportswear and leading world fashion houses and designers.

  • Adidas- German brand founded in the late 40s of the last century. It is a popular manufacturer of sportswear, footwear and sports accessories for professional sports and mass use. Products of this brand distinguishes high quality, proven over many years of brand existence, traditional models, innovation and accessibility. Individual clothing lines are produced in separate sports directions and for all ages.
  • Asics- Japanese brand founded in 1949. Originally specialized in sports shoes. Later, expanded the product line to sportswear for professional and amateur sports. Products of this brand combines manufacturability, comfort, innovativeness and price availability.
  • Reebok – one of the oldest sports brands. Founded at the end of 19 months in the US. Currently, an international brand and manufactures sportswear, shoes and inventory for professionals and lovers. The basic orientation of the brand is active sports and recreation. The combination of high quality and affordable prices made a popular one brand worldwide. Now this brand is part of the Adidas Corporation.

How to choose?

Choosing a large-sized sports suit to consider your type of appearance and features of the figure. And of course, the target purpose of the sports suit plays the main role.

Sports costume should be semi-work to the figure, not seem to be big or cramped. To visually lengthen growth and make a silhouette of slimmer need to remember that it is capable of lamps (vertical stripes on sleeves, trousers), contrasting inserts on the sleeves, in the chest and belly area.

Successfully selected length of the upper part of the sports suit allows you to look slimmer and hide extra shortcomings. Top is better to choose a straight cut free on the bottom. In some cases, the upper jacket of a costume with a wide elastic band is suitable for luxury ladies.

Better to purchase several options for the bottom of the sports suit to one top. It can be long straight pants, slightly narrowed option, sports breeches, leggings, shortened pants.

For daily jogs, it is better to give preference to bridges and a t-shirt for warm weather, and trousers and a jacket for cold weather.

For fitness, preferably a light suit, tightly adjacent in the figure of elastic and breathable fabrics. For winter sports – ski walks, skiing on sledding and t.D., You should choose costumes from a jacket and insulated trousers with a comfortable landing, not constraintful movements. For home, walks and shopping, you can give preference to a sports suit from velor, fleece with various decor, or soft and fluffy fabrics.

There are no restrictions on the color decision, therefore you can choose any option according to your taste. If you have full hips and legs, the perfect option will be a combination of dark bottom and bright tops, which visually backed the figure. In the event that the upper part of the body is fully the opposite combination of colors.

Stylish images

  • Stylish tracksuit for classes in the gym or outdoor activities consists of a bright turquoise jacket and a black bridge. Jacket of direct free Croes, with original cut and decorative decoration of seams, counter-collar. Lightning and long sleeves. Sleeve elongated with a thumb hole. Convenient Lightning Pockets. Lightning does not stand out and coincides with the color of the jacket. The length of the jacket until the middle of the hips hides all flaws of the figure. The bright color of the jacket in combination with the dark bottom distracts attention from the legs and visually slim fit. Breeches below the knees dense legs tightly, they are elastic and do not constrain movements.

  • Comfortable and comfortable sports suit of large size for fitness, yoga, in the gym consists of a light sports t-shirt with long sleeves and trousers. T-shirt of bright turquoise color, without fasteners, with a round neckline of a thicker and breathable fabric. Cra T-shirt free, straight, semi-crashes to the figure, hiding fullness. Dark color pants with contrasting and wide turquoise lamps.

  • Excellent sports suit for everyday life with original print in white polka dot on black background. Consists of a jacket with a hood with a zipper, with comfortable side pockets. Contrast metal zipper, a gum at the bottom of the jacket harmoniously complement the model. The originality of the model gives the design of the print on a jacket in front and rear, leaving the fields in the form of a strip near the zipper, on the shoulders and bypassing the hood. Long pants are free, on the cuff below. Also, the original is the print – on the sides of the pantian and in the zone of the side pockets, creating the effect of lampas. Model from sports knit, convenient in sock and care.

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