Women’s underwear for full

Women's underwear for full

Heroine chic Kate Moss goes back: Size model plus every day are becoming increasingly popular and appear on the podiums of fashion houses. Designers drew attention to women with lush forms, and now the choice of clothing, and even more so – the underwear, for them is no longer a problem.

Views and models

In stores you can see a variety of forms, models and design of underwear for complete women. Of course, it is better to abandon them from the streaking, but when the choice of linen is so great – this will not be the tragedy.

Combinations, a variety of bras, lace bodies, corsets and even a belt for stocking – it all depends solely on personal preferences.

A separate element of an intimate wardrobe for complete women can be considered pulling or corrective linen. It looks like overestimated panties or pantalon, or it can be a shirt on a form resembling corset. Combinations and overalls, pulling out the figure, help visually narrow the silhouette, removing the shortcomings and emphasizing the advantages.

Corrective panties

This type of linen can be performed in three versions: high-tech panties, shorts or combined.

If the selection falls on the model with an overwhelmed waist, then you need to follow the folds in walking.

The main thing when choosing panties shorts – so that there is no visible skinny skin under the edges of the linen.

The best choice in terms of color palette – neutral black, white or beige. Well, if the pulling underwear will be seamless or with very neat not thick seams. Of course, such underwear can not be worn and constantly, but for a special occasion, slender girls are chosen to hide flaws.

Tights or pantalonia

Basically, they are made of materials that possess the anti-cellulite effect, which will allow to keep the skin in a tone. If you choose conventional tights or stockings, then you need to stick to the main rule – the absence of a large drawing and stripes.


In the manufacture of shorts for complete women used spandex, nylon and lycra. Often there is a corset in such models, which is arranged in such a way that it lifts the chest and forms posture.


This element of the underwear perfectly adjusts the figure and posture. A huge number of models will help choose the one that is suitable for you.


To the opening of the beach season, too, you need to prepare thoroughly – what a swimsuit is better to choose women Saying Plus?

From separate swimsuit models it is necessary to refuse: it is better to choose a solid one-photon or with a large flower print, vertical or contrast stripes. Circles, polka dots and other geometry are undesirable.

Pareo – the best friend on the beach for owners of non-standard figures. This big handkerchief is able to hide all the shortcomings not only in full women, but also in thin.

Pareo, like a swimsuit, it is better to choose in a neutral color scheme, only accents or details will be appropriate from bright colors.

To visually make the figure thinner choose the model with a contrasting light stripe in the middle.

Other types of linen

In addition to pulling and adjusting linen, there is a common. For example, Body.

This is the perfect option for lush forms. Bodi visually adjusts the figure, combining panties and bra. This quality will make it easier to facilitate the choice of the kit.

Peignoirs and combinations are also a great choice: they can not look better on full figures. On the style they can resemble a short barbell, but it will be comfortable to sleep in it.


Beautiful lace lace capable of any woman raise self-esteem and give confidence. No exception and size “plus”. It is important only to pick up underwear in size and rely on your own feeling of comfort.

Quality lace depends on the manufacturer, and on what materials it uses. In the modern industry of women’s underwear, high-quality synthetic and natural materials are used, and it does not depend on the dimensional row.

For adjusting linen – nylon, lycra, spandex. These materials perfectly pull the silhouette and keep the form.


When choosing a color, it is better to rely on neutral classic options – black, beige, white, pink, red.

To create a gentle image, choose the lace sets of blue, pink, shade of lavender or lilac.

But do not forget about modern trends. Ideally, in the wardrobe there must be a couple of sets that correspond to the trends of the season.

Particularly beautiful and attractive, kits from the contrast of black lace and base.

Lingerie must be a weathered in one color scheme to visually slim silhouette. It is better to choose cold shades and exclude Lurex. As for prints, let it be vertical stripes that repeat the silhouette. Very unusual and at the same time harmoniously on full women look animal brings.

How to choose?

The main criterion when choosing the underwear is the size. Do not choose underwear more of your own size, because it can only add volume, but an unpleasant bonus – to deliver inconvenience when wearing it.

When choosing a corrective lingerie, it is worth remembering why you buy it, and concentrate not on aesthetics, but on the convenience and quality of correction.

Whitening underwear need to choose less, or less on 15 centimeters of the waist circle.


The main rule when choosing a bra for complete women is wide straps. They are able to provide reliable support and give the breast the right form. Thin straps on the contrary can add unnecessary asymmetry, stretch out or worse – will begin to dug into the skin and cause painful sensations. If the bra on the back rises to the blades, it means that straps are also chosen not correctly. They do not distribute weight.

From cups with vertical seam it is better to abandon, because it will give the busta the strange cone shape. The cup must be flashed in the form of the letter T.


In panties should be comfortable, and the fabric should not be dug into the skin and form folds. The ideal option will be the model with an overwhelmed waist. You can choose seamless panties, they will be much more comfortable, and they will not rub. But from the seamless bra it is better to refuse.

Beautiful images

Following simple rules and having a sense of measure, you can create beautiful and attractive images for the size of “plus”. Here are some of them.

Such a bra is perhaps the perfect for complete women. Wide straps that provide good support and unload back. The fabric completely closes the chest and keeps the form.

The second option is a solid corrective underwear. Line Niza Short is built so that it does not allow the formation of folds. The bra has wide straps, and connects with a corset. Linen bones along the ribs allow you to adjust the shape and visually simulate a slim silhouette and waist.

Translucent lace combination will add confidence in any situation. She hides the shortcomings perfectly and has a bodice that supports breasts.

Red color is very suitable for women with magnificent shapes, and panties with an overwhelmed waist in such a set will prevent the formation of folds and hide disadvantages.

Corset version of linen as it is impossible to provide breast support and adjusts the figure. And the stoves in it are modeled bends and feminine lines. If you decide to wear stockings to this type of lingerie, cholect the belt with wide straps, they will prevent slipping stockings.

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