Children’s bathrobe

Children's bathrobe

Despite the fact that more practical options are most often used as home clothing – T-shirt, shorts, leggings, dress, sundress, children’s bathrobe with a hood. Surely there is a wardrobe of every child. Usually it is used as warming clothes after taking a shower or bath.

It is convenient to throw it from the morning, you can quickly warm up, if the frozen finally, it is simply very warm, comfortable and cozy.

Features and advantages

Bathrobe, like homewear, began to be used for quite a long time. Because it is comfortable, soft, warm, quickly absorbs moisture.

The following points can be attributed to the features of children’s bathrobes with a hood:

  1. Tight Material. Fabric for children’s robe can be soft, but it is dense to warm the child and absorb moisture. This applies primarily by bathrobes.
  2. As a rule, children’s bathrobes do not have complex fasteners (zipper, buttons, hooks). Bathrobs are performed with odor and complemented by comfortable belts.
  3. The length of the baby bathrobe also matters. They are almost short. Optimal length – until the middle of the caviar. The child should be warm and comfortable in the bathrobe.

When choosing a children’s robe, you need to consider several important points, for example, the quality of the material from which he sews. Natural materials are most often selected for children’s clothing. Especially, it concerns models put on a naked body, for example, after bath, soul, pool.

Such a bathrobe must quickly absorb water and stay comfortable and warm.


Children’s bathrobes with hoods can be divided into several groups depending on the model, the material from which they are sewn, the presence of decor, the type of fasteners, lengths.

Table robes

As a rule, these are models for everyday socks or creative classes. They are distinguished by a brighter and pasty color, the presence of additional parts, more diverse decor.

Balances Poncho

Bathrobe, which can not be fed with sleeves and complicated clasps, quickly throw on the shoulders to a child. Great for the beach or classes in the pool, for example. Such models are often carried out stylized under suits of favorite children’s characters fairy tales and cartoons.

Bands on buttons

Usually these models are used as a full home clothing. Sew from thin or warm natural fabrics (hawk, sitz, flannel, fleece, satin). Most often for their tailoring, motley, bright fabrics are used. Bathrobes decorated with fabulous, animated characters, funny animals, children’s toys, flowers.


The name speaks for itself. These models are designed to quickly warm the child and absorb moisture from the wet body. They are used after the adoption of water procedures, swimming in the sea, pool.


For sewing of bathrobes, different materials are used. These may be fabrics of natural and synthetic origin: sitheria, coat, flannel, knitted fabric, wafer and terry fabric, microfiber, fleece, velor, bamboo, polyester. The basic requirements for materials from which children’s bathrobes are sewn include: hypoallergenicity, air and water permeability, practicality, heat-saving properties, aesthetic appeal.

Bathrobe can have a different length. If it is bath models, then their goal is to warm up and dry the child after water procedures. Therefore, they should be long, quickly put on and not to cause a uncomfortable feeling. Dressing products for home can have different types of buckles, the length of them may vary.

The hood serves not only by the functional element to quickly dry and warm the wet head, it is also part of the decorative design of a robe. That is why they are often performed in contrasting color, draw up in the form of a beast muzzle, are complemented by ears, fur, various decorative elements.

Colors and prints

Children’s clothing most often assumes bright, joyful, saturated colors.

Bathrobes are very often performed by monophonic orange, blue, white, blue, pink, green. They can be decorated with striped print, flowers, images of cartoon and fabulous heroes, animals.

Bathrobe, like homewear, most often performed primed. The most popular ornament for the decoration of bathrobes for girls, of course, are flowers and fabulous heroes.

White, black, light gray, creamy, beige and other neutral colors are considered universal and equally fit boys and girls.

How to cut and sew a children’s bathrobe?

Of course, the variety of bath manufacturers offered by manufacturers easily allows you to purchase any model you like for your child. However, if you wish, the original bathrobe can easily sew and do it yourself. Such work does not require special skills and a lot of time.

One of the simplest options – a bathrobe from a bath towel. To do this, it is necessary to fold the towel fourly and decompose a children’s T-shirt or dress on the matter so that the central part of the neck coincides with the central corner of the towel.

At the same time, the sleeve of T-shirts must be located along the open side of the towel.

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